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Item Number: 148951
Title: The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual
Author: Uro, Risto (et al)
Price: $150.00
ISBN: 9780198747871
Record created on 05/21/18
Description: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. 26cm., hardcover, 752pp.

Contents: Introduction: Ritual in the study of early Christianity, Risto Uro || Ritualization and Ritual Invention, Barry Stephenson || Ritual as Action, Performance, and Practice, Barry Stephenson || Ritual, Identity, and Emotion, Douglas J. Davies || Ritual and Embodied Cognition, Eva Kundtová Klocová and Armin W. Geertz || Ritual and Cooperation, Joseph Bulbulia || Ritual and Transmission, István Czachesz || Ancient Sanctuaries, Rubina Raja || Associations, Guilds, Clubs, John S. Kloppenborg || Household and Family, Fanny Dolansky || Magic, István Czachesz || Communal Meals, Richard S. Ascough || Purification, Thomas Kazen || Prayer, David E. Aune || Music, Jade B. Weimer || Sacrifice and Votives, Daniel Ullucci || Pilgrimage and Festivals, Laura Feldt || Divination, Martti Nissinen || Initiation, Luther H. Martin || Mortuary Rituals, Anne Katrine De Hemmer Gudme || Ritual and Texts, Anders Klostergaard Petersen || Water Ritual, Richard E. Demaris || Meal Practices, Vojt?ch Kaše || Rituals of Reintegration, Rikard Roitto || Ritual and Healing, Gerd Theissen || Sacrificial Practice and Language, Christian A. Eberhart || Ritual and Religious Experience, Colleen Shantz || Ritual and Emerging Church Hierarchy, Susan E. Hylen || Ritual and Orthodoxy, Pheme Perkins || Christian Initiation, Paul F. Bradshaw || Eucharistic Practices, Lizette Larson-Miller || Ritualizing Time, Juliette J. Day || Early Christian Prayer, L. Edward Phillips || Ritual and Early Christian Art, Robin M. Jensen || Hymns and Psalmody, Angela Kim Harkins and Brian P. Dunkle, SJ || Wedding Rituals and Episcopal Power, David G. Hunter || Women's Rituals and Women's Ritualizing, Juliette J. Day || Fasting as an Ascetic Ritual, Richard Finn, OP || The Cult of Saints, David L. Eastman || Ritual and the Christianization of Urban Space, Jacob A. Latham. (Oxford Handbooks)

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