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Item Number: 147112
Title: Delirious Naples : A Cultural History of the City of the Sun
Author: Pugliese, Stanislao G. ; Pellegrino D'Acierno (eds)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9780823279982
Description: Bronx: Fordham University Press, 2018. 23cm., hardcover, 288pp., 30 color, 28 b&w illus.

Summary: This book is addressed to “lovers of paradoxes” and we have done our utmost to assemble a stellar cast of Neapolitan and American scholars, intellectuals, and artists/writers who are strong and open-minded enough to wrestle with and illuminate the paradoxes through which Naples presents itself. Naples is a mysterious metropolis. Difficult to understand, it is an enigma to outsiders, and also to the Neapolitans themselves. Its very impenetrableness is what makes it so deliriously and irresistibly attractive. The essays attempt to give some hints to the answer of the enigma, without parsing it into neat scholastic formulas. In doing this, the book will be an important means of opening Naples to students, scholars and members of the community at large who are engaged in “identity-work.” A primary goal has been to establish a dialogue with leading Neapolitan intellectuals and artists, and, ultimately, ensure that the “deliriously Neapolitan” dance continues.

Contents: 1. Napòlide - A Man Without Naples, Erri de Luca. 2. Scuorno (Vergogna), Francesco Durante. 3. Naples/New York - Across the Watery Divide, B. Amore. 4. Auratic Detritus/Sublime Trash - "Rough Magic" or, The Art of Transfiguration in B. Amore's Naples/New York Installation, Pellegrino D'Acierno. 5. One Early Twenty-First Century Summer in Naples - A Personal Essay, John Domini. 6. Investigating Gilda Mignonette as a "Newpolitan" Approach to Popular Culture, Simona Frasca. 7. Go Make Naples - New Perspectives from Italian American Artists, Fred Gardaphé. 8. You Want To Be Americano?, Robert Zweig. 9. Words in Journey - Echoes From Pompeii, Angelo Cannavacciuolo. 10. One of These Days, Ilaria Marchesi and Simone Marchesi. 11. Mediterranean Crossroads - Naples as a Model of South-Centric Cosmopolitanism, Patrizia La Trecchia. 12. The Form and Language of the Neapolitan Baroque, Nick Napoli. 13. The Sansevero Chapel - A Case Study of the Neapolitan Enlightenment, Salvatore Napolitano. 14. Caravaggio's Mercy in Naples, Terence Ward. 15. Il Paradiso Abitato da Diavoli - Naples as the Obscure Object of Discourse, Pellegrino D'Acierno. 16. The Contact Zone - Where Organized Crime and Everyday Life Meet, Jason Pine. 17. Gomorrah - The Rest of the Story, Valerio Caprara. 18. Anna Maria Ortese - Breaking the Spell of Naples?, Andrea Baldi. 19. Filumena Marturano - Eduardo De Filippo's Beloved Whore, Rose De Angelis. 20. Matilde Serao's Art of Numbers - Naples and the Game of Lotto, Gabriella Romani. 21. Opera and the Classical Tradition in Naples, Joseph Rescigno. 22. Poetry, Charles Sant'Elia. 23. Evoking Naples in a Story and a Story About Stories, Gioia Timpanelli. 24. Tributes to Shirley Hazzard, Joseph Connors and Jonathan Galassi. 25. A Tribute to John Turturro's Passione, Stanislao Pugliese. 26. A Celluloid Tribute to Thomas Belmonte, Pellegrino D'Acierno.

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