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Item Number: 149668
Title: Polychromy in Ancient Sculpture and Architecture : Proceedings of the 7th Round Table, Florence, 4-7 November 2015
Author: Bracci, Susanna (et al)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9788883479977
Description: Livorno: Sillabe, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 208pp. illus., most in color. English text.

Contents: Transformations of Classical Art from Winckelmann to the Twenty-First Century, Salvatore Settis ||| The Evolution of Etruscan Painting Technique in Seventh-Second Century BC in Tuscany (Italy), Gianna Giachi, Pasquino Pallecchi ||| Reconstructing Etruscan Architectural Polychromy - Antefixes from the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Signe Buccarella Hedegaard ||| Consideration on Polychromy from a Group of Nenfro Sarcophagi at the Archaeological Museum in Florence, from Gens Statlane Tomb in Tuscania (Viterbo), Claudia Noferi, Susanna Bracci, Roberta Iannaccone, Sara Lenzi, Donata Magrini ||| Considering the Skin Colour of Archaic Marble Sculptures and the Alleged Egyptian Influence, Elena Walter-Karydi ||| Scientific Investigations of the Polychromy on the Lyon Kore (ca. 540 BC), Brigitte Bourgeois, Giovanni Verri, Constantinos Vasiliadis, Ioanna Farmaki ||| Fresh Splendour. On the Repair and Renewal of the Polychrome Coat of Hellenistic Sculptures, Clarissa Blume-Jung ||| The Colossal Statue of Zeus Enthroned from Soluntum - a Case Study on the Polychromy and the Metal Attachments of an Ancient Sculpture in Sicily, Giuseppe Milazzo, Salvatore Schiavone, Francesca Spatafora, Andrea Macchia ||| The Polychromy of the Sculpted Garments on the Statue of Gaius Fundilius Doctus in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Amalie Skovmoller, Cecilie Brons, Maria Louise Sargent ||| The Loricated Bust of Nero from Bologna. A Survey on Polychromy, Federica Guidi, Marinella Marchesi, Pietro Baraldi, Andrea Rossi ||| Colours in the Dark - New Research into Catacombs, Paolo Liverani, Susanna Bracci, Roberta Iannaccone, Sara Lenzi, Donata Magrini, Barbara Mazzei ||| The Eyes of the Gods. Techniques of Depicting Eyes on Hellenistic Cult Statues, Verena Hoft ||| Recipes for Colour Making from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages. News on Mappae Clavicula, Compositiones and Other "Fragmenta", Sandro Baroni, Giuseppe Pizzigoni, Paola Travaglio ||| Gold Unveiled. The Gilding on Marble Statues of the Roman Era in the Uffizi Galleries, Fabrizio Paolucci ||| Gold Unveiled© - an Experiment to Communicate Ancient Gilding at the Uffizi Galleries, Cristiana Barandoni ||| Niobids in Color - Recent Investigations into the Polychromy of the Uffizi Group, Cristiana Zaccagnino, Fabrizio Paolucci, Pietro Baraldi, Andrea Rossi ||| The "Bursa Relief" - a Non-Invasive Analytical Investigation of an Exceptionally Painted Roman Marble Portrait, Mark Abbe, Giovanni Verri ||| Pigments and Gold in Gandharan Stone and Stucco Sculptures, Simona Pannuzi, Fabio Talarico ||| Colour and Context - a Research Project on the Medieval Façade, Grazia Maria Fachechi, Eliana Billi, Paola Antonella Andreuccetti, Marco Giamello, Francesca Droghini ||| A Web-Based System for Data Integration and Visualization of the Ancient Colour, Eliana Siotto, Gianpaolo Palma, Marco Potenziani, Roberto Scopigno.

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