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Title: Ancient Egyptian Coffins : Craft Traditions and Functionality
Author: Taylor, J.H. ; M. Vandenbeusch (eds)
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ISBN: 9789042934658
Description: Leuven: Peeters, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 469pp. illus.

Summary: This volume contains the proceedings of the twenty-third Annual Egyptological Colloquium, held at the British Museum in 2014, augmented by additional papers. The twenty-three contributions investigate functionality, iconography and manufacture of ancient Egyptian coffins from the First Intermediate Period to the eighth century AD. The authors explore the conceptual aspects which lay behind the production of coffins through the study of iconography and texts, examining the functional role of these complex objects as 'structured compositions' which were designed to play an important part in transforming the deceased occupants and perpetuating their existence beyond death. Reinstating coffins in their archaeological and societal contexts, the papers reflect on the circumstances in which they were made, considering workshop practices and regional variability, and studying coffins not only individually but also as components of larger conceptual entities in which the mummy, the burial chamber and the tomb itself all had specific meanings. Several contributions focus on areas of current interest, such as the post-burial adaptation and reuse of coffins, considering how these issues relate to the economic environment in which they were made and to changing attitudes towards the immutability of burial arrangements.

Contents: Harco Willems, The coffins of the lector priest Sesenebenef- a Middle Kingdom Book of the Dead? || Rogério Sousa, The genealogy of images- innovation and complexity in coffin decoration during Dynasty 21 || Andrzej Niwi?ski, The decoration of the coffin as a theological expression of the idea of the Universe || René van Walsem, Some gleanings from 'stola' coffins and related material of Dynasty 21-22 || Hisham el-Leithy, Iconography and function of stelae and coffins in Dynasties 25-26 || Andrea Kucharek, Mourning and lamentation on coffins || Marilina Betro, The black-varnished coffin of Qenamon and Ippolito Rosellini's excavations in the Theban necropolis || Anna Stevens, Beyond iconography- The Amarna coffins in social context || Marilina Betro and Gianluca Miniaci, Used, reused, plundered and forgotten- A rare group of early Ramesside coffins from tomb MIDAN.05 in the Theban necropolis || Gábor Schreiber, Mummy-boards from a Theban group burial dating to Dynasty 20 || Fruzsina Bartos, An example of a rare Dynasty 22 cartonnage type from the excavation of TT 65 and its surroundings || Marleen De Meyer, Reading a burial chamber- Anatomy of a First Intermediate Period coffin in context || Wolfram Grajetzki, The burial of the 'king's daughter' Nubhetepti-khered || Gianluca Miniaci, Burial equipment of rishi coffins and the osmosis of the 'rebirth machine' at the end of the Middle Kingdom || Anders Bettum, Nesting (part two)- Merging of layers in New Kingdom coffin decoration || Kathlyn M. Cooney, Coffin reuse in Dynasty 21- A case study of the coffins in the British Museum || Alessia Amenta, New results from the CT scanning of a coffin || Edoardo Guzzon, Examining the coffins from the collective tomb found by Ernesto Schiaparelli in the Valley of the Queens- An essay on epigraphic and stylistic 'clustered features' as evidence for workshops || John H. Taylor, Evidence for social patterning in Theban coffins of Dynasty 25 || Katharina Stovesand, Regional variability in Late Period Egypt- Coffin traditions in Middle Egypt || Éva Liptay, Burial equipment from Akhmim in ancient and modern contexts || Alexandra Kuffer, Tracing the history of a coffin and its mummy. The burial equipment from Gamhud at the Museum of Ethnology in Burgdorf (Switzerland) || Béatrice Huber with a contribution from Claudia Nauerth, Coptic coffins from Qarara. The Pfauensarg (peacock coffin) in context. (British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan, 4)

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