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New titles week of 07/23/2018: Found 16 titles

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Item Number: 149128
Title: Inventarios de Felipe II : Inventario post mortem : Almoneda y Libro de Remates : Inventario de tapices. Inventories of Philip II : Post-mortem Inventory : Inventory of sale items and record of sales : Tapestries Inventory
Author: Checa Cremades, Fernando (ed)
Price: $250.00
ISBN: 9788493708368
Record created on 06/15/2018
Description: Madrid: Fernando Villaverde Ediciones, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 912pp. Introductory essays in English-Spanish, Inventories in Spanish.

Summary: These inventories, are the most important testaments to the very considerable collecting activity of Philip II. They introduce readers to a place, the Royal Alcázar of Madrid, which was the king's main residence and the seat of the councils and, accordingly, the centre of government of the largest and most powerful monarchy of the day. The first and most important of these documents, the post-mortem Inventory of Philip II's possessions, was published in part by Sánchez Cantón between 1956 and 1959. As well as using current palaeographic criteria, the present work is the first complete edition, as it includes the record of the sale of most of these possessions to raise money to alleviate the kingdom's financial woes. This document contains valuable information about the destination and dispersal of many of the inventory items. The other document, the Inventory of Philip II's tapestries, was known only to scholars, who have mentioned a few of the entries. However, it had never been published in full and as a valuable document in its own right. This is the first complete and reliable edition of a set of documents that are essential to understanding the art collecting of the Prudent King, as Philip II was known.

Contents: Philip II the collector. The Inventories of the Treasury of the Real Alcázar of Madrid and of the Tapestry Collection, Fernando Checa Cremades ; Contexts and function: towards a redefinition of the concept of artistic genres in the Inventories of Philip, Matteo Mancini ; The collection of Italian painting in the Real Alcázar of Madrid under Philip Ii, Santiago Arroyo Esteban ; Flemish painting in the post-mortem Inventory of Philip II, Elena Vázquez Dueñas ; Inventario post mortem de los bienes de Felipe II (1598-1610), Archivo General de Palacio, Madrid, Libros y Registros, legs. 235 y 236 ; Almoneda de los bienes de Felipe II (1608-1613), Archivo General de Palacio, Madrid, Libros y Registros, leg. 237 ; Libro de remates de la Almoneda de los bienes de Felipe II (1608-1613), Archivo General de Palacio, Madrid, Libros y Registros, leg. 238 ; Inventario de los tapices de Felipe II (1621), Archivo General de Palacio, Madrid, Administración General, leg. 919 ; Índice de las partes del Inventario post mortem de los bienes de Felipe II ; Índices onomástico, iconográfico y tipológico.

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Item Number: 149248
Title: Villa Adriana. Passeggiate iconografiche
Author: Cinque, Giuseppina Enrica ; Nicoletta Marconi
Price: $52.50
ISBN: 9788894805130
Record created on 07/02/2018
Description: Foligno: Edizioni Il Formichiere, 2018. 22cm., pbk., 247pp. illus., most in color.

Summary: La lussuosa residenza eretta tra il 118 e il 130 d.C. dall’imperatore Adriano ai piedi di Tivoli, che per le sue peculiarità aveva provocato stupore già tra i contemporanei, si connota ancora oggi come un’area monumentale caratterizzata da imponenti vestigia e da molteplici elementi di unicità. Questi, distinguendola dalle altre dimore imperiali, hanno contribuito alla sua iscrizione nella lista dei monumenti Patrimonio dell’Umanità dell’UNESCO come simbolo dell’Impero Romano. Questo volume, frutto del lavoro collettaneo di studiosi di diverse discipline, raccoglie saggi, schede tematiche, repertori iconografici, rilievi architettonici e una pianta aggiornata della Villa tiburtina. Tale documentazione sintetizza, aggiornandole, le conoscenze ad oggi attendibili sul complesso adrianeo, utili a nuove indagini, ma anche a chiunque intenda conoscere e apprezzare al meglio uno dei siti archeologici più noti al mondo.

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Item Number: 148273
Title: Paris and the Cliche of History : The City and Photographs, 1860-1970
Author: Clark, Catherine E
Price: $74.00
ISBN: 9780190681647
Record created on 03/08/2018
Description: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 328pp., 89 images.

Summary: This book turns a compelling new lens on thinking about the history of Paris and photography. The invention of photography changed how history could be written. But the now commonplace assumptions--that photographs capture fragments of lost time or present emotional gateways to the past-- that structure today's understandings did not emerge whole cloth in 1839. Focusing on one of photography's birthplaces, Paris and the Cliché of History tells the story of how photographs came to be imagined as documents of the past. Author Catherine E. Clark analyzes photography's effects on historical interpretation by examining the formation of Paris's first photo archives at the Musée Carnavalet and the city's municipal library, their use in illustrated history books and historical exhibitions and reconstructions such as the 1951 celebration of Paris's 2000th birthday, and the public's contribution to the historical record in amateur photo contests. Despite the photograph's growing importance in these forums, it did not simply replace older forms of illustration, visual documentation, or written text. Photos worked in complex and shifting relation to other types of pictures as photographers, popular historians, and publishers built on the traditions and iconography of painting and engraving in order to both document the past scientifically and objectively and to reconstruct it romantically. In doing so, they not only influenced how Parisians thought about the city's past and how they pictured it; they also ensured that these images shaped how Parisians lived their own lives--especially in deeply charged moments such as the Liberation after World War II. This history of picturing Paris does not simply reflect the city's history: it is Parisian history.

Contents: Introduction - Paris, Photography, and History - 1860 to 1970. 1. Imagination and Evidence - Visual History at Paris's Municipal Historical Institutions. 2. Index and Time - New Forms and Theories in Photohistories. 3. Past and Present -"Repicturing" during the Occupation and Liberation of Paris. 4. Style and Subjectivity - The Bimillénaire de Paris and the Parisian Cliché. 5. "C'était Paris en 1970" - The Amateur Photographer, the Assassination of Paris, and Photographic History. Conclusion - Looking Back, Looking Forward - The Vidéothèque de Paris.

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Item Number: 147487
Title: Collecting Art in the Italian Renaissance Court : Objects and Exchanges
Author: Clark, Leah R
Price: $99.99
ISBN: 9781108427722
Record created on 12/03/2017
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 26cm., hardcover, 326pp., 8 color, 50 b&w illus.

Summary: In this book, Leah Clark explores collecting practices across the Italian Renaissance courts, exploring the circulation, exchange, collection, and display of objects. Rather than focusing on patronage strategies or the political power of individual collectors, she uses the objects themselves to elucidate the dynamic relationships formed through their exchange. Her study brings forward the mechanisms that structured relations within the court, and most importantly, also with individuals, representations, and spaces outside the court. The volume examines the courts of Italy through the wide variety of objects—statues, paintings, jewellery, furniture, and heraldry—that were valued for their subject matter, material forms, histories, and social functions. As Clark shows, the late fifteenth-century Italian court can be located not only in the body of the prince, but also in the objects that constituted symbolic practices, initiated political dialogues, caused rifts, created memories, and formed associations.

Contents: 1. Carafa's testa di cavallo: The Life of a Bronze Gifthorse. 2. Practices of Exchange: Merchant Bankers and the Circulation of Objects. 3. Intertextuality at the Court of Ferrara: Roberti's Diptych. 4. The Order of the Ermine: Collars, Cloaks, and the Circulation of the Sign.

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Item Number: 148021
Title: JEAN II COTELLE (1646-1708) : Des Jardins et des Dieux
Author: Sarazin, Beatrice (ed)
Price: $67.50
ISBN: 9782359062366
Record created on 01/31/2018
Description: Paris: Lienart, 2018. 29cm., hardcover, 240pp., 200 illus., most in color. Exhibition held at Grand Trianon de Versailles. French text.

Summary: Jean II Cotelle belonged to the generation of painters called upon by Louis XIV to decorate the Grand Trianon. He painted twenty-one paintings for the Trianon gallery also called the Cotelle gallery. Jean Cotelle the Younger was born into a cultured family in Paris in 1646. He grew up in the company of artists, especially painters, including his father Jean Cotelle the Elder, painter to the King, decorator and ornamental painter. He most likely received his early training from the portrait painter Claude Lefèvre. Jean Cotelle the Younger then visited Rome, where he stayed from 1665-1670 at his own expense. His notable works from 1675 and the years which followed include miniatures to illustrate The Campaigns of Louis XIV as well as a large-format May for Notre-Dame in 1681 representing The Marriage at Cana. Cotelle also worked on other decorative commissions, in particular in Saint-Cloud where he created the jewellery cabinet as part of the decoration depicting the story of Venus and Aeneas. The most important commission he received was a commission from Louis XIV to decorate the Trianon gallery also called the Cotelle galery. Cotelle painted twenty-one topographical representations of the gardens of Versailles, which he adorned with mythological and literary characters. At the same time, he carried out a series of twenty gouaches representing the Trianon Gallery in miniature. In 1693, he left Paris for Provence, first making a stop in Lyon, where he created the decoration on the ceiling of the great hall for the Château de la Damette. From 1695 to 1700, he lived in Marseille and became the co-director of the opera with Duplessis. He also created ephemeral decorations such as The Entry of the Duke of Burgundy and the Duke of Berry into the City of Avignon. Jean Cotelle the Younger returned to Paris in 1703 where he continued his work for the Academy until his death in 1708.

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Item Number: 149362
Title: French Book Arts : Manuscripts, Books, Bindings, Prints, and Documents, 12th-21st Century
Author: Fletcher, H. George
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 9781605830681
Record created on 07/27/2018
Description: New York: The Grolier Club, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 208pp., 157 illus., most in color.

Summary: The Grolier Club has maintained a strong Francophile tradition since its founding in 1884, beginning with its name. The Grolier Club was named for Jean Grolier, the Renaissance collector who was renowned for his patronage of scholars and printers, for the magnificent bindings he commissioned, and for a generous habit of sharing his library with friends. Drawn from the Grolier's permanent collections, the objects in this exhibition and catalogue range from a magnificent 12th-century manuscript of Gregory the Great's commentary on Job to recent artists' books and designer bookbindings. Highlights include manuscript and printed illuminated Books of Hours, early printed books, bindings from seven centuries, a letter from Jefferson to his Parisian bookseller, portrait prints of the great and the good, commemorative medals, and documents. Our patron saint, Jean Grolier, the "Prince of Bibliophiles," is honored with five of his books and three documents. The libraries of such important figures as Madame Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, Count Hoym, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, and Adolf Hitler are represented.

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Item Number: 148931
Title: Late-Medieval and Renaissance Textiles
Author: Garrett, Rosamund ; Matthew Reeves
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 9781911300489
Record created on 05/16/2018
Description: London: Holberton, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 180pp., 120 color illus. Exhibition held at Sam Fogg Gallery, London.

Summary: This publication, the first of its kind in many decades, draws together thirty-six rare and sumptuous European textiles created between the late fourteenth and late sixteenth centuries. Incorporating objects made both for secular and liturgical use, it explores the contexts of their creation, their functions and purpose, and their changing fortunes over the course of the subsequent centuries. After goldsmiths work, tapestries and embroideries were among the costliest art forms of the Middle Ages, due to their precious materials and the countless hours required to produce them. Whether hung on the wall or worn about the person, textiles provided a potent display of their owners' wealth and status. Their vivid decoration also provided the perfect backdrop for courtly pageants, royal ceremonies, and liturgical festivals. Even the quickest glance at late medieval paintings shows just how forcefully textiles shaped the visual texture of the occasions they depict. Though always the works of specialist craftsmen, in the later Middle Ages textiles were often made following designs supplied by the leading painters and designers of their age. Yet only a tiny fraction of what was made has survived. The fragility of the fabrics, light damage and insects, together with alterations of use, have made this material extremely rare. This catalogue includes thirty-six late medieval and Renaissance textiles, many published for the first time, that together span a period of almost two hundred years. They are organised by country, starting with otherwise unrecorded examples of 'opus anglicanum' made in English workshops between around 1400 and the eve of the Reformation. They are followed by textiles from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain. Different materials and classes of textile are grouped together within each of these regional divisions. For instance, liturgical vestments and altar hangings sit side by side with sumptuous velvets and delicately embroidered tablecloths. Together, they encapsulate the incredible breadth of Europe's flourishing textile industries during this period. Rosamund Garrett and Matthew Reeves have carefully recorded the physical structure, processes of manufacture, and condition of these remarkable and sometimes complex works, and have situated them within the wider contexts of their production and the cultural climate in which they were made.

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Item Number: 149344
Title: Waterford Crystal: The Creation of a Global Brand
Author: Hearne, John M
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 9781785371813
Record created on 07/23/2018
Available September 2018
Notify when available.
Description: Newbridge: Merrion Press, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 350pp. illus.

Summary: Waterford Crystal is the first ever fully illustrated history of Ireland’s most iconic cut-glass manufacturer, its name synonymous with high-end glassmaking throughout the world. Former Waterford glass cutter and local historian John Hearne explores how the art of glassmaking first arrived in Waterford at the turn of the sixteenth century. Hearne reveals how Waterford Crystal developed as a brand under the guidance of skilled artisans and shrewd business leaders with an eye for ingenuity. Waterford developed a global reputation for quality glass and crystalware that was rocked and buoyed by events that span centuries, including the American Revolutionary war, the World Fair in London, World War Two and the attacks of 9/11. A testament to innovations in design and brilliant marketing strategy, Waterford Crystal also examines the brand’s failures – dubious accountancy practices that led to a long and bitter strike in 1990; the avarice and self-aggrandisement that ultimately led to the company’s demise in 2009. Preserving the memory and legacy of Waterford Crystal for future generations of glassmaking, Hearne pays tribute to some of the finest artisans Ireland has ever produced, whose passionate devotion prefigured inspired works of art – turning basic ingredients, sand and ash, into objects of aesthetic beauty.

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Available September 2018

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Item Number: 149192
Title: Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques : Monstrosity and Religion in Europe and the United States
Author: Heyes, Michael E. (ed)
Price: $115.00
ISBN: 9781498550765
Record created on 06/20/2018
Description: New York: Lexington Books, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 296pp. illus.

Contents: Introduction - Ecce Monstra, Michael E. Heyes. 1. The Woman's Body, In-Between - The Holy and Monstrous Womb in Medieval Medicine and Religion, Minji Lee. 2. Miracles and Monsters - Gog and Magog, Alexander the Great, and Antichrist in the Apocalypse of the Catalan Atlas (1375), Thomas S. Franke. 3. Dressing Monstrous Men - Landsknechte Clothing in Some Early Modern Danish Church Wall Paintings, John Block Friedman. 4. Twelfth Night's "poor monster - " Viola/Cesario as Holy Grotesque, Cathleen McKague. 5. Grotesques in Sacred Spaces - The Cappella dei Priori and the Cappella del Quartiere di Leone X in the Palazzo Vecchio, Susanne Margarit McColeman. 6. Monstrous Sovereignty and the Corrupt Body Politic in Richard III and The Duchess of Malfi, John W. Ellis-Etchison. 7. Reform and Romance - Catholic Monstrosity in Antebellum U.S. Fiction, AnaMaria Seglie. 8. Lovecraft's Things - Sinister Souvenirs from Other Worlds, Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock. 9. The Big Bad and the Big "Aha!" Metamodern Monsters as Transformational Figures of Instability, Linda C. Ceriello. 10. From Revelation to Revolution - Explaining the Strange Success of Fox's Sleepy Hollow, Michael E. Heyes .

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Item Number: 149212
Title: JACOB JORDAENS y Espana
Author: Diaz Padron, Matias
Price: $345.00
ISBN: 9788494858505
Record created on 06/25/2018
Description: Barcelona: Epiarte, Instituto Moll, 2018. 2 vols. 28cm., pbk., slipcase, 642pp. prof. illus., most in color.

Summary: This two-volume monograph is dedicated to the painter Jacob Jordaens (Antwerp, 1593-1678), a painter who was one of the great artists around Rubens, and his relationship with Spain. It is a catalogue-raisonné of the painter's preserved works that have had a close link with the Spanish environment. In these pages the reader will discover Jordaens' works, his sources of inspiration and the solutions that he gave to the commissions that he carried out. Professor Díaz Padrón has devoted many years of research to demonstrate the strength of the link that united Jordaens with Spain. Jordaens' works were not only executed for the Court, but also the great noble and bourgeois houses that were looking for the appropriate motifs to decorate their palaces. It is curious that the more-traditional Spanish religious scenes that follow Jordaens' examples have an Andalusian origin, where even today some of them are conserved.

Contents: Jacob Jordaens y España - Los arcos de triunfo del cardenal infante en Amberes - La Torre de la Parada - El Alcazar de Madrid - Las obras de Jordaens en la epoca de los Borbones - Nobles y eclesiasticos con obras de Jordaens en los siglos XVII y XVIII - El siglo XIX y Jordaens - Jordaens en el siglo XX - Tapices y nobeza en Espana - La tematica de las obras de Jordaens vinculadas a Espana - Precisiones y conjeturas - La influencia de Jordaens en la pintura espanola - La fortuna critica de Jordaens y sus fuentes e la historiografia hispana. Catalogo de pinturas de Jacob Jordaens y Espana - Listado de obras de Jacob Jordaens y Espana - Religion - Mitologia e Historia - Retrato - Genero. Tapices - La vida de Aquiles, Los tapices de Jordaens - La serie Historia de Alejando Magno - La serie de la Escuela de Equitacion - Vida en el campo o El arte de la caza como entrenamiento para el amor - Jordaens y la serie de los Proverbios - Copias - Pinturas documentadas originales - Pinturas documentadas copias - Obras erroneamente attribuidas a Jacob Jordaens. Addenda - Breve cronologia de la vida de Jordaens - Appendices documentales - Bibliografia - Indice onomastico.

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Item Number: 148938
Title: ANGELIKA KAUFFMANN : Unbekannte Schätze aus Vorarlberger Privatsammlungen
Author: Baumgärtel, Bettina (ed)
Price: $69.95
ISBN: 9783777430843
Record created on 05/17/2018
Description: München: Hirmer, 2018. 29cm., hardcover, 304pp., 243 color illus. Exhibition held at Kulturstiftung Dessau-Wörlitz. German text.

Summary: Schon zu Lebzeiten war Angelika Kauffmann (1741–1807) eine international gefeierte Malerin. "Von ungeheurem Talent" (Goethe), geschäftstüchtig und bestens vernetzt startete sie in Österreich ihre Karriere und arbeitete später für etliche Höfe in Europa. Die Bewunderung für ihr Leben und Werk, vorgestellt am Beispiel von 150 Gemälden, Grafiken, Skulpturen und Lebensdokumenten, setzt sich bis heute fort. "The whole world is angelicamad", verrückt nach Angelika, trifft noch heute für manchen Kauffmann-Sammler zu. Der Band stellt erstmals eine Auswahl privater Schätze vor, ergänzt um hochkarätige Werke aus öffentlichen Sammlungen, darunter Gemälde, die Kauffmanns 'Seelenverwandtschaft' mit der Fürstin Louise von Anhalt-Dessau bezeugen oder den Bezug zu Vorarlberg, der Wahlheimat der Malerin, haben. Frühwerke des Wunderkindes und letzte Werke der Meisterin sind ebenso zu entdecken wie Zeichnungen, die der Freundschaft zu Goethe oder dem Verhältnis zu ihrem Ehemann Antonio Zucchi nachspüren. Verfasst von der Kauffmann-Spezialistin, bietet der Band den bislang größten Überblick über Kauffmanns Radierwerk.

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Item Number: 149244
Title: Die barocken Gemälde der Hofburg Brixen
Author: Kronbichler, Johann
Price: $62.75    Original Price: $85.00
ISBN: 9788888570235
Record created on 07/01/2018
Description: Brixen: Hofburg, 2018. 30cm., hardcover, 396pp., ca. 740 color illus. Exhibition held at Hofburg, Brixen (Bressanone).

Summary: Barocke Kunst ist triumphale Ausdruckskunst. So auch in der Malerei. Die Ausstellung schöpft aus dem umfangreichen Bestand der Hofburg und zeigt Gemälde von den frühen Anfängen um 1600 bis in die Spätphase um 1800. Eine Schaulust für das Auge. Nie waren den Menschen der Himmel und das Leben mit den Himmlischen so vertraut wie in der Barockzeit. Erzählungen aus der Bibel, Schilderungen aus dem Leben von Heiligen, Darstellungen von Maria mit dem Jesuskind – sie alle führen das Auf und Ab des Lebens vor Augen. Berühmte Maler aus Tirol sowie überregional bedeutende Künstler schufen Altarbilder für Kirchen und sakrale Gemälde zur privaten Andacht. Eine Auswahl ihrer Werke ist in der Ausstellung zu sehen, darunter Bilder von Stephan Kessler, Johann Georg Grasmair und Ulrich Glantschnigg, von Martin Theophil Polak, Karl Skreta und Johann Lingelbach. Auch Gemälde der in Wien zu Ruhm gelangten Tiroler Barockmaler, wie Paul Troger, Michael Angelo Unterberger und Josef Ignaz Mildorfer, sind ausgestellt...Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Bestandskatalog. Dieser enthält – über die in der Ausstellung gezeigten Werke hinaus – alle barocken Gemälde aus der Schausammlung und den Depots sowie die Gemälde und Wandmalereien der barocken Ausstattung der Hofburg. Mit seinen knapp 700 vorgestellten Werken und dem umfangreichen Bildmaterial stellt der von Johann Kronbichler verfasste Bestandskatalog ein unverzichtbares Grundlagenwerk zur Barockkunst in Südtirol dar. Der Katalog, Band 4 der Veröffentlichungen der Hofburg Brixen, ist in der Hofburg und im Buchhandel erhältlich. (Veröffentlichungen der Hofburg Brixen, 4)

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Item Number: 148786
Title: Musei Capitolini : Le sculture del Palazzo Nuovo, Vol. 2
Author: La Rocca, Eugenio ; Claudio Parisi Presicce (eds)
Price: $170.00
ISBN: 9788898229697
Record created on 04/27/2018
Description: Roma: Campisano, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 672pp., 780 illus.

Summary: L'idea di procedere all'edizione di un nuovo catalogo scientifico delle sculture dei Musei Capitolini è nata nel contesto dei profondi cambiamenti che hanno interessato il Campidoglio negli anni a cavallo del Giubileo del 2000 e ha risposto all'esigenza di dare avvio a un necessario e sistematico aggiornamento dei due volumi curati da Henry Stuart Jones e dedicati al Museo Capitolino del Palazzo Nuovo (1912) e al Palazzo dei Conservatori (1926). Il nuovo catalogo, edito in più volumi a cura di Eugenio La Rocca e Claudio Parisi Presicce, si ispira all'edizione novecentesca nella ripresa dello schema della descrizione secondo l'odierna collocazione delle sculture e parte dalla trattazione degli allestimenti del Palazzo Nuovo in Campidoglio. Il primo volume della serie, pubblicato nel 2010, è stato dedicato alle statue del piano terra, dello scalone e della Sala del Galata. Il secondo raccoglie le opere conservate nella Sala del Fauno e nel Salone, tra cui si segnalano alcune delle sculture più celebri delle collezioni capitoline, quali il Fauno in rosso antico, i due Centauri Furietti e l'Amazzone ferita opera di Sosikles. Approfondite schede scientifiche, destinate a diventare punti di riferimento indispensabili per le future ricerche sulle sculture capitoline, sono accompagnate da un ricco apparato di eleganti fotografie in bianco e nero. Ciascuna sezione del catalogo, inoltre, è aperta da inedite foto di sala capaci di restituire a pieno il fascino degli allestimenti storici del Museo.

Contents: CATALOGO: Sala del Fauno - Salone - APPARATI: Abbreviazioni bibliografiche - Cataloghi dei Musei Capitolini - Bibliografia, a cura di Eloisa Dodero. (Sistema Musei Civici di Roma)

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Item Number: 149102
Title: LEONARDO DA VINCI : The Battle of Anghiari. Its origin through the Timbal Panel
Author: Pedretti, Carlo ; Margherita Melani
Price: $145.00
ISBN: 9788897644545
Record created on 06/13/2018
Description: Scientific Investigations: Maurizio Seracini and Silvia Romagnoli. Poggio a Caiano: CB Edizioni, 2018. 34cm., hardcover, 328pp. with numerous color plates. English text.

Summary: The reappearance of the Timbal panel has permitted to study one of the few figurative testimonies of the central part of the lost Battle of Anghiari designed by Leonardo for the Salone del Gran Consiglio in the Palazzo Vecchio. The painting was the subject of a scrupulous campaign of diagnostic investigations and its results, published in full, were of the exceptional importance for circumscribing the date of the execution and for the advancing of a new attribution hypothesis. The study of the painting was an opportunity to publish - for the first time - all the known drawings of Leonardo da Vinci for the Battle of Anghiari in the Palazzo Vecchio and for a review of the drawn, sculpted and painted copies of the central part with the Fight with the banner.

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Item Number: 147023
Title: The Sistine Chapel - Paradise in Rome
Author: Pfisterer, Ulrich ; David Dollenmayer (trans.)
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 9781606065532
Record created on 10/18/2017
Description: Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2018. 20cm., pbk., 162pp., illus. English translation of Munich 2013 edition.

Summary: The art of the Sistine Chapel, decorated by artists who competed with one another and commissioned by popes who were equally competitive, is a complex fabric of thematic, chronological, and artistic references. Four main campaigns were undertaken to decorate the chapel between 1481 and 1541, and with each new addition, fundamental themes found increasingly concrete expression. One theme in particular plays a central role in the chapel: the legitimization of papal authority, as symbolized by two keys-one silver, one gold-to the kingdom of heaven. "The Sistine Chapel: Paradise in Rome" provides a concise, informative account of the decoration of the Sistine Chapel. In unpacking this complex history, Ulrich Pfisterer reveals the remarkable unity of the images in relation to theology, politics, and the intentions of the artists themselves, who included such household names as Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Through a study of the main campaigns to adorn the Sistine Chapel, Pfisterer argues that the art transformed the chapel into a pathway to the kingdom of God, legitimising the absolute authority of the popes.

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Item Number: 149337
Title: Archaeologists in Print: Publishing for the People
Author: Thornton, Amara
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 9781787352582
Record created on 07/20/2018
Description: London: UCL Press, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 312pp., 22 illus.
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