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Item Number: 149134
Title: Tombs of the Ancient Poets : Between Literary Reception and Material Culture
Author: Goldschmidt, Nora ; Barbara Graziosi (eds)
Price: $105.00
ISBN: 9780198826477
Record created on 06/15/2018
Description: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. 23cm., hardcover, 384pp., 15 illus.

Contents: 1. Silent Bones and Singing Stones - Materializing the Poetic Corpus in Hellenistic Greece, Verity Platt. 2. Simonides on Tombs, and the 'Tomb of Simonides', Richard Rawles. 3. Ennius' imago between Tomb and Text, Francesca Martelli. 4. A Portrait of the Poet as a Young Man - The Tomb of Quintus Sulpicius Maximus on the Via Salaria, Valentina Garulli. 5. Ovid's Tombs - Afterlives of a Poetic corpus, Nora Goldschmidt. 6. Earth, Nature, and the Cult of the Tomb - The Posthumous Reception of Aeschylus' heros, Emmanuela Bakola. 7. Tombs of the Poets' Minor Characters, Peter Bing. 8. Still Singing - The Case of Orpheus, Barbara Graziosi. 9. Poets' Corners in Greek Epigram Collections, Regina Hoschele. 10. Impermanent Stones, Permanent Plants - Tombs of Poets as Material Objects in the Palatine Anthology, Silvia Montiglio. 11. Pausanias' Dead Poets Society, Johanna Hanink. 12. Dead Letters and Buried Meaning - Approaching the Tomb of Virgil, Andrew Laird. 13. The Tomb of Virgil between Text, Memory, and Site, Irene Peirano Garrison. 14. Virgil's Tomb in Scholarly and Popular Culture, Harald Hendrix. 15. Ruins and Reputations - The Tomb of the Poet in Visual Art, Sam Smiles.

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