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We have 21 titles on Museology. Item Number: 47890
Title: Beni Architettonici Museali: Problemi di conservazione
Price: $2.85     ISBN: 8888461116     More information

Item Number: 148704
Title: Why Art Museums?: The Unfinished Work of Alexander Dorner
Author: Blythe, Sarah Ganz ; Andrew Martinez (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780262039147     More information

Item Number: 101769
Title: Il progetto di allestimento e la sua officina : Luogo, memoria ed evento : mostre alle Fruttiere di Palazzo Te, Mantova
Author: Borsotti, Marco ; Glenda Sartori (eds)
Price: $6.75     ISBN: 9788857201894     More information

Item Number: 141221
Title: Refashioning and Redress: Conserving and Displaying Dress
Author: Brooks, Mary M. ; Dinah D. Eastop (eds)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9781606065112     More information

Item Number: 148303
Title: William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum
Author: Campbell, Mungo
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300236651     More information

Item Number: 59770
Title: Bollettino della Galleria degli Uffizi 2006-2007
Author: Chezzi, Federica ; Serena Nocentini (ed)
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9788870384710     More information

Item Number: 121237
Title: Come si rinnova una vecchia pinacoteca. Il progetto di Achille Bertini Calosso per la nuova sede della Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria (1930-1950)
Author: Dragoni, Patrizia
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788860261687     More information

Item Number: 147025
Title: The Art of Curating - Paul J. Sachs and the Museum Course at Harvard
Author: Duncan, Salle Anne ; Andrew Mcclellan
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065693     More information

Item Number: 149018
Title: René d’Harnoncourt and the Art of Installation
Author: Elligott, Michelle
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781633450509     More information

Item Number: 146072
Title: Monographic Exhibitions and the History of Art
Author: Gahtan, Maia Wellington ; Donatella Pegazzano (eds)
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9781138712485     More information

Item Number: 133262
Title: Leitbilder einer Nation : zur Geschichte der Berliner Nationalgalerie
Author: Grabowski, Jörn
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9783412224431     More information

Item Number: 131316
Title: Museums on the Map. 1995-2012
Author: Guerzoni, Guido
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9788842222989     More information

Item Number: 109160
Title: Intervenciones en la Capilla de los condes de Fuensalana
Author: Jimenez, Pablo Coca ; Patricia Sanchez Cid (eds)
Price: $7.70     ISBN: 9788496286153     More information

Item Number: 149678
Title: Synagogue and Museum
Author: Kessler, Katrin (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783731907947     More information

Item Number: 103480
Title: Il vetro e la pietra : Un Museo a Cortona
Author: Longobardi, Giovanni ; Andrea Mandara ; Francesca Pavese
Price: $3.85     ISBN: 9788895913131     More information

Item Number: 117023
Title: MUST : Museo del Territorio
Author: Marchesi, Angelo ; Massimo Pesenti (eds)
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9788837089092     More information

Item Number: 110683
Title: Benevento e il Sannio : Musarum Loca
Author: Meccariello, Luigi ; Miriam Meccariello
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9788860760159     More information

Item Number: 55345
Title: Il Museo Archeologico della Provincia di Bari tra conservazione e innovazione : Archeologi e amministratori a confronto : Atti del Congvegno, Bari, Cinema Teatro Kursaal Santalucia, 19 maggio 2007
Author: Todisco, Luigi (ed)
Price: $3.95     ISBN: 9788872285169     More information

Item Number: 149283
Title: The Twentieth Century German Art Exhibition : Answering Degenerate Art in 1930s London
Author: Wasensteiner, Lucy
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138544369     More information

Item Number: 148965
Title: Museum Rhetoric : Building Civic Identity in National Spaces
Author: Weiser, M. Elizabeth
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780271079035     More information

Item Number: 123373
Title: Musei a Ferrara. Problemi e prospettive
Author: Zanardi Bargellesi, Francesca (ed)
Price: $6.00     ISBN: 9788867040483     More information

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