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New titles week of 07/02/2018: Found 15 titles

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Item Number: 146212
Title: Proportional Systems in the History of Architecture: A Critical Reconsideration
Author: Cohen, Matthew A. ; Maarten Delbeke (eds)
Price: $99.00
ISBN: 9789087282776
Record created on 07/12/2017
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Description: Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 432pp.

Summary: Prior to the advent of modern structural engineering, architects and builders used proportional systems to imbue their works with a general condition of order that was integral to notions of beauty and structural stability. These mostly invisible intellectual frameworks ranged from simple grids and symbolic numbers, to sly manipulations of geometry and numbers that required privileged knowledge and arithmetical calculations to access. Since the origins of architectural history, proportional systems have served as objects of belief and modes of iconographical communication. Whether they are capable of fulfilling more tangible functions remains a matter of debate today, but as the contributors to this volume show, these ancient and diverse belief systems continue to infiltrate architectural thinking in subtle and sometimes surprising ways today.

Contents: Chapter 1: Two Kinds of Proportion (Revised), Matthew A. Cohen || Chapter 2: Canons of Proportion and the Laws of Nature: Observations on a Permanent and Unresolved Conflict, Mario Curti || Chapter 3: The Composto Ordinato of Michelangelo's Biblioteca Laurenziana: Proportion or Anthropomorphy?, Caroline van Eck || Appendix: The Problem of Movement in Mannerist Architecture (1933), by Rudolf Wittkower. Translated by Caroline van Eck || Chapter 4: Subjective Proportions: 18th-Century Interpretations of Paestum's "Disproportion", Sigrid de Jong || Chapter 5: Were Early Modern Architects Neoplatonists? The Case of François Blondel, Anthony Gerbino || Chapter 6: Plotting Gothic: A Paradox, Stephen Murray || Chapter 7: To Build Proportions in Time, or Tie Knots in Space? A Reassessment of the Renaissance Turn in Architectural Proportions, Marvin Trachtenberg || Chapter 8: 1, 2, 3, 6: Early Gothic Architecture and Perfect Numbers, Elizabeth den Hartog || Chapter 9: Proportion and Building Material, or Theory versus Practice in the Determination of the Module, Lex Bosman || Chapter 10: Approaches to Architectural Proportion and the "Poor old Parthenon", Mark Wilson Jones || Chapter 11: Scamozzi's Orders and Proportions: An End to Illusions or a Visionary Harbinger?, Franco Barbieri || || Chapter 12: Early Modern Netherlandish Artists on Proportion in Architecture, or "de questien der Simmetrien met redene der Geometrien", Krista De Jonge || || Chapter 13: Proportional Design Systems in 17th-Century Holland, Konrad Ottenheym || || Chapter 14: The Matrix Regained: Reflections on the Use of the Grid in the Architectural Theories of Nicolaus Goldmann and Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand, Jeroen Goudeau || || Chapter 15: Dynamic Unfolding and the Conventions of Procedure: Geometric Proportioning Strategies in Gothic Architectural Design, Robert Bork || || Appendix: The Geometry of Bourges Cathedral || || Chapter 16: Divining Proportions in the Information Age, Andrew Tallon || Chapter 17: Decoding the Pantheon Columns, Gerd Graßhoff and Christian Berndt || Chapter 18: Leonardo da Vinci: The Proportions of the Drawings of Sacred Buildings in Ms. B, Institut de France, Francesco P. Di Teodoro || Chapter 19: Philibert de L'Orme's Divine Proportions and the Composition of the Premier tome de l'architecture, Sara Galletti || Chapter 20: An Old Problem? Claude Perrault's Views on Beauty and Proportion in Architecture and French Aesthetic Theory, Maarten Delbeke || || Chapter 21: Le Corbusier's Modulor and the Debate on Proportion in France, Jean-Louis Cohen || Appendix 1: A Timely Book (1927), by Le Corbusier, Translated by Genevieve Hendricks || Appendix 2: Regulating Lines (1934), by Le Corbusier, Translated by Matthew A. Cohen and Maarten Delbeke. || Chapter 22: Between Looking and Making: Unravelling Dom Hans van der Laan's Plastic Number, Caroline Voet || Chapter 23: Rudolf Wittkower versus Le Corbusier: A Matter of Proportion, Francesco Benelli || Chapter 24: Proportional Systems in the History of Architecture: A Conversation with James S. Ackerman, James S. Ackerman and Matthew A. Cohen || Chapter 25: Ten Principles for the Study of Proportional Systems in the History of Architecture (Revised), Matthew A. Cohen.

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Item Number: 149185
Title: Classic Beauties | Artists, Italy, and the esthetic ideals of the 18th century
Author: Coppens, Thera ; Arnon Grunberg (et al)
Price: $47.50
ISBN: 9789078653745
Record created on 06/20/2018
Description: Zwolle: W Books, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 224pp. prof. illus. Exhibition held at Hermitage, Amsterdam. English text.

Summary: Around the middle of the eighteenth century, Europe was enthralled by the archaeological excavations then taking place in Italy. Artists and young aristocrats from across the continent travelled there to see the country’s classical Roman and trendsetting contemporary art for themselves. The ‘Grand Tour’ often lasted many months. Among those who made it were Goethe and the ‘Count and Countess of the North’ (the later Russian Tsar Paul I and his wife). In Rome, they met renowned artists like Pompeo Batoni, Anton Raphael Mengs, Hubert Robert, Angelica Kauffmann and – most famous of all – Antonio Canova. In short, all the great names of eighteenth-century Neoclassicism. Classic Beauties allows readers to share the adventures of the ‘Grand Tourists’ and meet the leading Neoclassical artists of the day. Their accounts and the book’s many illustrations, both of works of art and of contemporary tourist attractions, paint a vivid picture of a period in which the quest for classical beauty and the ideal nude was at the forefront of people’s minds.

Contents: Noble Simplicity and Youthful Grace ; Journey into Classicism ; Neoclassicism at the End of the Eighteenth Century ; Pompeo Batoni ; Anton Raphael Mengs ; Hubert Robert ; The Quest for Ideal Beauty ; The Count and Countess of the North- A Journey through Europe ; The Visit to the Dutch Republic by the Count and Countess of the North ; Revelling in the Beauties of the South ; Angelica Kauffmann ; Antonio Canova ; Catalogue.

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Item Number: 148295
Title: Le Voyage pittoresque de la Flandre et du Brabant de JEAN-BAPTISTE DESCAMPS (1769)
Author: Maes, Gaetane (ed)
Price: $165.00
ISBN: 9782503577036
Record created on 03/12/2018
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 492pp., 30 color, 200 b&w illus.

Summary: Cette édition du 'Voyage pittoresque de la Flandre et du Brabant' (1769) de Jean-Baptiste Descamps permet non seulement de comprendre l’importance de l'ouvrage dans l’émergence du tourisme d’art, mais elle est aussi la première à fournir la localisation actuelle des oeuvres commandées par les églises aux anciens maîtres flamands.

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Item Number: 149135
Title: Gardens and Gardening in Early Modern England and Wales
Author: Francis, Jill
Price: $50.00
ISBN: 9780300232080
Record created on 06/18/2018
Description: London-New Haven: Yale University Press, in association with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2018. 27cm., hardcover, 412pp., 177 illus.

Summary: The extravagant gardens of the 16th- and 17th-century British aristocracy are well-documented and celebrated, but the more modest gardens of the rural county gentry have rarely been examined. Jill Francis presents new, never-before published material as well as fresh interpretations of previously examined sources to reveal gardening as a practical activity in which a broad spectrum of society was engaged – from the laborers who dug, manured, and weeded, to the gentleman owners who sought to create gardens that both exemplified their personal tastes and displayed their wealth and status. Enhanced by beautiful and compelling illustrations, this book contributes to a broader understanding of early modern society and its culture by situating the activity of gardening within the wider social and cultural concerns of the age, reflecting the anxieties, hopes, and aspirations of people at the time.

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Item Number: 146721
Title: Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints Into Ceramic And Bronze
Author: Gabbarelli, Jamie ; Jonathan Bober
Price: $39.99
ISBN: 9781848222649
Record created on 09/13/2017
Description: London: Lund Humphries, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 144pp., 85 color illus. Exhibition held at National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

From the museum's website: Inspired by the acquisition of the important William A. Clark maiolica (glazed Italian ceramics) collection from the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and drawing largely on the Gallery’s newly expanded holdings, this exhibition brings together some 90 objects to highlight the impact of Renaissance prints on maiolica and bronze plaquettes, the two media most dramatically influenced by the new technology of image replication. Focusing on designs by major artists such as Andrea Mantegna, Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Parmigianino, and Albrecht Dürer, the exhibition tells the story of how printed images were transmitted, transformed, and translated onto ceramics and small bronze reliefs, creating a shared visual canon across artistic media and geographical boundaries. The first exhibition of its kind in the United States, Sharing Images is accompanied by a publication that provides a comprehensive introduction to different aspects of the phenomenon, from the role of 15th-century prints and the rediscovery of ancient art to the importance of illustrated books and the artistic exchanges between Italy and northern Europe.

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Item Number: 146641
Title: Prized Possessions: Dutch Paintings from National Trust Houses
Author: Goulding, Rupert ; David Taylor (et al)
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 9781911300243
Record created on 08/31/2017
Description: London: Holberton, 2018. 26cm., pbk., 192pp., 150 color illus. Exhibition catalogue.

Summary: Celebrating the enduring British taste for collecting Dutch paintings from the long seventeenth century, this exhibition catalogue will explore why and how this particular type of art was desired, commissioned and displayed, through the consideration of Golden Age masterpieces from a number of National Trust houses. This catalogue will be published to accompany the fi rst ever exhibition of Golden Age Dutch pictures in the collection of the National Trust, which will be shown at the Mauritshuis in The Hague, the Holburne Museum in Bath and at Petworth House in West Sussex (2018–19). Celebrating the enduring British taste for collecting Dutch paintings from the long seventeenth century, the publication will explore why and how this particular type of art was desired, commissioned and displayed through the consideration of masterpieces from a number of National Trust houses. It will feature portraits, still lifes, religious pictures, maritime paintings, landscapes, genre paintings and history pictures, painted by celebrated artists such as Rembrandt, Lievens, Hobbema, Cuyp, De Heem, Ter Borch and Metsu, as well as less well-known artists such as De Baen and Van Diest. The National Trust has the largest collection of art in the British Isles, including many great masterpieces, amassed by key patrons and displayed in some of the country’s greatest houses. Dutch Golden Age pictures form an important part of this collection, and National Trust houses with particularly important collections of Dutch pictures include Ham House, Dyrham Park, Ascott, Upton House and Polesden Lacey. The catalogue will include essays by Quentin Buvelot (chief curator at the Mauritshuis) and David Taylor (curator of pictures and s culpture at the National Trust). Other aspects of the infl uence of Dutch culture in British country houses will be discussed (using national Trust examples) – on furniture, garden design and print and ceramics collecting.

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Item Number: 149231
Title: Frauen. Kunst und Macht : Drei Frauen aus dem Hause Habsburg
Author: Haag, Sabine ; Dagmar Eichberger ; Annemarie Jordan Gschwend
Price: $42.50
ISBN: 9783990201695
Record created on 06/27/2018
Description: Innsbruck: Schloss Ambras, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 182pp. prof. illus. Exhibition cataloue. German text.

Summary: The Art of Power focuses on three remarkable women who set standards in courtly culture within the Habsburg dynasty: Archduchess Margaret, governor of the Burgundian Netherlands (1480- 1530), Archduchess Mary, Queen of Hungary (1505- 1558) and Archduchess Catherine, Queen of Portugal (1507- 1578). For the first time, an exhibition focuses on Habsburg female patronage in the Renaissance. Thus, this special exhibition on three powerful women, a daughter and two granddaughters of Emperor Maximilian I, sheds light on an unknown side of patronage in the history of art.

Margaret of Austria, Princess of Asturias and later Duchess of Savoy, was appointed governess of the Burgundian Netherlands by her father Maximilian I. She was a leading ruler whose legendary success was the "Ladies' Peace" in 1529. As an art collector, she was the role model for all subsequent generations of women in her family. Her niece, Mary of Hungary, a sister of Emperor Charles V, succeeded her as governess. She demonstrated an outstanding talent in the field of politics and had an exquisite taste in art matters also. Their youngest sister, Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal, was also a major art collector. Due to the flourishing trade on the Iberian Peninsula, she was directly at the source to supply the European courts with novel, valuable and exotic luxury goods.

The exhibition presents some one hundred works from important European collections from Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany: Kunstkammer objects, Tapestries, portraits, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, valuable gemstone jewellery, and objects from new foreign lands. Such treasures and luxury articles were important for courtly representation in the Renaissance and reflected the social status, rank and wealth of the ruling families in the 16th century.

Contents: Sammlungen und Kennerschaft - Habsburgerfrauen als Förderinnen der Künste ; Eine kluge Witwe mit Kunstverstand - Erzherzogin Margarete von Österreich (1480-1530) ; Eine begabte Kunstagentin mit Weitsicht - Königin Maria von Ungarn (1505-1558) ; Eine vergessens Infantin - Katharina von Österreich - Königin von Portugal (1507-1578) ; Katalog - Die Habsburger, Dynastisches Selbstverständnis ; Margarete von Österreich (1480-1530), Statthalterin der Niederlande ; Maria von Österreich (1505-1558), Königin von Ungarn, Statthalterin der Niederlande ; Katharina von Österreich (1507-1578), Königin von Portugal.

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Item Number: 149226
Title: Savants et Croyants : Les Juifs d'Europe du Nord au Moyen Age
Author: Hatot, Nicolat ; Judith Olszowy-Schlanger
Price: $52.50
ISBN: 9789461614643
Record created on 06/27/2018
Description: Heule: Snoeck, 2018. 29cm., hardcover, 264pp. prof. illus. Exhibition held at Musée des Antiquités, Rouen.

Summary: En France, aucune exposition ne fut consacrée au judaïsme médiéval, en raison de la rareté, la dispersion et la complexité d'interprétation de ce patrimoine. Iconographie et textes chrétiens du Moyen Âge projetèrent une image partiale des juifs de l'époque. L'exposition du musée des Antiquités de Rouen réunit de façon inédite une sélection d'oeuvres de référence, fenêtres ouvertes sur la production artistique et la vie intellectuelle des juifs du Moyen Âge. Quoique consacré plus généralement à l'Europe septentrionale, le catalogue souligne un aspect fondamental des rapports historiques entre la Normandie et l'Angleterre, puisque le développement du judaïsme insulaire dut beaucoup aux communautés juives normandes. Les échanges entre juifs et chrétiens, parfois fructueux, souvent placés sous le signe de la polémique, tissèrent une étoffe intellectuelle à la contexture riche et contribuèrent à une porosité certaine entre leurs cultures matérielles respectives.

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Item Number: 124490
Title: The Pantheon : From Antiquity to the Present
Author: Marder, Tod ; Mark Wilson-Jones (eds)
Price: $34.99
ISBN: 9780521006361
Record created on 04/05/2013
Available September 2018
Notify when available.
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 25cm., pbk., 470pp., 18 color, 174 b&w illus. Paperback reprint of 2013 edition.

Contents: 1. Introduction Tod A. Marder and Mark Wilson Jones. 2. Agrippa's Pantheon and its origin Eugenio La Rocca. 3. Dating the Pantheon Lise M. Hetland. 4. The conception and construction of drum and dome Giangiacomo Martines. 5. Sources and parallels for the design and construction of the Pantheon Gene Waddell. 6. The Pantheon builders: estimating manpower for construction Janet DeLaine and Christina Triantafillou. 7. Building on adversity: the Pantheon and problems with its construction Mark Wilson Jones. 8. The Pantheon in the middle ages Erik Thunø. 9. Impressions of the Pantheon in the Renaissance Arnold Nesselrath. 10. Refashioning fabric and urban context: 1600–1700 Tod A. Marder. 11. Neo-classical remodelling and reconception 1700–1820 Susanna Pasquali. 12. A nineteenth-century monument for the state Robin B. Williams. 13. The Pantheon in the modern age Richard Etlin.

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Available September 2018

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Item Number: 147434
Title: A Home for Surrealism
Author: Mileaf, Janine ; Susan F. Rossen (eds)
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 9781891925498
Record created on 11/28/2017
Description: Chicago: Arts Club of Chicago, 2018. 27cm., hardcover, 136pp., 40 color plates.

Summary: Chicago has for decades years been one of the most prominent cities where European surrealism is avidly collected and displayed. However, there has yet to be a scholarly exhibition and catalogue that addresses the local manifestations of this international mode of art. A Home for Surrealism focuses on a select group of painters whose work in the 1940s and ’50s both transformed the domestic and domesticated the surrealist, particularly in Chicago. Working independently, but within a chain of social and artistic relationships, this group explored the interior as a site of projected imagination and fantasy, and the self as the generator of such altered perception. Including contributions by Robert Cozzolino, Adam Jolles, and Joanna Pawlik, the book provides a richly illustrated account of an international movement’s unlikely—but somehow ever so fitting—home in America.

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Item Number: 149258
Title: ROBERT SMITHSON : Time Crystals
Author: Barikin, Amelia (et al)
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 9781925523614
Record created on 07/05/2018
Description: Clayton: Monash University Press, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 128pp. illus. Exhibition catalogue.

Summary: Best known for his radical land art of the 1960s and early 1970s, Robert Smithson (1938-1973) is now widely recognised as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Presenting new research on the figure of the ‘time-crystal’ in Smithson's practice, this book features essays by Amelia Barikin and Chris McAuliffe, and Stephen Melville, alongside manuscripts by Smithson drawn from the Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt papers at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, which are reproduced in their complete form for the very first time. Robert Smithson: Time Crystals is published on the occasion of the first exhibition of Smithson’s work to be held in Australia, which has been developed in cooperation with the Holt-Smithson Foundation. The exhibition has been made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

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Item Number: 137142
Title: Sublime Truth and the Senses : TITIAN's Poesie for King Philip II of Spain
Author: Tanner, Marie
Price: $157.00
ISBN: 9781909400276
Record created on 07/08/2015
Reannouncement, Available Autumn 2018
Notify when available.
Description: Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, ca. 350pp., 50 color, 121 b&w illus.

Summary: Titian's mythological paintings for Philip II, known as the Poesie, are among the most frequently discussed works of art that address a favored Renaissance theme, the influence of the pagan gods on human actions. The commission is traceable to 1549, when Emperor Charles V summoned the artist to Augsburg following Prince Philip's triumphal parade through the empire as his father's heir apparent. The cycle that took shape comprises Danae and Venus and Adonis (Madrid, Prado); Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto (Edinburgh, National Gallery of Scotland); Perseus and Andromeda (London, Wallace Collection) and Europa (Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum). These masterpieces of the artist's mature period can be considered the most important Renaissance grouping of mythological paintings executed by a single artist. The author proposes that Philip's expected elevation prompted the commission and that the subjects form a cohesive program of Hapsburg ethical views and political concerns, and that Titian created new visual idioms to represent the complex issues which the subjects address in part by engaging themes with a significant prior history in family patronage. While Titian's Poesie for Philip II are well known monuments of western culture, they have never before been investigated with this focus. The dispersal of the pictures in the seventeenth century resulted in a scholarly focus on the single pictures and a concentration on their sensual aspects. Yet in Aretino, a Venetian dialogue on painting, Titian's friend and apologist Lodovico Dolce suggested that the pictures are visual formulae that make sublime truths available to the senses. This study analyzes the ways in which Titian incorporates new concepts of sensuality and spirituality in a Venetian vernacular to create masterpieces whose originality and ravishing beauty belie their didactic content.

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Reannouncement, Available Autumn 2018

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Item Number: 147287
Title: The Fabrica of ANDREAS VESALIUS : A Worldwide Descriptive Census, Ownership, and Annotations of the 1543 and 1555 Editions
Author: Margocsy, Daniel ; Stephen N. Joffe
Price: $193.00
ISBN: 9789004336292
Record created on 11/10/2017
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 25cm., hardcover, 518pp., 132 illus.

Summary: This book provides bibliographic information, ownership records, a detailed worldwide census and a description of the handwritten annotations for all the surviving copies of the 1543 and 1555 editions of Vesalius’ De humani corporis fabrica. It also offers a groundbreaking historical analysis of how the Fabrica traveled across the globe, and how readers studied, annotated and critiqued its contents from 1543 to 2017. The Fabrica of Andreas Vesalius sheds a fresh light on the book’s vibrant reception history and documents how physicians, artists, theologians and collectors filled its pages with copious annotations. It also offers a novel interpretation of how an early anatomical textbook became one of the most coveted rare books for collectors in the 21st century. (Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science, 28)

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Item Number: 147079
Title: The Wyvern Collection : Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture and Metalwork
Author: Williamson, Paul
Price: $95.00
ISBN: 9780500021774
Record created on 10/19/2017
Description: London: Thames and Hudson, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 384pp., 220 illus.

Summary: This is the definitive catalogue of one of the most important collections of medieval art that exists in private hands, not previously accessible to the public. Comprised of outstanding European sculptures of the medieval period, as well as some Late Antique and Byzantine pieces and related works of the post-medieval era, this stunning volume includes detailed descriptions of many items rarely or never before seen in print. The featured objects are made from wood, stone (including alabaster and marble), terra- cotta, and metal— mostly consisting of crucifix figures (corpora) and other functional metalware, such as aquamanilia (water vessels for the washing of hands) and candlesticks—all of which are beautifully showcased by specially commissioned photography.

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Item Number: 148953
Title: Roman Architecture and Urbanism : From the Origins to Late Antiquity, Volume 1
Author: Yegul, Fikret ; Diane Favro
Price: $295.00
ISBN: 9780521470711
Record created on 05/21/2018
Available January 2019
Notify when available.
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, ca. 882pp., 828 b&w illus.

Summary: Since antiquity, Roman architecture and planning have inspired architects and designers. In this volume, Diane Favro and Fikret Yegül offer a comprehensive history and analysis of the Roman built environment, emphasizing design and planning aspects of buildings and streetscapes. They explore the dynamic evolution and dissemination of architectural ideas, showing how local influences and technologies were incorporated across the vast Roman territory. They also consider how Roman construction and engineering expertise, as well as logistical proficiency, contributed to the making of bold and exceptional spaces and forms. Based on decades of first-hand examinations of ancient sites throughout the Roman world, from Britain to Syria, the authors give close accounts of many sites no longer extant or accessible. Written in a lively and accessible manner, Roman Architecture and Urbanism affirms the enduring attractions of Roman buildings and environments and their relevance to a global view of architecture. It will appeal to readers interested in the classical world and the history of architecture and urban design, as well as wide range of academic fields. With 835 illustrations including numerous new plans and drawings as well as digital renderings.

Contents: 1. Urban design and architecture in Rome and Italy during the Republic and the early empire. 2. Temple architecture of Republican Rome and Italy. 3. Technology of building. 4. Julio-Claudian architecture in Rome. 5. Residential architecture. 6. Imperial architecture in Rome from the Flavians through the Antonines. 7. Architecture and planning in Italy and the western provinces: from the Republic to the empire. 8. Architecture and planning in North Africa. 9. Greece under Roman rule. 10. Architecture and planning in Asia Minor. 11. The Roman Near East. 12. The late empire in Rome and the provinces: from the Severans to Constantine.

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Available January 2019

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New titles week of 07/02/2018: Found 15 titles

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