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Item Number: 145910
Title: Classics in Extremis : The Edges of Classical Reception
Author: Richardson, Edmund
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9781350017252
Description: London: Bloomsbury, 2018. 24cm., hardcover, 256pp. illus.

Summary: Classics in Extremis reimagines classical reception. Its contributors explore some of the most remarkable, hard-fought and unsettling claims ever made on the ancient world: from the coal-mines of England to the paradoxes of Borges, from Victorian sexuality to the trenches of the First World War, from American public-school classrooms to contemporary right-wing politics. How does the reception of the ancient world change under impossible strain? Its protagonists are 'marginal' figures who resisted that definition in the strongest terms. Contributors argue for a decentered model of classical reception: where the 'marginal' shapes the 'central' as much as vice versa – and where the most unlikely appropriations of antiquity often have the greatest impact. What kind of distortions does the model of 'centre' and 'margins' produce? How can 'marginal' receptions be recovered most effectively? Classics in Extremis moves beyond individual case studies to develop fresh methodologies and perspectives on the study of classical reception.

Contents: 1. Introduction, Edmund Richardson. 2. Thinking with Classical Reception - Critical Distance, Critical Licence, Critical Amnesia?, Lorna Hardwick. 3. Daphnis Transformed - Aphra Behn's Politics of Translation, Amanda Klause. 4. Reception from the Bottom Up - Two Voyages to Lethe, Edmund Richardson. 5. Material 'Classics in Extremis' - Engagements with Ancient Greek Vases in Greece during the War of Independence of 1821, Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis. 6. Picturing the Greeks - Photography, Performance and Julia Margaret Cameron, Jennifer Wallace. 7. High Culture in Low Company? The Reception of Ancient 'Homosexuality' in the Pornographic The Sins of the Cities of the Plain - The Recollections of a Mary-Ann (1881)', Jennifer Ingleheart. 8. The Caribbean Socrates - Pedro Henríquez Ureña and the Athenaeum of Mexico, Rosa Andujar. 9. A Modernist in the Trenches - David Jones' In Parenthesis, Edith Hall. 10. Classics down the Mineshaft, Henry Stead. 11. Extreme Classicisms - Jorge Luis Borges, Laura Jansen. 12. The Costly Fabric of Conservatism - Classical References in Contemporary Political Culture, Maarten De Pourcq. 13. Per Tot Discrimina Rerum - Classical Pedagogy by/for Urban Students Experiencing Crisis and Poverty, Stefani Echeverría-Fenn.

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