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Item Number: 148744
Title: How Objects Tell Stories : Essays in Honor of Emma C. Bunker
Author: Linduff, Katheryn M. ; Karen S. Rubinson (eds
Price: $130.00
ISBN: 9782503580210
Record created on 04/24/18
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 250pp., 100 b&w illus.

Contents: Trudy S. KAWAMI, A Steppe Warrior in Achaemenid Employ? Grave 4.28 at Choga Mish, Khuzistan, Iran ; Annette L. JULIANO, Restructuring Reality: Zoomorphs, from Fantastic to Hybrid ; Catrin KOST, Changed Strategies of Interaction: Exchange Relations on China's Northern Frontier in Light of the Finds from Xinzhuangtou ; Judith A. LERNER, All That Glitters…Foreign Jewelry in Chinese Tombs: from Han into Tang ; Katheryn M. LINDUFF, Guardians of the Brave/Keepers of the Empire: Horses in the Han imaginary ; Jessica RAWSON, Gold, an Exotic Material in Early China ; Karen S. RUBINSON, The Authority of Horse-Rider Iconography: Imagery as the Power of the Past (The Eurasian Steppe and Yunnan in the late Millennium BCE) ; CHIOU-PENG TzeHuey, Early Copper-base Metals in Western Yunnan ; HAN Rubin and WANG Dong-Ning, Study of Tin-enriched Ancient Bronzes from the Northern Grassland of China ; Sergey MINIAEV, Xiongnu Bronze Metallurgy in the Trans-Baikal Area ; Vincent C. PIGOTT, The Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC), the Seima-Turbino Horizon and a Possible Eastward Transmission of Tin-Bronze Technology in Later Third and Early Second Millennium BCE Inner Asia. (Inner and Central Asian Art and Archaeology, 1)

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