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New titles week of 12/31/18: Found 27 titles

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Item Number: 144070
Title: Saints, Miracles and the Image : Healing Saints and Miraculous Images in the Renaissance
Author: Cardarelli, Sandra ; Laura Fenelli (eds)
Price: $150.00
ISBN: 9782503568188
Record created on 12/20/16
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 318pp., 87 color, 30 b&w illus.

Summary: Compelling new research on healing saints and miraculous images in the Renaissance. In recent years the study of miraculous images has experienced a substantial re-evaluation of their importance as powerful agents of divine intercession and assistance in Renaissance society. Nonetheless, aspects related to the genesis, devotional use and preferences of these images remain only broadly outlined and geographically constrained. In parallel with the great veneration for miracle-performing Marian and Christological imagery, other saintly figures became the objects of widespread devotion on account of their protective and curative powers, and the images of these saints became cult objects themselves. This volume fills a void in current art historical research and examines how miraculous images and the imagery of healing saints were crucial to the creation of individual, corporate and collective identities in Florence, Siena, Rome, Naples and other lesser researched Italian centres. The essays in this collection address aspects related to the development of hagiographies, iconographies, cult of relics, and devotion of healing saints. Moreover, it considers imagery related to miraculous events also in terms of material culture in the private and public domains. The images will therefore be studied both as aesthetic objects and as cult objects, in order to interrogate the often tense relationship between mechanical “vision” and cultural “visuality”. While dealing with specific curative, protective, and miraculous episodes related to the exposition of sacred images, this book unravels questions of patronage, authorship, agency, and tradition.

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Item Number: 149111
Title: Expressionism and Poster Design in Germany 1905-1922 : Between Spirit and Commerce
Author: Chapman, Kathleen
Price: $179.00
ISBN: 9789004358942
Record created on 06/14/18
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 384pp., 67 color illus.

Summary: In Expressionism and Poster Design in Germany 1905-1925, Kathleen Chapman re-defines Expressionism by situating it in relation to the most common type of picture in public space during the Wilhelmine twentieth century, the commercial poster. Focusing equally on visual material and contemporaneous debates surrounding art, posters, and the image in general, this study reveals that conceptions of a “modern” image were characterized not so much by style or mode of production and distribution, but by a visual rhetoric designed to communicate more directly than words. As instances of such rhetoric, Expressionist art and posters emerge as equally significant examples of this modern image, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the aesthetic, the utilitarian, and the commercial in European modernism.

Contents: Introduction- Expressionism between Spirit and Commerce. 1. Illustration, Abstraction, Advertising- Wilhelm Worringer and the Continuities of German Art. 2. Hieroglyphic Appeal- The Visual Rhetoric of the German Object Poster, Werkbund Style, and Expressionist Art. 3. Promoting Expressionism before Expressionism- Künstlergruppe Brücke and Theories of the Modern Image before World War I. 4. From War to Revolution, from Propaganda to Art- Expressionism and Posters of the Revolutionary Period. 5. Expressionism after Expressionism- "Dead" Expressionism and Theories of the Modern Image after World War I. Conclusion- Expressionism as Buzzword. (Brill's Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 288/32)

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Item Number: 149287
Title: The Art Market in Rome in the Eighteenth Century : A Case Study on the Social History of Art
Author: Coen, Paolo (ed)
Price: $134.00
ISBN: 9789004336995
Record created on 07/10/18
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 234pp., 80 color illus.

Contents: The Art Market in Rome in the Eighteenth Century - A Study in the Modern 'Social History' of Art, Paolo Coen || The Social Histories of Art, Peter Burke || The Value of a Work of Art - Minor Collections and Display Practices, Renata Ago || Marketing Strategies and the Creation of Taste in Seventeenth-Century Rome, Patrizia Cavazzini || Jan Meyssens' 1649 Portfolio of Artists - The Conception and Composition of the Book Image de divers hommes d'esprit sublime (and the Inclusion of Three Italian Painters), Raffaella Morselli || Moral Subjects and Exempla Virtutis at the Start of the Eighteenth Century - Art and Politics in England, Rome and Venice, Valter Curzi || Sir Joshua Reynolds in Rome, 1750-1752 - The Debut of an Artist, an Art Collector or an Art Dealer?, Giovanna Perini Folesani || Brownlow Cecil, Ninth Earl of Exeter, Thomas Jenkins and Nicolas Mosman - Origins, Functions and Aesthetic Guidelines of a Great Drawing Collection in Eighteenth-Century Rome, Now at the British Museum, Paolo Coen || The Capture of the Westmorland and the Purchase of Art in Rome in the 1770s, Brian Allen || Economic and Scholarly Appraisal of Ancient Marbles in Late 18th-Century Rome, Daniela Gallo || Jean-Baptiste Wicar in Rome (1784-1834) - Fifty Years of Purchases, Sales, and Appraisals of Works of Art, Maria Teresa Caracciolo. (Studies in the History of Christian Traditions, 5)

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Item Number: 149721
Title: GIOVANNI DEMIO e la maniera moderna : Tra Tiziano e Tintoretto
Author: Sgarbi, Vittorio (ed)
Price: $41.97    Original Price: $59.95
ISBN: 9788894313345
Record created on 11/24/18
Description: Schio: Casa editrice Contemplazioni, 2018. 30cm., hardcover., 165pp. prof. illus. Exhibition held at Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio.

Summary: Definito da Andrea Palladio uomo di “bellissimo ingegno”, Giovanni Demio fu pittore di alto rango, capace d’accogliere molteplici suggestioni nella sua personale e elaboratissima ricerca manieristica. Nato a Schio in apertura del Cinquecento, più vecchio quindi di Bassano, Tintoretto e Veronese, è attivo a Brescia, in un muoversi fervido di stimoli con escursioni certe, per curiosità intellettuale, a Parma per ammirare Parmigianino, a Mantova per studiare Giulio Romano, a Verona per guardare le opere di Torbido e Caroto, a Brescia per incrociare Savoldo, Romanino e Moretto. Sembra così che, svolgendosi in area padana, la sua affermazione sia di segno antiveneziano, agli antipodi di Tiziano e di Tintoretto, con una mediata riflessione su Raffaello e con l’inevitabile approdo nei dintorni di Michelangelo, nell’orbita di Vasari. Le tappe dell’errante percorso dell’inquieto pittore toccano anche il meridione, con Napoli e a Cosenza. In mostra per la prima volta una serie di dipinti custoditi in musei, chiese e collezioni private; opere che verranno poste in dialogo e a confronto con significative testimonianze di pittori che influenzarono e ai quali si accostò l’eccentrico artista scledense e che rappresentano le varie declinazioni del manierismo in area padana e veneta tra cui Tiziano e Tintoretto..

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Item Number: 148853
Title: Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World
Author: Faini, Marco ; Alessia Meneghin (eds)
Price: $178.00
ISBN: 9789004342545
Record created on 05/02/18
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 356pp. illus.

Contents: The Brazilian House in the Eighteenth Century- Devotion at Home, Cristina Osswald ; When the Home Becomes a Shrine- Public Prayers in Private Houses among the Ottoman Jews, Dotan Arad ; Psalm-Singing at Home- The Case of Etienne Mathieu, a Burgundian Protestant, Kathleen Ashley ; Between Domestic and Public- Johann Leisentrit's (1527-1586) Instructions for the Sick and Dying of Upper Lusatia, Martin Christ ; The Moriscos' Artistic Domestic Devotions Viewed through Christian Eyes in Early Modern Iberia, Borja Franco Llopis and Francisco Javier Moreno Díaz del Campo ; The Unwritten Ritual- The Duality of Religion in Sixteenth-Century Chos?n Korea, Soyeon Kim ; Between Home and Sufi Convent- Devotional Book Use in Early Modern Damascus, Torsten Wollina ; Commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday as a Domestic Ritual in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Damascus, Marion H. Katz ; Prayers at the Nuptial Bed- Spiritual Guidance on Consummation in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Epithalamia, Jungyoon Yang ; Amulets and the Material Interface of Beliefs in Seventeenth-Century Prague Burgher Homes, Suzanna Ivanic ; Experimenting with Relics- Laypeople, Knowledge and Relics in Seventeenth-Century Spain, Igor Sosa Mayor ; Style as Substance- Literary Ink Painting and Buddhist Practice in Late Ming Dynasty China, Kathleen M. Ryor ; 'Thou Hast Made this Bed Thine Altar'- John Donne's Sheets, Hester Lees-Jeffries ; The Book as Shrine, the Badge as Bookmark- Religious Badges and Pilgrims' Souvenirs in Devotional Manuscripts, Hanneke van Asperen ; Living Spaces, Communal Places- Early Modern Jewish Homes and Religious Devotions, Debra Kaplan ; Birth, Death and Reincarnation in the Life of a Fifteenth-Century Tibetan Princess, Hildegard Diemberger. (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture, 59/2)

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Item Number: 148789
Title: Medieval Illumination: Manuscript Art in England and France 700-1200
Author: Doyle, Kathleen ; Charlotte Denoel
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 9780712352123
Record created on 04/27/18
Description: London: British Library Publishing, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 160pp. illus.

Summary: Illuminated manuscripts from England and France are among the greatest masterpieces of medieval European art. This beautiful new book showcases dozens of the finest examples, many of which have never before been exhibited and are rarely reproduced. It reveals the close artistic and intellectual connections between Anglo-Saxon and Norman England and medieval France, where scribes and illuminators often shared stylistic ideas and subject-matter. Among the manuscripts featured here are gospel-books and saints' lives, histories and herbals. Together they give rich insights into the culture and beliefs of people in medieval Europe, and they are a significant source of evidence for Anglo-Saxon England in particular. Curators from the British Library in London and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris have collaborated on a major project to study these manuscripts in detail - this book introduces their findings alongside stunning images.

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Item Number: 149765
Title: Technical Studies of Paintings: Problems of Attribution (15th-17th Centuries) : Papers presented at the Nineteenth Symposium for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting held in Bruges, 11-13 September 2014
Author: Dubois A. ; J. Couvert ; T.-H. Borchert (eds)
Price: $144.00
ISBN: 9789042935327
Record created on 01/01/19
Description: Leuven: Peeters, 2018. 27cm., pbk., 377pp. illus.

Summary: Attributions are central questions in art history. Since the introduction of new examination methods such as radiography, infrared photography and reflectography, conventional art history has undergone major changes. Technical examinations can provide additional arguments for attributing works of art to individual artists or their workshops. However, technical studies often also reveal complex working methods, while new scientific imagery sometimes challenges accepted attributions and instigates reconsiderations of traditional attributions. The XIXth symposium for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting which was held in Bruges on 11-13 September 2014 was dedicated to technical studies of paintings: problems of attribution (15th-17th centuries). It focussed on the various ways in which technical studies can provide answers to the often complex issue of attribution and will discuss the challenges that art historians face in proposing conclusive theories.

Contents: Willem van Aelst and the Market for Still-life Painting in Paris. Reattribution of an Early Work, Melanie Gifford || The Beaune Last Judgement. Sorting out Rogier van der Weyden and his Assistants, Griet Steyaert and Rachel Billinge || Philip the Good Bare-headed. In Search for Original and Copy, Stephan Kemperdick || The Middendorf Altarpiece by a Follower of Hugo van der Goes, Maryan W. Ainsworth || Albrecht Bouts in Sibiu: a Unique Self-portrait in 'Memento Mori', Valentine Henderiks || Le Triptyque de l'Adoration des Mages (Turin-Gênes) et le mécénat d'Hendrik Keddekin, abbé de Ter Doest, Véronique Bücken || Revising Friedländer. The 'Underdrawing Connoisseurship' and the Master of the Turin Adoration, Maria Clelia Galassi || A New Virgo Lactans of the Gold Brocade Group, Caterina Virdis Limentani || The Polyptych of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin in the Museu Frederic Marés. An Unusual Altarpiece, Carmen Sandalinas Linares, Bart Fransen and Elisabeth Van Eyck || XRF Analysis of Pigments in the Donne Hours (Louvain-la-Neuve, Archives de l'Université, ms. A2), Anne Dubois || The Saint Michael Altarpiece in Spišská Kapitula. A Preliminary Report, Ingrid Ciulisová || The Goldene Tafel from Lüneburg, c. 1420. New Findings about Painting Process and Characteristics, Babette Hartwieg || Master or Assistant? Painted Alterations in the Pleydenwurff Workshop, Dagmar Hirschfelder (et al) || The Painted Wings of the Passion Altarpiece of Güstrow. A Vast Collective Enterprise, Catheline Périer-D'Ieteren || Reading between the Lines… Attribution Problems regarding Early Sixteenth Century Louvain Painters, Marjan Debaene and David Lainé || The Triptych of the True Cross in Veurne in Connection to a Drawing in Rotterdam. Working Process and Attribution, Judith Niessen and Margreet Wolters || The Contribution of Technical Art History to the Reconstruction of the Oeuvre of Pieter I Claeissens, Anne van Oosterwijk || Two 'New' Paintings by Jan de Beer. Technical Studies, Connoisseurship and Provenance Research, Peter van den Brink and Dan Ewing || The Calling of Saint Matthew attributed to the Master of the Abbey of Dielegem, Nicola Christie and Lucy Whitaker || The Oeuvre of Jan Swart van Groningen Reconsidered, Katrin Dyballa || Identifying Two Family Members in Jacob Cornelisz's Amsterdam Workshop: Cornelis Buys and Cornelis Anthonisz, Molly Faries and Daantje Meuwissen || Who is the Man in Red and Who Painted Him?, Mary Kempski and Lucy Whitaker || Hans Holbein Hans of Antwerp. Findings from the Recent Examination, Cleaning and Restoration, Claire Chorley || A Case of Mistaken Identity. A Version of the Good Shepherd by Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Dominique Allart (et al). (Underdrawing and Technology in Painting, Symposia, 19)

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Item Number: 149581
Title: The Invention of the Emblem Book and the Transmission of Knowledge, ca. 1510-1610
Author: Enenkel, Karl A.E
Price: $229.00
ISBN: 9789004355255
Record created on 10/01/18
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 464pp., 156 illus.

Summary: This study draws a new picture of the invention of the emblem book, and discusses the textual and pictorial means that were developed in order to transmit knowledge. It gives a new and fresh analysis of Alciato’s Emblematum liber, focusing on his emblem poetics and on the way in which he was actually construing emblems. It demonstrates that the “father of emblematics” had in fact vernacular forerunners, most importantly Johann von Schwarzenberg who composed two illustrated emblem books between 1510 and 1520. The book sheds light on the early development of the Latin emblem book (1531-1610), with special emphasis on the invention of the emblematic commentary, by Stockhamer and Junius, on natural history, and on advanced means of transmitting emblematic knowledge, from Junius to Vaenius. (Brill's Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 292/33)

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Item Number: 148749
Title: The Republic of Letters
Author: Fumaroli, Marc ; Lara Vergnaud (trans)
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 9780300221602
Record created on 04/24/18
Description: New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 382pp.

Summary: In this fascinating study, preeminent historian Marc Fumaroli reveals how an imagined “republic” of ideas and interchange fostered the Italian Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the French Revolution. He follows exchanges among Petrarch, Erasmus, Descartes, Montaigne, and others from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries, through revolutions in culture and society. Via revealing portraits and analysis, Fumaroli traces intellectual currents engaged with the core question of how to live a moral life—and argues that these men of letters provide an example of the exchange of knowledge and ideas that is worthy of emulation in our own time. Combining scholarship, wit, and reverence, this thought-provoking volume represents the culmination of a lifetime of scholarship.

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Item Number: 149032
Title: GAINSBOROUGH's Family Album
Author: Solkin, David H. (et al)
Price: $49.95
ISBN: 9781855147904
Record created on 05/27/18
Description: London: National Portrait Gallery, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 192pp., 75 color illus. Exhibition catalogue.

Summary: Featuring over fifty works from public and private collections across the world, Gainsborough's Family Album will provide a unique insight into the private life and motivations of Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88), one of Britain's greatest artists. The exhibition includes a number of works that have never been on public display in the UK and will bring together for the first time all twelve surviving portraits of Thomas Gainsborough's daughters. Gainsborough's Family Album charts Gainsborough's career from youth to maturity, telling the story of an eighteenth-century provincial artist's rise to metropolitan fame and fortune. The exhibition will both offer a new perspective on Gainsborough the portraitist and challenge our thinking about his era and its relationship to our own.

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Item Number: 149024
Title: Archaeology and Urban Settlement in Late Roman and Byzantine Anatolia : Euchaia-Avkat-Beyozu and its Environment
Author: Haldon, John (et al)
Price: $125.00
ISBN: 9781108471152
Record created on 05/26/18
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 25cm., hardcover, 402pp. illus.

Summary: The site of medieval Euchaïta, on the northern edge of the central Anatolian plateau, was the centre of the cult of St Theodore Tiro ('the Recruit'). Unlike most excavated or surveyed urban centres of the Byzantine period, Euchaïta was never a major metropolis, cultural centre or extensive urban site, although it had a military function from the seventh–ninth century. Its significance lies precisely in the fact that as a small provincial town, something of a backwater, it was probably more typical of the 'average' provincial Anatolian urban settlement, yet almost nothing is known about such sites. This volume represents the results of a collaborative project that integrates archaeological survey work with other disciplines in a unified approach to the region both to enhance understanding of the history of Byzantine provincial society and to illustrate the application of innovative approaches to field survey.

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Item Number: 148971
Title: The Life and Art of FELRATH HINES : From Dark to Light
Author: Perry, Rachen Berenson
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 9780253037312
Record created on 05/22/18
Description: Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 170pp. illus.

Summary: Felrath Hines (1913–1993), the first African American man to become a professional conservator for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, was born and raised in the segregated Midwest. Leaving their home in the South, Hiness parents migrated to Indianapolis with hopes for a better life. While growing up, Hines was encouraged by his seamstress mother to pursue his early passion for art by taking Saturday classes at Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis. He moved to Chicago in 1937, where he attended the Art Institute of Chicago in pursuit of his dreams. The Life and Art of Felrath Hines: From Light to Dark chronicles the life of this exceptional artist who overcame numerous obstacles throughout his career and refused to be pigeonholed by his race. Author Rachel Berenson Perry tracks Hines's determination and success as a contemporary artist on his own terms. She explores Hiness life in New York City in the 1950s and 60s, where he created a close friendship with jazz musician Billy Strayhorn and participated in the African American Spiral Group of New York and the equal rights movement. Hiness relationship with Georgia OKeeffe, as her private paintings restorer, and a lifetime of creating increasingly esteemed Modernist artwork, all tell the story of one mans remarkable journey in 20th-century America.

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Item Number: 148549
Title: ALEXANDER KEIRINCX (1600 - 1652) : Der Baummaler - Die Gemälde
Author: Härting, Ursula
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 9789085867616
Record created on 03/30/18
Description: Schoten: BAI, 2018. 25cm., hardcover, 200pp. illus. German text.

Summary: Baumriesen, mächtige Individuen dominieren die Landschaftsgemälde von Alexander Keirincx (1600 Antwerpen-Amsterdam 1652). Eine Zeitlang lebte Keirincx in London gleich neben Cornelis van Poelenburch (1594/5-1667), der häufiger seine arkadischen Landschaften mit raffaelesken Figuren staffierte, manches Mal mit Nymphen, ausgelassenen Satyrn und erotischen Badeszenen. So hieß es schon 1753, dass Keirincx' Landschaften zwar sehr ansprechend seien, aber für Staffagefiguren seiner schönen Bilder hätte er keine Begabung. Und so gehört Poelenburch und seine Schule zu den heute geschätzten Staffagemalern in Keirincx' Landschaften. Keirincx reüssierte mit Waldansichten mit nackten Figuren aus der Hand von Poelenburch am Hof in Den Haag und in London mit Ansichten königlicher Schlösser im Auftrag von King Charles I. Im belgischen Antwerpen geboren und bei Abraham Govaerts (1589-1626) in die Lehre gegangen, hatte sich Keirincx nach dessen Tod langsam von den dichten Waldansichten dieses Waldmalers gelöst. Er verließ zu dieser Zeit das waldreiche Belgien in Richtung nördliche Niederlande, war kurze Zeit in London, lebte zuvor in Utrecht und danach in Amsterdam. Seinem künstlerischen Wandel von dichten Waldansichten zu dominanten Baumportraits in englischer Heckenlandschaft kann man an Hand des reich illustrierten Werkkatalogs folgen. Es liegt hiermit ein Katalog der Gemälde von Alexander Keirincx vor, der der langjährigen Beschäftigung der Autorin mit Keirincx' Oeuvre zu danken ist, unter Mitarbeit von Richard P. Townsend, der ein Resümee zu den in England entstandenen Schlossansichten beisteuert, auf Basis seiner Promotion bei Prof. E. Haverkamp- Begeman, und Rick C. Coone, dem neue, erhellende Archivfunde zu verdanken sind, und seinem Archivteil, in der Nachfolge von Frank Huygens.

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Item Number: 149020
Title: KLIMT / SCHIELE : Drawings : Drawings from the Albertina Museum, Vienna
Author: Bisanz-Prakken, Marian ; Elizabeth Clegg ; Jane Kallir
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 9781910350942
Record created on 05/25/18
Description: London: Royal Academy of Arts, 2018. 29cm., hardcover, 192pp., 180 color illus. Exhibition catalogue.

Summary: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and his younger protege Egon Schiele (1890-1918) are considered two of the greatest figures of Austrian modernism. Whether inspiring or competing with one another, together they reconfigured the way the human body was translated into art. Although both artists are primarily remembered as painters, between them they left 7,000 drawings, many of the greatest of which are now in the collection of the Albertina Museum, Vienna. In 2018 an exhibition opens at the Royal Academy in London of both artists' drawings from the Albertina collection, which are very rarely displayed and almost never travel. This stunning publication records these precious works in all their erotic, intriguing and sometimes disturbing beauty. Leading experts on the period provide authoritative texts that illuminate the important relationship between the two artists. They analyze the role of drawing in their practice and chart the response of early 20th-century Vienna to their electrifying work, which still has the power to shock and enthrall to this day.

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Item Number: 149554
Title: KÄTHE KOLLWITZ : According to the Truth
Author: Rix, Brenda
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 9781773101224
Record created on 09/19/18
Description: Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 2018. 26cm., hardcover, 120pp. illus.

Summary: Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945), a leading 20th century German artist, was known for her drawings, prints, and sculptures. In a career spanning more than five decades in a largely male-dominated art world, Kollwitz developed powerful and emotional imagery based on her own experiences, her interactions with working-class women in Berlin, and her exposure to the horrors of two world wars. While her naturalistic style at first appeared to be out of touch with the currents of abstraction that were becoming dominant during her lifetime, her depictions of universal human experiences, the depth and emotional power of her dense networks of lines and light and dark contrasts, were a potent reflection of her time that continue to resonate today. Kollwitz's compassion for those in need gave resulted in international renown. Today she is one of Germany's best known artists of the 20th century. Her name evokes images of bereaved mothers, ailing, fatherless children, and anguished parents, but her reputations rests on her artistic talent and drive for experimentation in a wide range of media. This extraordinary publication examines the richness and depth of Kollwitz's work and features more than 100 colour and black and white reproductions of her engravings, drawings, and sculptures, largely drawn from the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as essays by Brenda Rix on Kollwitz's life and art and by Brian McCrindle on building the Kollwitz collection.

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Item Number: 149178
Title: Space Shifters
Author: Lauson, Cliff (et al)
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 9781853323577
Record created on 06/19/18
Description: London: Hayward Gallery, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 208pp,. 100 illus.

Summary: Space Shifters features approximately 20 leading international artists whose work addresses the intersections of perception, sculptural space and architecture—among them Leonor Antunes, Larry Bell, Fred Eversley, Jeppe Hein, Ann Veronica Janssens, Alicja Kwade, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, John McCracken, Helen Pashgian, DeWain Valentine and Richard Wilson. Beginning with the pioneering use of innovative sculptural materials in the 1960s, the book explores the ways in which artworks engage or alter the viewer's perception of the surrounding architecture. The development of these concerns is traced over the course of the past four decades and concludes with artworks from the present day. Comprising a choreographed series of responses to, and interventions in, the Hayward Gallery building, Space Shifters highlights the often contingent, context-sensitive nature of artworks and architecture alike, while probing how this intertwining of identities reshapes the visitor's own perceptual awareness.

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Item Number: 149641
Title: JEAN-JACQUES LEQUEU : Batisseur de fantasmes
Author: Baridon, Laurent (et al)
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 9782376660217
Record created on 10/18/18
Description: Paris: Norma, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 176pp., 200 illus. Exhibition held at Petit Palais, Paris. French text.

Summary: Six months before he died in poverty and forgotten, Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1757-1826) donated one of the most singular and fascinating graphic oeuvres of his time to the French National Library. The set of several hundred drawings presented here in its entirety for the first time, is a testimonial to the solitary and obsessive downward spiral of an exceptional artist that goes well beyond the first steps of an architectural career. Using the precise technical tool represented by the geometric working drawing made in wash, which he filled with handwritten notes, Lequeu scrupulously described the monuments and imaginary factories that filled his imaginary landscapes, rather than carrying out projects. But this initiatory journey, which he made without leaving his studio and enriched with figures and narratives from his library, this pathway that led him from temple to bush, from artificial grotto to palace, from kiosk to subterranean labyrinth, resolved itself as a quest to find himself. To see everything and describe it all, systematically, from the animal to the organic, from fantasy and raw sex to the self portrait, became the mission he assigned to himself. As a typical representative of the artisanal class that tried, with the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, to rise socially and break free of the world of trades, but quickly became disenchanted when the new order and new hierarchies were built, Lequeu, the child of his century, the century of licentiousness and Anglo-Chinese gardens, nevertheless pursued an entirely free and singular path. Reduced to employment in a subordinate office, ignored by those in place, now far from his roots, but freed of social or academic pressure, he stalked his dreams with the obstinacy of a builder and without compromise.

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Item Number: 149647
Title: BALTHASAR MORETUS and the Passion of Publishing
Author: Imhof, Dirk (ed)
Price: $39.50
ISBN: 9789085867708
Record created on 10/19/18
Description: Schoten: BAI, 2018. 26cm., hardcover, 88pp. illus. Exhibition held at Museum Plantin Moretus, Antwerp. English text.

Summary: In the seventeenth century, Balthasar Moretus I was master of the Plantin Press. The Baroque era was in full sway and proved highly influential on developments in the world of books. Balthasar succeeded in getting leading artists to work on his book designs. This included collaborating with Peter Paul Rubens on more than twenty projects. Even today, publishers still play the role of director in terms of book innovation, and the relationship between publisher and artist remains as important now as it was in the past. Balthasar Moretus and the Passion of Publishing introduces the reader to fascinating publishing projects that make us look at books in a new light. We learn how both publisher and artist are constantly reinventing the book together.

Contents: Balthasar I Moretus - a concise biography ; 'Ex arte et decore typographica' - Balthasar I Moretus, publisher of Baroque books, Dirk Imhof ; Peter Paul Rubens, the Moretuses and the Plantin Press ; The pricing policy of the Officina Plantiniana, 1580-1655, Goran Proot ; Engraving, reworking and printing from copper plates - Theodore Galle's workshop ; The breviary in folio of 1614 - a pet project of the Moretus brothers ; Literary publishing & deep regard, Andrew Steeves ; Engravers from Antwerp or Brussels? Illustrating the works of Hermannus Hugo ; Publishing for a difficult author - the Bartholomaeus de los Ríos publications ; Visual Editions - Stories for contemporary readers, Paul van Capelleveen ; The fate of the copper-plate engravings bearing designs by Peter Paul Rubens ; Imschoot, Uitgevers. The history of a passion, Guy Vingerhoets.

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Item Number: 149074
Title: GERGELY PAPP : Selection of Photographs 1930-1960
Author: Miltenyi, Tibor ; David Franklin
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 9780995185548
Record created on 06/03/18
Description: Toronto: Bone Idle, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 124pp., 100 images.

Summary: Enigmatic Hungarian photographer Gergely Papp (1922–2000) was born into a peasant family, on a farmstead in Pusztaecseg (now Ecsegfalva) in Eastern Hungary. He would live there for the rest of his life. In 1938, Papp learned the mechanics of photography from his brother and took to depicting life in the village: christenings, harvests, hunting, weddings, funerals and much more. Papp documented provincial life in Hungary before and throughout World War II, the communist regime and failed 1956 revolution. He eventually stopped taking photographs in early 1963. Distressed by the forced nationalization of the family’s land, Papp went out, cut down his fruit trees and took a final self-portrait in the remains. The life and work of Gergely Papp was little known until his images were encountered by Hungarian art historian Tibor Miltenyi in the 1990s, shortly before Papp’s death. While much of Papp’s archive was destroyed by local vandals, the Archive of Modern Conflict has acquired the few surviving photographs; many appear here, published for the first time.

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Item Number: 148814
Title: Silver and Glass: CORNELIA PARKER and Photography
Author: Malbert, Roger ; Antonia Shaw
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 9781853323614
Record created on 04/29/18
Description: London: Hayward Gallery, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 108pp. illus.

Summary: Silver and Glass is the first publication to explore the application and influence of photography in the art of the popular British artist Cornelia Parker (born 1956). The book is illustrated by works from across Parker's career, including those which arose from her investigations into the photogravure. Inspired by the 19th-century photographic pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot, Parker combined two of his early techniques—solar prints and the photogravure—to create a new hybrid form of print by exposing translucent three-dimensional objects to ultraviolet light. Presented here are a collection of 20 large-scale prints from three experimental series: Fox Talbot's Articles of Glass (2017), One Day This Glass Will Break (2015) and Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exposed) (2015). A wide range of Parker's sculpture and documentary photography is also included.

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Item Number: 149745
Title: The Cast Courts
Author: Patterson, Angus ; Marjorie Trusted
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 9781851779796
Record created on 12/11/18
Description: London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 2018. 22cm., pbk., 112pp. illus.

Summary: First opened in 1873, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Cast Courts were purpose built to house copies of architecture and sculpture from around the world. They contain some of the Museum’s largest objects, including casts of Trajan’s Column (shown in two halves) and the twelfth century Portico de la Gloria from the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. Among the Museum’s most popular galleries, the Cast Courts are an extraordinary expression of Victorian taste, ambition and public spirit.

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Item Number: 147690
Title: PIERO DI COSIMO : Painter of Faith and Fable
Author: Geronimus, Dennis ; Michael W. Kwakkelstein (eds)
Price: $153.00
ISBN: 9789004363052
Record created on 12/21/17
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 25cm., hardcover, 320pp., 116 color illus.

Contents: Introduction - Telling Tales - The Kaleidoscopic Art of Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522), Dennis Geronimus. 1. From Ancilla Domini to Madonna del Parto - Observations on Piero di Cosimo's Marian Imagery, ?Alessandra Galizzi Kroegel. 2. L'altare Del Pugliese nella chiesa dello Spedale degli Innocenti - un esempio di dialogo fra pittura e scultura, ?Elena Capretti. 3. Real or Imagined? Exotic Animals in Piero di Cosimo's Mythologies, ?Marina Belozerskaya. 4. The 'Fantasia' of the Cricket in Piero di Cosimo's Vulcan and Aeolus, Sarah Blake McHam. 5. Rara Avis - Piero di Cosimo and the Birds He Painted, Roberta J.M. Olson. 6. Piero di Cosimo's Nymph and the Hallmark of Artemis, Ianthi Assimakopoulou. 7. Beautiful Monsters - The Language of Empathy and Grief in Piero di Cosimo's Representation of Animals and Human-Animal Hybrids, Dennis Geronimus. 8. The Question of Centaurs - Lucretius, Ovid, and Empedokles in Piero di Cosimo, Guy Hedreen. 9. Piero di Cosimo and Netherlandish Painting, Paula Nuttall. 10. Piero and Ghirlandaio - Drawing the Figure, Jean K. Cadogan. 11. Deconstructing the Underdrawing in Piero di Cosimo's Construction of a Palace, Elizabeth Walmsley. 12. La ricomposizione di un Piero di Cosimo perduto - il restauro della Pala con Lo Sposalizio mistico di S.Caterina e della Lunetta con i due Angeli che sorreggono la corona, Anna Teresa Monti e Lisa Venerosi Pesciolini. 13. Piero di Cosimo - Two Angels Return to Florence from Edinburgh, Lesley Stevenson. (NIKI Studies in Netherlandish-Italian Art History, 12)

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Item Number: 149750
Title: Libri e album di disegni 1550-1800. Nuove prospettive metodologiche e di esegesi storico-critica. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut e Accademia di Belle Arti, 30 maggio - 1 giugno 2018
Author: Segreto, Vita (ed)
Price: $84.00    Original Price: $120.00
ISBN: 9788865574027
Record created on 12/13/18
Description: Roma: De Luca, 2018. 33cm., hardcover, 280pp., 430 color illus.

Contents: V. Segreto, "Come altori e maestri" - Il libro di disegni dalla parte degli artisti ; A. Elen, (Artists') Drawing-Books and (Collectors') Albums - Similarities and Differences ; M. Faietti, Il segno della ripetizione variata - i libri di disegni dall'antico di Amico Aspertini ; L. Baroni, Tre libri di disegni di Federico Barocci ; S. Mason, Libri, libretti, quaderni e album - il caso singolare delle raccolte di disegni di (e da) Palma il Giovane ; B. Spadaccini, Libri di disegni nella Biblioteca Ambrosiana - Alcuni esempi lombardi tra Cinquecento e Seicento ; J. Bober, The Artists' Album in Baroque Genoa ; C. Mobeig Goguel, Taccuini di artisti diorentini tra Cinquecento e Seicento ; V. Segreto, Per una storia in nuce del disegno di Sicilia attraverso lIbri, libretti e scartafacci di disegni ; C. Striolo, I taccuini di Rubens e Van Dyck, e la tradizione nord-europea del Cinquecento - prolegomena per una ricerca ; G. Saporti, L'album amicorum come libro di disegni - Alcuni esempi tra Cinquecento e Seicento (Venius, Ortellius, Abrams, Heyblocq) ; P. Tordella, I volumi di ritratti di Ottavio Leoni - Aspetti storico-collezionistici, tecnico-conservati - Pasquale Ferri e alri ; R. Lattuada, Disegno latente - esempi di metodi eterdossi di progettare immagini tra Cinquecento e Settecento ; L. Sickel, Omnium irtutum amatori - Antonio Tempesta e Francesco Villamena nei libri di disegni della collezione Sannesi descritti da Francesco Angeloni ; A. Chiodo, Riscoprendo l'Album Abrate - Dalla formazione alla dispersione di un album di disegni del Seicento ; C. Sicca, I disegni di figura nella collezione Talman - dalla formazione alla dispersione ; J. Brooks, Attributing an Album - A Florentine Seventeenth-Century Case Study ; A. Witte, Pier Leone Ghezzi's Albums with Drawings - between Studio Practice and Noble Passtimes ; S. Marinelli, Fogli e volumi nella storia del disegno veronese ; C. Loisel, A propos de l'Album Gatteri du Museo Corre de Venice - Reflexions sur les methodes de travail dans l'atelier des Tiepolo et sur le role di Giandomenico ; P. Coen, Copie a disegno da pezzi classici sul mercato romano del diciottesimo secolo - un nuovo album di Nicolas Mosman e una proposta per Bartolomeo Cavaceppi ; S. Moret, Due album di disegni di Giovanni Battista Piranesi e della sua bottega dal lascito dell'architetto Friedrich Weinbrenner (1766-1826) ; N. Zimmer, The Codex Smith - An Album of Drawings by Giovanni Ambrogio Figino at Windsor Castle ; A. Nesselrath, Un libro di disegni francese attorno al 1800.

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Item Number: 148585
Title: Art and Political Thought in Medieval England, c.1150-1350
Author: Slater, Laura
Price: $99.00
ISBN: 9781783273331
Record created on 04/04/18
Description: Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 287pp., 10 color, 39 b&w illus.

Summary: Images and imagery played a major role in medieval political thought and culture, but their influence has rarely been explored. This book provides a full assessment of the subject. Starting with an examination of the writings of late twelfth-century courtier-clerics, and their new vision of English political life as a heightened religious drama, it argues that visual images were key to the development and expression of medieval English political ideas and arguments. It discusses the vivid pictorial metaphors used in contemporary political treatises, and highlights their interaction with public decorative schemas in English great churches, private devotional imagery, seal iconography, illustrations of English history and a range of other visual sources. Meanwhile, through an exploration of events such as the Thomas Becket conflict, the making of Magna Carta, the Barons' War and the deposition of Edward II, it provides new perspectives on the political role of art, especially in reshaping basic assumptions and expectations about government and political society in medieval England. (Boydell Studies in Medieval Art and Architecture)

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Item Number: 149740
Title: Ancient Egyptian Coffins : Craft Traditions and Functionality
Author: Taylor, J.H. ; M. Vandenbeusch (eds)
Price: $144.00
ISBN: 9789042934658
Record created on 12/06/18
Description: Leuven: Peeters, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 469pp. illus.

Summary: This volume contains the proceedings of the twenty-third Annual Egyptological Colloquium, held at the British Museum in 2014, augmented by additional papers. The twenty-three contributions investigate functionality, iconography and manufacture of ancient Egyptian coffins from the First Intermediate Period to the eighth century AD. The authors explore the conceptual aspects which lay behind the production of coffins through the study of iconography and texts, examining the functional role of these complex objects as 'structured compositions' which were designed to play an important part in transforming the deceased occupants and perpetuating their existence beyond death. Reinstating coffins in their archaeological and societal contexts, the papers reflect on the circumstances in which they were made, considering workshop practices and regional variability, and studying coffins not only individually but also as components of larger conceptual entities in which the mummy, the burial chamber and the tomb itself all had specific meanings. Several contributions focus on areas of current interest, such as the post-burial adaptation and reuse of coffins, considering how these issues relate to the economic environment in which they were made and to changing attitudes towards the immutability of burial arrangements.

Contents: Harco Willems, The coffins of the lector priest Sesenebenef- a Middle Kingdom Book of the Dead? || Rogério Sousa, The genealogy of images- innovation and complexity in coffin decoration during Dynasty 21 || Andrzej Niwi?ski, The decoration of the coffin as a theological expression of the idea of the Universe || René van Walsem, Some gleanings from 'stola' coffins and related material of Dynasty 21-22 || Hisham el-Leithy, Iconography and function of stelae and coffins in Dynasties 25-26 || Andrea Kucharek, Mourning and lamentation on coffins || Marilina Betro, The black-varnished coffin of Qenamon and Ippolito Rosellini's excavations in the Theban necropolis || Anna Stevens, Beyond iconography- The Amarna coffins in social context || Marilina Betro and Gianluca Miniaci, Used, reused, plundered and forgotten- A rare group of early Ramesside coffins from tomb MIDAN.05 in the Theban necropolis || Gábor Schreiber, Mummy-boards from a Theban group burial dating to Dynasty 20 || Fruzsina Bartos, An example of a rare Dynasty 22 cartonnage type from the excavation of TT 65 and its surroundings || Marleen De Meyer, Reading a burial chamber- Anatomy of a First Intermediate Period coffin in context || Wolfram Grajetzki, The burial of the 'king's daughter' Nubhetepti-khered || Gianluca Miniaci, Burial equipment of rishi coffins and the osmosis of the 'rebirth machine' at the end of the Middle Kingdom || Anders Bettum, Nesting (part two)- Merging of layers in New Kingdom coffin decoration || Kathlyn M. Cooney, Coffin reuse in Dynasty 21- A case study of the coffins in the British Museum || Alessia Amenta, New results from the CT scanning of a coffin || Edoardo Guzzon, Examining the coffins from the collective tomb found by Ernesto Schiaparelli in the Valley of the Queens- An essay on epigraphic and stylistic 'clustered features' as evidence for workshops || John H. Taylor, Evidence for social patterning in Theban coffins of Dynasty 25 || Katharina Stovesand, Regional variability in Late Period Egypt- Coffin traditions in Middle Egypt || Éva Liptay, Burial equipment from Akhmim in ancient and modern contexts || Alexandra Kuffer, Tracing the history of a coffin and its mummy. The burial equipment from Gamhud at the Museum of Ethnology in Burgdorf (Switzerland) || Béatrice Huber with a contribution from Claudia Nauerth, Coptic coffins from Qarara. The Pfauensarg (peacock coffin) in context. (British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan, 4)

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Item Number: 149658
Title: La Fuente de la Gracia: una tabla del entorno de JAN VAN EYCK
Author: Perez Preciado, Jose Juan (ed)
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 9788484805137
Record created on 10/25/18
Description: Madrid: Museo Nacional del Prado, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 80pp. illus., most in color. Published on the occasion of the exhibition The Fountain of Grace, held at the Museo del Prado. Spanish text

Summary: The Fountain of Grace is not just the only painting from the circle of Jan van Eyck in the Prado’s collection but also one of the most intriguing. The identity of the artist, the work’s precise subject and origins remain unknown but have provoked enormous scholarly debate since it entered the museum’s collection nearly 200 years ago. New and interesting information arising from recent research and restoration has increased our knowledge of the work.

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Item Number: 149015
Title: Social Forms: A Short History of Political Art
Author: Viveros-Faune, Christian
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 9781941701904
Record created on 05/25/18
Description: New York: David Zwirner Books, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 128pp., 50 color illus.

Summary: In Social Forms: A Short History of Political Art, renowned critic, curator and writer Christian Viveros-Faune has picked 50 representative artworks-from Francisco de Goya's The Disasters of War (1810-20) to David Hammons' In the Hood (1993)-that give voice to some of modern art's strongest calls to political action. In accessible and witty entries on each piece, Viveros-Faune paints a picture of the context in which each work was created, the artist's background and the historical impact of each contribution. Sometimes artists create projects that subvert existing power structures; sometimes they make artwork so powerful it challenges the very fabric of society. Whether it is Picasso's Guernica and its place at the 1937 World's Fair, or Jenny Holzer's Truisms (1977-79), which still stop us in our tracks, this book tells the story behind some of the most important and unexpected encounters between artworks and the real worlds they engage with. Never professing to be a definitive history of political art, Social Forms delivers a unique and compelling portrait of how artists during the last 150 years have dealt with changing political systems, the violence of modern warfare, the rise of consumer culture worldwide, the prevalence of inequality and racism, and the challenges of technology.

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