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New titles week of 07/30/2018: Found 5 titles

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Item Number: 147036
Title: The End of Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America
Author: Cao, Maggie M
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 9780520291423
Record created on 10/18/2017
Description: Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 320pp., 105 color illus.

Summary: The End of Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America examines the dissolution of landscape painting in the late nineteenth-century United States. Focusing on the unorthodox artworks of four painters—Albert Bierstadt, Martin Johnson Heade, Ralph Blakelock, and Abbott Thayer—Maggie M. Cao proposes a new way of thinking about these artists’ unexpected interventions and how they challenged, mourned, or revised the conventions of landscape painting, a major cultural project for nineteenth-century Americans. Through rich analysis of artworks at the genre’s unsettling limits, Cao shows that landscape played a crucial role in the American encounter with modernity and was the genre through which American art most urgently sought to come to terms with the modern world.

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Item Number: 148768
Title: Macro to Micro: Examining Architectural Finishes
Author: Jablonski, Mary A. ; Kirsten Travers Moffitt (eds)
Price: $95.50
ISBN: 9781909492608
Record created on 04/25/2018
Description: London: Archetype, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 236pp., 138 color, 31 b&w illus.

Contents: The original appearance of the 'painted chamber' in Huis de Dieu, Alkmaar (1742-1744): the discovery of a remarkable finish, Ige Verslype (et al) ; History of painted façades from the Middle Ages to the 20th century in Flanders (Belgium), Ann Verdonck and Marjolein Deceuninck ; Limewashed island: architectural finishes in early Bermuda, Edward A. Chappell and Kirsten Travers Moffitt ; Kalsomine paint: ubitquitous but ephemeral, Mary Jablonski ; Conservation research for architectural ceiling paintings in Donghua Men (the east city entrance gate), the Forbidden City, Beijing, Li Guanghua (et al) ; Determining the early 18th-century colour scheme of the Golden Room in the Mauritshuis, The Hague: interpretation issues caused by changes to paint chemistry , Margriet van Eikema Hommes (et al) ; Exterior colour schemes of historic wooden buildings in the Kassisaba District of Tallinn, Estonia, Claudia Valge ; Analytical techniques in architectural paint research: HMS Victory as a case study , Meredith Freeman ; Challenges in distinguishing ochreous colours: examining differences between ochre and raw sienna and their importance in the context of replicating historical finishes, Anne Milnes ; From pigment particles to parlor walls: contemporary practice in the reproduction of historic paints, Erika Sanchez Goodwillie and Christopher Mills ; Finding the right yellow: fine tuning a color in Stenton's Yellow Lodging Room, Catherine S. Myers and Laura C. Keim ; W.R. Emerson's Eustis house: interior decorative finishes of an Aesthetic Movement masterpiece, Amy Cole Ives ; The tasteful tenement: forgotten finishes at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New York, Stephanie M. Hoagland ; The Government Hospital for the Insane: a finish analysis of the Center Building, St. Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC, Amanda Edwards ; Investigation of paint instability and conservation requirements for decorative auditorium and library ceilings, Nancy E. Binnie (et al) ; K.B. Hallen: a modernist building in the transition between tradition and industrial evolution, Jo Bornemann Mogensen (et al) ; Making the traditional non-traditional: the architectural finishes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Dorothy S. Krotzer and Lauren Drapala ; 'Derailing' the myth of Gilded Age decoration in the Grand Isle private railcar: a case study of the painted ceiling panels, Emily Wroczynski (et al) ; Sgraffito murals in Israel: documentation and conservation, Shay Farkash and Mika Tal ; A DDT clear coating and wallpaper for the American home, Judith M. Jacob ; Investigating architectural finishes and surfaces: using an online documentation tool to examine historical colour schemes, Edwin Verweij and David Edvardson ; Experiencing ancient polychromy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's temple of Dendur, Erin A. Peters, Matt Felsen and Maria Paula Saba ; Using image processing to understand 20th-century architectural colour schemes in Singapore, Yeo Kang Shua (et al) ; The on-site pre-embedding of samples for paint cross-sections, Nynne Raunsgaard Sethia ; Interpretation of cross-sections to characterize preparatory and design layers and guide decorative paint exposure work, Melissa McGrew.

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Item Number: 147099
Title: Designers & Jewellery 1850–1940 : Jewellery and Metalwork from the Fitzwilliam Museum
Author: Ritchie, Helen
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 9781781300671
Record created on 10/23/2017
Description: London: Philip Wilson, in association with the Fitzwilliam Museum, 2018. 25cm., pbk., 176pp., 120 color illus.

Summary: The Fitzwilliam Museum holds stunning examples of jewellery and metalwork from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This exceptional period of design covers the neo-Gothic and historicist designs of the 1850s and 1860s, the ground-breaking work of British Arts & Crafts designers, the sinuous curves infl uenced by the European Art Nouveau movement and the structural modernity of the 1930s. The mid-late nineteenth century fashion for historicism is represented by some of the fi nest jewellers of the time including Alessandro Castellani, the Giuliano family and John Brogden, as well as a spectacular decanter by William Burges. There are important pieces of jewellery and silver by the most famous of Arts & Crafts designers, including C.R. Ashbee, Henry Wilson, Gilbert Marks and John Paul Cooper, as well as unique jewellery designed by the artist Charles Ricketts, which holds a special place in the history of queer art in Britain, having been designed for his friends, the couple Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper, known collectively as Michael Field. Modernist silver is well-represented by leaders of the fi eld, Omar Ramsden and Harry G. Murphy. This beautifully illustrated volume reproduces over 50 of the Museum's most important pieces from this period, many previously unpublished, with comparative illustrations of the original designs. Importantly, the book is arranged chronologically by designer with biographies, a description of their work and how it changed over time, as well as commentary about the specifi c works in the Museum's collection. The resulting book therefore brings together for the fi rst time the Museum's exceptionally fi ne holdings of jewellery and metalwork from this highly popular and fruitful period of design.

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Item Number: 147969
Title: SALAZAR : Portraits of Influence in Spanish New Orleans, 1785-1802
Author: Gontar, Cybele (ed)
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 9781608011544
Record created on 01/24/2018
Description: New Orleans: University of New Orleans Press, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 275pp. illus. Exhibition to be held at Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans

Summary: In conjunction with an exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Salazar: Portraits of Influence in Spanish New Orleans, 1782-1802 tells the story of Yucatn-born Josef Xavier Francisco de Salazar y Mendoza (c. 1750-1802), whose career spanned most of the Spanish administration of New Orleans. This catalogue includes a comprehensive collection of Salazar's portrait paintings and examines his work with essays that explore the historical and artistic implications of the era. Additionally, his oeuvre will be further contextualized in relation to works by other early New Orleans portraitists such as Antonio Meucci, Franois M. Guyol de Guiran (1775-1849) and Louis Collas (1775-1856), whose careers and works are reactive to the city as a site of mobility and transatlantic artistic exchange.

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Item Number: 148068
Title: Pour le plaisir : Rubens, Fragonard, Bastien-Lepage (Les écrits de Jacques Thuillier, vol. 6)
Author: Thuillier, Jacques ; Serge Lemoine (ed)
Price: $89.50
ISBN: 9782878442472
Record created on 02/08/2018
Description: Dijon: Faton, 2018. 29cm., hardcover, 400pp., 135 color illus.

Summary: En 1965, après d'importants travaux sur les peintres et la littérature artistique du XVIIe siècle, Jacques Thuillier décide d'abandonner sa thèse et d'écrire désormais " pour le plaisir ". Les études sur les trois artistes réunis dans ce volume, Pierre- Paul Rubens, Jean-Honoré Fragonard et Jules Bastien-Lepage, en témoignent diversement. Sur Fragonard, Jacques Thuillier publie en 1967 un petit volume chez Albert Skira, où l'érudition s'efface derrière un texte brillant et concis qui semble seulement proposer au grand public une visite légère de l'oeuvre du peintre. Et pourtant, la vision en sort renouvelée, découvrant derrière le Fragonard virtuose, rapide, charmant, frivole maître du " tartouillis ", un Fragonard au lyrisme romantique, et un peintre " connaisseur et grand artiste ", dont la touche influencera toute la peinture moderne. La même année, à la demande des éditions Rizzoli, il se penche sur les tableaux de Rubens pour Marie de Médicis à la galerie du Luxembourg, et il dépeint brillamment l'histoire de ce cycle en entraînant le lecteur dans la vie de Marie de Médicis comme dans un roman. Certes, même si l'érudition transparaît ici dans l'abondance des notes, encore une fois, c'est le regard sur les oeuvres qui prime. Finalement, cette exigence du regard est portée à sa plus simple expression en 2005, dans le beau livre que Jacques Thuillier consacre à Jules Bastien-Lepage chez Serge Domini : la plus grande place est faite à la reproduction des tableaux, avec de nombreux détails et agrandissements. L'historien d'art tend alors à se faire simple guide, réalisant la mission qui lui a toujours parue essentielle : faire voir les oeuvres, et les faire voir pour les sauver, de l'indifférence, de l'oubli, et finalement de la destruction.

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New titles week of 07/30/2018: Found 5 titles

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