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New titles week of 06/18/2018: Found 6 titles

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Item Number: 149172
Title: Outrageous Fortune: JAY DEFEO and Surrealism
Author: Lozano, Cassandra (et al)
Price: $60.00
ISBN: 9780998631233
Record created on 06/19/2018
Available August 2018
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Description: New York: Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 162pp., 92 color illus.

Summary: Published for an exhibition of paintings, photographs, collages and works on paper by Jay DeFeo (1929–89), this catalog features full-color reproductions and an introductory essay highlighting DeFeo’s surrealist sensibility in her juxtaposition of forms, mixing of genres and experimentation with chance.

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Available August 2018

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Item Number: 148979
Title: The Art of Allusion : Illuminators and the Making of English Literature, 1403-1476
Author: Drimmer, Sonja
Price: $59.95
ISBN: 9780812250497
Record created on 05/23/2018
Available October 2018
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Description: Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018. 27cm., hardcover, 368pp., 27 color, 97 b&w illus.

Summary: At the end of the fourteenth and into the first half of the fifteenth century Geoffrey Chaucer, John Gower, and John Lydgate translated and revised stories with long pedigrees in Latin, Italian, and French. Royals and gentry alike commissioned lavish manuscript copies of these works, copies whose images were integral to the rising prestige of English as a literary language. Yet despite the significance of these images, manuscript illuminators are seldom discussed in the major narratives of the development of English literary culture. The newly enlarged scale of English manuscript production generated a problem: namely, a need for new images. Not only did these images need to accompany narratives that often had no tradition of illustration, they also had to express novel concepts, including ones as foundational as the identity and suitable representation of an English poet. In devising this new corpus, manuscript artists harnessed visual allusion as a method to articulate central questions and provide at times conflicting answers regarding both literary and cultural authority. Sonja Drimmer traces how, just as the poets embraced intertexuality as a means of invention, so did illuminators devise new images through referential techniques—assembling, adapting, and combining images from a range of sources in order to answer the need for a new body of pictorial matter. Featuring more than one hundred illustrations, 27 of them in color, The Art of Allusion is the first book devoted to the emergence of England's literary canon as a visual as well as a linguistic event. (Material texts)

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Available October 2018

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Item Number: 149055
Title: Nympheas : L'abstraction americaine et le dernier MONET
Author: Debray, Cecile (et al)
Price: $69.95
ISBN: 9782711871124
Record created on 05/31/2018
Description: Paris: Musees nationaux, 2018. 32cm., hardcover, 272pp., 150 illus. Exhibition held at Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris. French text.

Summary: In 1955, Alfred Barr brought one of Monet's large panels of Water Lilies (W1992) into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at a time when these great "decorations", still in the studio in Giverny, were beginning to attract the attention of collectors and museums. Monet was presented at that time as "a bridge between the naturalism of early Impressionism and the highly developed school of Abstract Art" in New York, with his Water Lilies seen in the context of Pollock's paintings, such as Autumn Rhythm (number 30), 1950. The reception of these later Monet works resonated with American Abstract Expression then coming into the museum collections. At the same time, the idea of "Abstract Impressionism" was forged. The exhibition at the Musée de l'Orangerie focuses on this precise moment - when the great decorations of the master of Giverny were rediscovered and the New York School of Abstract Art was recognised - with a selection of some of Monet's later works and around twenty major paintings by American artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still, Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Philip Guston, Joan Mitchell, Mark Tobey, Sam Francis, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Ellsworth Kelly.

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Item Number: 149139
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Edward Gibbon
Author: O'Brien, Karen (et al)
Price: $18.89    Original Price: $26.99
ISBN: 9781107625020
Record created on 06/18/2018
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 260pp.

Contents: 1. An overview of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, J. G. A. Pocock. 2. Gibbon's geographies, Robert Mayhew. 3. Gibbon and the city of Rome, Catharine Edwards. 4. Do Byzantine historians sill read Gibbon?, Mark Whittow. 5. Gibbon among the Barbarians, George Woudhuysen. 6. Gibbon and enlightenment history in eighteenth-century Britain, Tim Stuart-Buttle. 7. Gibbon and republicanism, Bela Kapossy and Richard Whatmore. 8. Gibbon and Catholicism, B. W. Young. 9. Gibbon's Style in The Decline and Fall, Fred Parker. 10. Gibbon's mind and libraries, Robert Mankin. 11. The Memoirs and Character of the Historian, Charlotte Roberts. 12. Afterword: a new Gibbon manuscript, David Womersley. (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

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Item Number: 143367
Title: PELAGIO PALAGI : Decorateur des palais royaux de Turin et du Piemont (1832-1856)
Author: de Royere, Bertrand
Price: $115.00
ISBN: 9791092054675
Record created on 10/16/2016
Description: Paris: Mare et Martin, 2018. 31cm., hardcover, 400pp., 268 illus., many in color.

Summary: Les arts décoratifs italiens ont connu des heures particulièrement fastes à la suite de l'accession au trône de Piémont-Sardaigne du jeune roi Charles-Albert en 1831, désireux de suivre les modes françaises tout en valorisant les artistes italiens. Pelagio Palagi (Bologne 1775-Turin 1860), "peintre préposé à la décoration des palais royaux" conçoit les décors muraux, dessine le mobilier, les bronzes d'ameublement et les étoiles, peint, sculpte et projette de nouveaux bâtiments pour la plus grande gloire de la maison de Savoie, appelée à l'hégémonie sur la Péninsule dont les états se délitent progressivement par l'action des patriotes appelés à réussir le Risorgimento. L'oeuvre du peintre architecte-décorateur est abordée à travers les nombreux chantiers qu'il entreprend avec le soutien de l'administration royale et d'un artisanat d'excellence rivalisant avec les fournisseurs français progressivement écartés. Leur habileté technique est magnifiée par la qualité des nombreux dessins du maître, arrivé à Turin après une longue carrière qui l'a vu adopter avec brio les modes néoclassiques, éclectiques et archéologisantes, imposant notamment son goût pour un style étrusque inspiré des dernières découvertes de son temps. L'ouvrage retrace la création de ces intérieurs tour à tour fastueux et intimes où vécut la famille royale en se fondant sur les très riches archives conservées à Turin et à Bologne. Cette visite aux châteaux de Racconigi et de Pollenzo ainsi qu'au Palais royal de Turin constitue aussi un guide à ces demeures, dont l'aspect au XIXe siècle pourtant largement préservé a été injustement oublié au profi t de celui qu'il revêtait à l'époque baroque.

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Item Number: 134294
Title: New Perspectives on Flemish Illumination
Author: Van der Stock, J. (et al)
Price: $120.00
ISBN: 9789042932036
Record created on 07/31/2015
Description: Leuven: Peeters, 2018. 31cm., hardcover, 315pp. illus., most in color. Papers presented at the Colloquium held in Brussels, Royal Library of Belgium, November 16-18, 2011.

Contents: Imaging History - Imagining History: Remarks on Secular Illumination of the Fifteenth Century in the Burgundian Netherlands and its Patronage, Till-Holger Borchert ; Jean Le Tavernier: A Reassessment of his Biography and his Work in the Light of an Unpublished Book of Hours.Dominique Vanwijnsberghe and Erik Verroken ; The Interplay of Devotion and Invention in a Mass of St. Gregory by the Master of the Houghton Miniatures, Jeffrey F. Hamburger ; Stories without Words: The Vocabulary of Loyset Liédet, Catherine Reynolds ; The Painters of Philip the Good's Alexander, Gregory T. Clark ; Jean-Louis of Savoy's Estoire del Saint Graal (1480-1482) and Its Iconographic Choices, Alison Stones ; Illustrating is Re-Reading. Jean Miélot as Pictorial Narrator and the Vie de Saint Josse for Philip the Good, Dominic E. Delarue ; Dissolving Boundaries: The Thresholds of Netherlandish Triptychs and Manuscript Illuminations, Lynn F. Jacobs ; 'Benois seront les misericordieux' (kbr 9296) Compared with Panel Paintings by the Master of the View of Saint Gudule and the Master of the Legend of Saint Barbara, Griet Steyaert ; Codicological Puzzles and Artistic Interchange in Flanders: The Example of La Flora, Elizabeth Morrison ; Re-Thinking Margins and Miniatures: Collaborative Practices in Flemish Manuscript Painting around 1500, Anne Margreet As-Vijvers ; Portraits as Leitmotif in the Burgundian-Habsburg Music Manuscripts, Mara Hofmann ; Techniques picturales des grisailles dans les manuscrits enluminés des Pays-Bas méridionaux, Anne Dubois ; Black as Ink. Materials and Techniques in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Grisaille Illuminations by Jan de Tavernier, Willem Vrelant and Dreux Jehan, Lieve Watteeuw and Marina Van Bos ; Of 'Flesh color well made': Materials and Techniques for Painting Flesh Tones in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Manuscript Illumination, Nancy Turner with Catherine Schmidt Patterson. (Corpus of Illuminated Manuscripts, 22. Low Countries Series, 16)

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New titles week of 06/18/2018: Found 6 titles

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