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Item Number: 148853
Title: Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World
Author: Faini, Marco ; Alessia Meneghin (eds)
Price: $178.00
ISBN: 9789004342545
Record created on 05/02/18
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 356pp. illus.

Contents: The Brazilian House in the Eighteenth Century- Devotion at Home, Cristina Osswald ; When the Home Becomes a Shrine- Public Prayers in Private Houses among the Ottoman Jews, Dotan Arad ; Psalm-Singing at Home- The Case of Etienne Mathieu, a Burgundian Protestant, Kathleen Ashley ; Between Domestic and Public- Johann Leisentrit's (1527-1586) Instructions for the Sick and Dying of Upper Lusatia, Martin Christ ; The Moriscos' Artistic Domestic Devotions Viewed through Christian Eyes in Early Modern Iberia, Borja Franco Llopis and Francisco Javier Moreno Díaz del Campo ; The Unwritten Ritual- The Duality of Religion in Sixteenth-Century Chos?n Korea, Soyeon Kim ; Between Home and Sufi Convent- Devotional Book Use in Early Modern Damascus, Torsten Wollina ; Commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday as a Domestic Ritual in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Damascus, Marion H. Katz ; Prayers at the Nuptial Bed- Spiritual Guidance on Consummation in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Epithalamia, Jungyoon Yang ; Amulets and the Material Interface of Beliefs in Seventeenth-Century Prague Burgher Homes, Suzanna Ivanic ; Experimenting with Relics- Laypeople, Knowledge and Relics in Seventeenth-Century Spain, Igor Sosa Mayor ; Style as Substance- Literary Ink Painting and Buddhist Practice in Late Ming Dynasty China, Kathleen M. Ryor ; 'Thou Hast Made this Bed Thine Altar'- John Donne's Sheets, Hester Lees-Jeffries ; The Book as Shrine, the Badge as Bookmark- Religious Badges and Pilgrims' Souvenirs in Devotional Manuscripts, Hanneke van Asperen ; Living Spaces, Communal Places- Early Modern Jewish Homes and Religious Devotions, Debra Kaplan ; Birth, Death and Reincarnation in the Life of a Fifteenth-Century Tibetan Princess, Hildegard Diemberger. (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture, 59/2)

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