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Item Number: 142047
Title: Building the Sacred in a Crusader Kingdom : Gothic Church Architecture in Lusignan Cyprus, c. 1209 - c. 1373
Author: Olympios, Michalis
Price: $145.00
ISBN: 9782503536064
Record created on 06/28/2016
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 28cm., pbk., 445pp., 6 color, 557 b&w illus.

Contents: Chapter 1: Lusignan Cyprus, 1192-1373: Patrons and Builders of Latin Ecclesiastical Architecture - A Crusader Kingdom between East and West - Latin Patronage of Ecclesiastical Architecture: Crown, Nobility, Burgesses, and Clergy - Master Masons and Their Workshops: A Survey of the Documentary Evidence . Chapter 2: The Genesis of a Regional Gothic Style: The Earlier Campaigns at Nicosia Cathedral, the Church at Bellapais Abbey, and Related Developments, c. 1210 - c. 1250 - Prelude to the Introduction of the Gothic: Frankish Responses to Middle Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture, c. 1190 - c. 1210 - The Chevet and East End of the Nave of Nicosia Cathedral: The First Gothic Building in the Latin East? - The First Phase (1209-28): The Chevet and Lateral Chapels - The Second Phase (Second Quarter of Thirteenth Century): The Eastern Part of the Nave - Nicosian Aftermath: Cypriot Gothic c. 1210s - c. 1250 - The Church of Bellapais Abbey - A Diversity of Approaches: The Chapel in Limassol Castle and the Church at Beaulieu Abbey. Chapter 3: French Rayonnant, Cypriot Tastes: The West End of Nicosia Cathedral (1270s - c. 1350) and Its Immediate Progeny (c. 1300) - The West End of Nicosia Cathedral: Building a New Canon - The Documentary Evidence, 1270s - c. 1350: The Cathedral Chantier in the Eye of the Cyclone - The Building Chronology: Evidence for a Protracted Construction Campaign - The Pedigree of a Unique Design - Nicosian Reverberations in Cypriot Architecture c. 1300: The Franciscan Church in Famagusta, Panagia Galatariotissa in Paphos, and the 'Latin' Chapel at Kiti - Chapter 4: Architecture for a 'New Acre': Church Building in Famagusta in the First Quarter of the Fourteenth Century - The Church of the Hospital of Saint Anthony and Thirteenth-Century Gothic in Famagusta - A New Style for a New Building: The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and Rhenish Rayonnant Architecture at the Close of the Thirteenth Century - Adoption and Assimilation: The Church of Saint George of the Latins and Enlart's 'Unidentified Church No. 14.' Chapter 5: Monastic Austerity and Stylistic Diversity: Cypriot Gothic in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century - The Church of the Benedictine Nunnery of Our Lady of Tortosa in Nicosia - The Church of the Convent of the Augustinian Hermits in Nicosia - The Church of the Carmelite Convent in Famagusta - 'Unidentified Church No. 15' in Famagusta: A Synthesis of Famagustan and Nicosian architecture in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century? Chapter 6: Retrospection and Innovation: The Monastic Buildings of Bellapais Abbey and Architecture in Nicosia and Famagusta in the 1350s and 1360s - Fit for a King: The Monastic Buildings at Bellapais Abbey - After Bellapais: Architecture in Nicosia in the Third Quarter of the Fourteenth Century - Saint Catherine - Yeni Camii - Church of the Augustinian Hermits - The Monastic Buildings of Beaulieu and Saint Theodore Abbeys - Commemorating the Crusader Levant: A Note on Architecture in Famagusta in the Third Quarter of the Fourteenth Century. Chapter 7: Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture in Lusignan Cyprus, c. 1209 - c. 1373: A Tale of Two Towns. Appendix I: Previously Unpublished Documents from the Vatican Secret Archive and the State Archive of Venice. Appendix II: Iconography and Function of the West Front of Nicosia Cathedral. Appendix III: Earthquake Damage and Restoration at Nicosia Cathedral. (Architectura Medii Aevi, 11)

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