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Item Number: 149659
Title: MAARTEN VAN HEEMSKERCK’s Rome : Antiquity, Memory, and the Cult of Ruins
Author: Di Furia, Arthur J
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9789004380462
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2019. 25cm., hardcover, illus.

Summary: This book presents the first sustained study of the stunning drawings of Roman ruins by Haarlem artist Maarten van Heemskerck (1498–1574; in Rome, 1532–ca. 1537). In three parts, Arthur J. Di Furia describes Van Heemskerck’s pre-Roman training, his time in Rome, and his use his ruinscapes for the art he made during his forty-year post-Roman phase. Building on the methods of his predecessors, Van Heemskerck mastered a dazzling array of methods to portray Rome in compelling fashion. Upon his return home, his Roman drawings sustained him for the duration of his prolific career. Maarten van Heemskerck’s Rome concludes with the first ever catalog to bring together all of Van Heemskerck’s ruin drawings in state-of-the-art digital photography.

Contents: Part 1: Imagining the Eternal: Maarten van Heemskerck Before Rome. 1. The Possibility of a pre-Roman Maarten van Heemskerck - Collection, Invention, and Netherlandish Antiquity c. 1510-25 - The Status of the Ruin in Netherlandish Visual Culture c. 1510-25 - The Roman Journey's Status in the Netherlands and Van Heemskerck's Road to the Eternal City. 2. The Ruin Landscape in Jan van Scorel's Workshop - Prototype, Imitation, Emulation, Invention - Van Scorel, Van Heemskerck, and the Ruin - Leaving Van Scorel's Workshop: Landscape and the Wanderjahr Drawing. Part 2: Drawing the Eternal: Van Heemskerck in Rome. 3. Drawing Ruins in Post-Sack Rome - Rome's Post-Sack Milieu - Drawing, Collecting, and the 'Chaos of Memory' - Ruins in Post-Sack Rome - Raphael and Van Heemskerck's Ruinscapes - Charles V's Triumphal Procession. 4. Memory and Maarten van Heemskerck's Eternal Eye - Discovering the Vestiges of Ancient Rome in the Frame - The Compelling Space and the Epochal Time of Van Heemskerck's Ruinscapes - Artistry and Roman Topography as Memory. 5. The Copious Hand - An Abundant Technique - Van Heemskerck's Pre-Roman Technical Inheritance: Pen and Ink Hatching, Netherlandish Realism - Towards Finish: The Flexibility of Van Heemskerck's Pen and Ink Process - Ink Washes, Chalk, Texture: Performance - Mimesis, Performance, and Function. Part 3: Remembering the Eternal: Van Heemskerck After Rome. 6. Invention, Collecting, Antiquarianism - Reinventing Rome: Panorama with the Abduction of Helen Amidst the Wonders of the World - Memory and Invention After Rome: Van Heemskerck's Drawings in the Netherlands - Van Heemskerck's Inventions After the Antique: Means and Modes - In Reminiscor: Reading the Ruins. 7. Antiquity in 1553: Ruins and Self-Fashioning - A Summa of the Self - Coming of Age: The Signature Ruin and Netherlandish Antiquarianism - Van Heemskerck's Drawings and Hieronymus Cock's Præcipua aliquot Romanae Antiquitatis Ruinarum - Self-Portrait before the Colosseum's Antiquarian Audience. 8. Regnum, Reform, and Ruin - Van Heemskerck and the Destruction of Art in the 'Age of Art' - Before the Beeldenstorm, After the Antique - 1569: The Rhetoric of Ruination. Epilogue - After Van Heemskerck, After the Antique: A Continuum of Pictorial Memory. Part 4: A Catalog of Maarten van Heemskerck's Roman Ruin Drawings - In and Around the Forum - On the Quirinal Hill - On the Tiber's East Bank and On the Interior - In and Around the Vatican - Near the South Wall - Further Afield: Otium - Panorama, Collection, Fragment, Fantasia - Deattributions. (^Forthcoming^)

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