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Entering "Michelangelo" will find books about Michelangelo. Entering "Caravaggio" will find books about "Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio"

Author, Title, Keyword

Entering "Offner" will find titles written by Richard Offner.

Entering "Michelangelo" will find books written by Michelangelo Muraro, books about Michelangelo Buonarroti, and may find books about Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Entering "Lorenzo" will find books about Lorenzo de Medici. Entering "Lorenzo" and "Lucina" will find a guide to the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome.

Entering "Studien" will find the book "Studien zu Tintoretto" as well as books in the German series "Studien zur Kunstgeschichte" (entering "Studien" and "Kunstgeschichte" will only result in the series). Entering "Classici" and "Rizzoli" will find the series "Classici dell'Arte Rizzoli."

Please remember that books are described and should be searched in their original language. Entering"Tomb" will find "Tomb Sculpture" as well as "Le Tombe Dipinte di Paestum." Entering "Naples" as a keyword will find books with the word "Naples" but not "Napoli." Entering "Sculpture" will not result in books with the word "Scultura" in the title. If you are having difficulty with this, please use the category search (see below).

Category Search

Pull-down menus offer time-period, region and topic selections. These may be used in conjunction with keyword/title to limit a search.

For example, selecting "Renaissance" and "Lazio (Rome)" will result in a large number of available publications. Adding "Sculpture" as a topic-choice will narrow the list. Adding the keywords "San Pietro" or "St. Peter" will narrow the list to books on sculpture in St. Peters in the Renaissance period.


ISBN numbers should be entered without hyphens.
Entering 8843547666 will find "Pontormo l'opera completa".

Entering 88435 will find all available books published by Electa.

Item Number

Item number refers to the five digit item number in the Michael Shamansky, Bookseller Inc. catalog. This is listed to the right of the price in the printed catalog.

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