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We have 31 catalogues raisonne. Item Number: 147383
Title: CARAVAGGIO : Catalogo ragionato delle opere autografe, attribuite e controverse
Author: Scaletti, Fabio
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9788899130589     More information

Item Number: 148401
Title: THOMAS WILMER DEWING : Beauty into Art : A Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Hobbs, Susan A
Price: $300.00     ISBN: 9780300219210     More information

Item Number: 137094
Title: JAMES ENSOR : obra grafica completa
Author: Tricot, Xavier
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788487369650     More information

Item Number: 149598
Title: GUY FRANCOIS (vers 1578–1650)
Author: Saunier, Bruno
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782903239633     More information

Item Number: 148523
Title: THOMAS GAINSBOROUGH : The Portraits, Fancy Pictures and Copies after Old Masters
Author: Belsey, Hugh
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9780300232097     More information

Item Number: 148621
Title: LUCA GIORDANO at the Museo Nacional del Prado : Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Ubeda de los Cobos, Andres
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788484803416     More information

Item Number: 138913
Title: The Paintings of GUERCINO : A Revised and Expanded Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Turner, Nicholas
Price: $325.00     ISBN: 9788870030571     More information

Item Number: 141593
Title: MARTIN KIPPENBERGER : Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, Volume Three 1987–1992
Author: Capitain, Gisela (et al)
Price: $197.50     ISBN: 9783863356361     More information

Item Number: 142428
Title: BERNARDINO LUINI Catalogo generale delle opere
Author: Quattrini, Cristina
Price: $265.00     ISBN: 9788842222958     More information

Item Number: 142441
Title: ANTONIETTA RAPHAEL MAFAI : Catalogo generale della scultura
Author: Appella, Giuseppe
Price: $54.00     ISBN: 9788842223672     More information

Item Number: 149310
Title: ANTONIO MANCINI : Catalogo ragionato dell'opera
Author: Virno, Cinzia
Price: $425.00     ISBN: 9788865573969     More information

Item Number: 81265
Title: El MESTRE DE VIELHA : Un pintor del tardogòtic entre Catalunya i Aragó
Author: Velasco Gonzàlez, Alberto
Price: $11.63     ISBN: 9788484092124     More information

Item Number: 149570
Title: FRANCESCO PAOLO MICHETTI : Catalogo Generale
Author: Benzi, Fabio (et al)
Price: $225.00     ISBN: 9788836641666     More information

Item Number: 149623
Title: JOAN MIRO. Catalogue Raisonné. Drawings. Volume VI: 1978-1981
Author: Dupin Jacques ; Ariane Lelong-Mainaud
Price: $300.00     ISBN: 9782868821171     More information

Item Number: 148963
Title: Dibujos de LUIS PARET Y ALCAZAR (1746-1799) : Catalogo razonado
Author: Martinez Perez, Alejandro
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788415245773     More information

Item Number: 73326
Title: GHERARDO & GIUSEPPE POLI: La pittura di capricci nella toscana di primo Settecento
Author: Canepa, Franco
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 8888327266     More information

Item Number: 148596
Title: PROCACCINI : Catalogo generale delle opere
Author: Brigstocke, Hugh ; Odette d'Albo
Price: $310.00     ISBN: 9788842224525     More information

Item Number: 143761
Title: JUSEPE DE RIBERA : The Drawings : Catalogue raisonne
Author: Finaldi, Gabriele ; Elena Cenalmor
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788484803287     More information

Item Number: 147051
Title: BRIDGET RILEY : The Complete Paintings
Author: Kudielka, Robert, Alexandra Tommasini (et al)
Price: $700.00     ISBN: 9780500970898     More information

Item Number: 148945
Title: Der Bildhauer CAMILLO RUSCONI : Catalogue raisonne
Author: Martin, Frank ; Birgit Laschke-Hubert (ed) ; stefan Nehlig (ed)
Price: $89.99     ISBN: 9783422074859     More information

Item Number: 148105
Title: KAY SAGE : Catalogue Raisonné
Author: Sentivan, Jessie (et al)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9783791357850     More information

Item Number: 145815
Title: WILHELM SCHADOW : Werkverzeichnis der Gemälde mit den dazugehörigen Zeichnungen und Druckgraphiken
Author: Grewe, Cordula ; Bettina Baumgärtel (ed) ; Hans Paffrath (ed)
Price: $69.00     ISBN: 9783731905004     More information

Item Number: 149081
Title: JAN SIBERECHTS (1627-1703) : A 17th century Flemish Landscape Painter of Innovative English Estate Portraiture. Including Catalogue Raisonné
Author: Ward, Julia
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780995663800     More information

Item Number: 149308
Title: FRANCESCO SOLIMENA (1657-1747) e le Arti a Napoli
Author: Spinosa, Nicola
Price: $435.00     ISBN: 9788870030600     More information

Item Number: 147218
Title: ADRIAEN VAN STALBEMT 1580-1662 : Kritischer Katalog der Gemälde, Zeichnungen und Druckgraphik
Author: Ertz, Klaus ; Christa Nitze-Ertz
Price: $335.00     ISBN: 9783923641611     More information

Item Number: 71038
Author: Galera Andreu, Pedro
Price: $2.45     ISBN: 8446012782     More information

Item Number: 131717
Title: DAVID VINCKBOONS 1576-1632 : Monographie mit kritischen Katalog der Gemälde und Zeichnungen
Author: Ertz, Klaus ; Christa Nitze-Ertz
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9783923641604     More information

Item Number: 148988
Title: ANDY WARHOL : Catalogue Raisonne, Volume 5 : Paintings 1976-1978
Author: Printz, Neil ; Sally King-Nero (eds)
Price: $750.00     ISBN: 9780714875606     More information

Item Number: 148778
Title: JAN BAPTIST WEENIX & JAN WEENIX : The Paintings. Volume 1: A Story of Versaility, Success and Bankruptcy in Seventeenth-Century Hollland. Volume 2: Master of the Dutch Hunting Still Life
Author: Van Wagenberg-Ter Hoeven, Anke A
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9789462621596     More information

Item Number: 112773
Title: RAFAEL ZABALETA : Estudio catalografico. Oleos
Author: Guzman Perez, Maria
Price: $43.00     ISBN: 9788492876051     More information

Item Number: 71581
Title: Taddeo e Federico ZUCCARI : fratelli pittori del Cinquecento
Author: Acidini Luchinat, Cristina
Price: $450.00     ISBN: 9788871420394     More information

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