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Item Number: 145348
Title: An Etruscan Affair : The Impact of Early Etruscan Discoveries on European Culture
Author: Swaddling, Judith (ed)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9780861592111
Description: London: British Museum Publications, 2017. 29cm., pbk., 203pp. illus. Papers from a conference held 29-30 May, 2015.

Contents: 1: George Dennis: In and out of Etruria (Tom Rasmussen). 2: The Etruscan Academy of Cortona: its role in establishing modern archaeology and the preservation of cultural heritage (Paolo Bruschetti) . 3: The re-use of Etruscan artefacts from antiquity to the 19th century (Giovannangelo Camporeale). 4: Exhibiting the Etruscans in Bloomsbury and Pall Mall (Judith Swaddling) . 5: Following the Greeks 'at a respectful distance': Etruscan objects in Charles Townley's collection (Dirk Booms). 6: Making copies of Etruscan paintings: the history of the Facsimile Gallery in Florence (Susanna Sarti). 7: Glyptomania: the study, collection, reproduction and re-use of Etruscan engraved gems in the 18th and 19th centuries (Ulf R. Hansson). 8: 'Non restando sopra il letto, che il segno di quanto avevo veduto': Etruscan skeletons on display in the 19th century (Laurent Haumesser) . 9: Nascent modern Etruscology and its roots in Roman antiquarianism at the turn of the 17th century (Bruno Gialluca). 10: The curious case of Castellina in Chianti and evidence for the reception of Etruscan culture in 16th-century Europe (Nancy T. de Grummond). 11: A Tuscan forger, Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials, 1693 (Ingrid Rowland) . 12: Becoming Augustus or Porsenna? The ambiguities of Ferdinando de Medici's garden at Rome (Vincent Jolivet). 13: Piranesi's Carceri and 18th-century reflection in Venice on the Etruscans' contribution to architecture (Lola Kantor-Kazovsky). 14: Collecting Etruscan antiquities in the 17th century: the evidence and legacy of the Chigi collection in Formello (Iefke van Kampen). 15: The ideal of the Etruscans in the Italian Risorgimento: the evidence of the collection of the Counts Faina (Giuseppe M. Della Fina). 16: James Byres: a note on Catholicism, Jacobitism and the Etruscans (Peter Davidson). 17: The 'Etruscan' impact on Wedgwood: a misattribution (Nancy Hirschland Ramage). 18: An Egyptian tomb, an Etruscan inscription and the funerary monument of an American Civil War officer (Lisa Pieraccini). (British Museum Research Publication, 211)

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