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New titles week of 11/05/2018: Found 4 titles

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Item Number: 146157
Title: MAELWAEL Van Limburg Studies, I
Author: Oosterman, Johan ; Jos Koldeweij (eds)
Price: $130.00
ISBN: 9782503577159
Record created on 07/05/2017
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 30cm., hardcover, 224pp., 194 color illus.

Contents: Patricia Stirnemann, Johan Maelwael, the Van Limburg Brothers and the Très riches Heures de Jean de Berry ; Eberhard König, The Master of St. Jerome - one of the Van Limburg Brothers ; Inès Villela-Petit, The Drawn Hours - a new Masterpiece of the Van Limburg Brothers ; Dieter Röschel, Ships and more - motives and narratives in the Van Limburg Hours ; Christine Seidel, Remarks on the drawing technique in the Drawn Van Limburg Hours ; Rob Camps, New lights on the Maelwael family in Nijmegen ; Rob Dückers, Influences of the Van Limburg Brothers - The Block Book of Saint Servatius ; Laurent Hablot, The Van Limburg Brothers - heraldic painters? The position of heraldry and emblematic realisations in the art of the Van Limburg Brothers ; Johan Oosterman, Commissioned by Mary of Guelders Relationships between the French and Guelders Court.

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Item Number: 149580
Title: La Sabina e l'Umbria nei disegni di SCHINKEL : Il viaggio di Karl Friedrich Scinkel in Sabina e in Umbria. I disegni dell'Altes Museum di Berlino
Author: Lorenzetti, Roberto
Price: $30.07    Original Price: $42.95
ISBN: 9788894805246
Record created on 10/01/2018
Description: Foligno: Il Formichiere, 2018. 22cm., pbk., 131pp. illus., most in color. Exhibition held at Archivio di Stato, Rieti

Contents: Panorama von Rieti: Schinkel e l’invenzione del paesaggio di Paolo Belardi - il contesto del Grand Tour - Gli itinerari -Viaggiatori stranieri in Sabina - La Sabina nelle guide tra Settecento e Ottocento - La Sabina di Schinkel - i viaggiatori tedeschi in Italia - Karl Friedrich Schinkel - il viaggio in Italia - Schinkel in Sabina e in Umbria - il viaggio verso Rieti, Cittaducale e il Terminillo - i disegni sabini di Schinkel - catalogo dei disegni d karl Friedrich Schinkel.

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Item Number: 149591
Title: La via dei retabli : Le frontiere europee degli altari dipinti nella Sardegna del Quattro e Cinquecento
Author: Spissu, Maria Vittoria ; Caterina Virdis Limentani (eds)
Price: $77.95    Original Price: $120.00
ISBN: 9788893610759
Record created on 10/02/2018
Description: Sassari: Carlo Delfino, 2018. 30cm., hardcover, 336pp., 401 illus.

Summary: Questo volume, presentando i retabli come opere d'arte, testimonianze storiche del passato catalano-aragonese della Sardegna e immense "macchine d'altare", ideate e costruite da maestranze e botteghe, in parte sarde in parte forestiere, è stato concepito con l’intento di fornirne la piena godibilità sia agli specialisti che agli appassionati d’arte.

Contents: La via dei retabli, Caterina Virdis Limentani ; Un Mediterraneo allargato, Caterina Virdis Limentani ; Retabli, polittici, immagini multiple, Caterina Virdis Limentani ; Scritti d'autore e problematiche della critica, Maria Vittoria Spissu ; lmpronte d'oltremare e d'oltralpe, Maria Vittoria Spissu ; lnterazioni e trasposizioni dall'Italia, Maria Vittoria Spissu ; Tipologie, tematiche, modelli, Maria Vittoria Spissu ; Maestri, laboratori, tirocinio, Maria Vittoria Spissu

Catalogo: - Joan Mates, Retablo frammentario dell'Annunciazione (cvl) - Rafael Tomas e Joan Figuera, Retablo di San Bernardino (cvl) - Joan Barcelo, Retablo della Visitazione (cvl) - Maestro di Castelsardo, Retablo frammentario di Castelsardo (cvl) - Maestro di Castelsardo, Retablo di Tuili (cvl) - Maestro di Castelsardo, Retablo frammentario della Porziuncola (cvl) - Maestro del Presepio, Retablo del Presepio (mvs) - Maestro di Sanluri, Retablo di Sant'Eligi,o (mvs) - Maestro di Ardara e Giovanni Muru, Retablo maggiore di Ardara (mvs) - Pietro Cavaro, Retablo di Villamar (mvs) - Pietro Cavaro, Retablo frammentario def Santo Cristo (mvs) - Pietro Cavaro, Retablo frammentario de/la Madonna dei Sette Dolori (mvs) - Pietro Cavaro e Michele Cavaro (e aiuti), Retablo di Suelli (mvs) - Polidoresco iberico e proto manieristameridionale, Retablo dei Beneficiati (mvs) - Bottega raffaellesca meridionale , Retablo dei Consiglieri (mvs) - Michele Cavaro , Retablo frammentario di Bonaria (mvs) - Maestro di Ozieri, Retablo di Nostra Signora di Loreto (mvs) - Maestro di Oz,ieri, Retablo frammentario di Sant'Elena (mvs) - I retabli conservati in Sardegna citati nel testo.

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Item Number: 149593
Title: JAN VAN EYCK's stolen identity : the intrusion of the Arnolfini family in the London double portrait
Author: Paoli, Marco
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 978886550626
Record created on 10/04/2018
Description: Lucca: Pacini Fazzi, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 32pp. illus. English text.

Summary: The volume focuses on the thesis that the painting does not depict, as is commonly believed, the spouses Arnolfini, but the painter Jan Van Eyck and his wife Margaretha; a self-portrait that celebrates the birth of their first male son in 1434. On the other hand, in support of traditional identification, there is only the phonetic similarity between the surname Arnolfini and the name ‘Hernoul le Fin’ with which man depicted in the painting is recorded in the Inventory of Margherita d’Austria (1516). But the creator of the inventory had to be fooled by the apparent content of the scene (a much younger pregnant wife of her husband, probably lover on the doorstep of the room) and the allusive signature of the entry of a stranger in the thalamus (“Jan Van Eyck fuit hic “), believing that the painting represented the allegory of the betrayed husband, of the ‘cocu’, in the Franco-Flemish popular culture of the time symbolized by the figure of Arnolfo, the ‘Hernoul’ in fact. It is therefore only for a case that in the nineteenth century Crowe and Cavalcaselle associated the surname Arnolfini to the inventory of 1516. The painting is inspired by Roman de la Rose, the famous novel still in vogue at Van Eyck’s time, telling the story of a girl’s (actually her sex, ‘pink’) conquest by her lover which, in order to succeed in the intent, must become a pilgrim. This explains the austere man’s dress and headgear that reminds the pilgrim’s clothing, and finally explains the exceptional signature of the painter exemplified on the graffiti that were left in the shrines during pilgrimages to witness the just passing through. Van Eyck, imitating the protagonist of the novel, celebrates his love for Margaretha and the resulting birth of the firstborn male, behaving like a pilgrim in the face of the relic (in Roman de la Rose the female sex is in fact compared to a relic).

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New titles week of 11/05/2018: Found 4 titles

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