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We have 13 titles on Travel. Item Number: 147380
Title: Goethe: Journeys of the Mind
Author: Boerner, Nancy ; Gabrielle Bersier
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9781909961524     More information

Item Number: 102323
Title: La montagna rivelata : Fotografie di grandi viaggiatori e alpinisti tra '800 e '900
Author: Vanzella, Eva
Price: $16.88     ISBN: 9788857201306     More information

Item Number: 148055
Title: British Women and Cultural Practices of Empire, 1770-1940
Author: Dias, Rosie ; Kate Smith (eds)
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9781501332159     More information

Item Number: 134757
Title: The Beautiful Country: Tourism and the Impossible State of Destination Italy
Author: Hom, Stephanie Malia
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9781442648722     More information

Item Number: 148918
Title: Textual Spaces: French Renaissance Writings on the Italian Voyage
Author: Keatley, Richard E
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780271081298     More information

Item Number: 139811
Title: Venise, un spectacle d'eau et de pierres : Architecture et paysage dans les récits de voyageurs français (1756-1850)
Author: Levantis, Laetitia
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9782843103193     More information

Item Number: 149315
Title: Montepulciano e la città eterna : Paesaggi e vedute dall’estetica del Grand Tour alla metà del XX secolo
Author: Longi, Roberto
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788864339054     More information

Item Number: 148445
Title: Viva Roma! Artists and the Trip to Rome
Author: Pomarede, Vincent ; Jean Margat
Price: $59.50     ISBN: 9789461614582     More information

Item Number: 129830
Title: L'arte del viaggio. Itinerari d'eccellenza in Umbria
Author: Romana Lepore, Francesca
Price: $9.79     ISBN: 9788889024683     More information

Item Number: 148427
Title: Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore : Visitors’ book from 13 October 1870 to 12 May 1890 : Nomi di coloro che visitarono dal 13 ottobre 1870 al 12 maggio 1890 2016
Author: Senecal, Robert (ed)
Price: $31.50     ISBN: 9780992734237     More information

Item Number: 148289
Title: Mrs Flaxman's Journey to Rome (British Library Add. MS 39787)
Author: Senecal, Robert (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780992734220     More information

Item Number: 148270
Title: They came They saw They were conquered : Rome as seen by British artists, writers and travellers over five centuries
Author: Senecal, Robert (ed)
Price: $87.50     ISBN: 9780992734244     More information

Item Number: 47508
Title: Storia dell'urbanistica toscana/XI: Architetti in viaggio: suggestioni e immagini
Price: $2.40     More information

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