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Item Number: 147795
Title: Experiencing Architecture in the Nineteenth Century : Buildings and Society in the Modern Age
Author: Gillin, Edward ; Horatio H. Joyce (eds)
Price: $114.00
ISBN: 9781350045941
Record created on 01/03/18
Description: London: Bloomsbury, 2018. 23cm., hardcover, 250p. illus.

Contents: Chapter 1. William Whyte, Experiencing architecture in the nineteenth century - theories, methods, problems, opportunities. Chapter 2. Regina Palm, A Woman's Place - defining gender through space at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Chapter 3. Ayla Lepine, David Parr House, Cambridge - touching Heaven, crafting Utopia. Chapter 4. H. H. Joyce, America's first alumni clubhouse - New York's Harvard House and the American leadership class, 1865-1894. Chapter 5. Emma Anderson, Exclusivity and publicity - the experience of the public rooms of the 'grand hotel' in London at the end of the nineteenth century. Chapter 6. David Frazer Lewis, Architecture of the Mind - immersive experience and the Nineteenth-Century American University Campus. Chapter 7. Geoffrey Tyack, Provincial Schools of Art in Britain, 1880-1914 - architecture and utility. Chapter 8. Marta Toscano, The Weight of Time - libraries and experience in the nineteenth Century. Chapter 9. Graeme Gooday, Architectural Acoustics - the emerging science of hearing buildings in the nineteenth century. Chapter 10. Henrik Schoenefeldt, Powers of politics, scientific measurement and perception - evaluating the performance of the Houses of Commons' first environmental system, 1852- 54. Chapter 11. Caitlin DeClercq, Building Student Bodies - college gymnasia and women's health in nineteenth-century America. Chapter 12. Edward John Gillin, 'The fullest fountain of advancing civilization' - experiencing Anthony Trollope's House of Commons. Chapter 13. Valerie Mendelson, Rooms and Galleries - spaces of art in nineteenth-century Paris. Chapter 14. Chris Meister, 'The Complexity of the Brighton Aquarium. Chapter 15. Alex Bremner, Moving Builidngs and Bodies - experiencing the New World(s) of Victorian Architecture.

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