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Item Number: 115395
Title: Art and the Senses
Author: Bacci, Francesca ; David Melcher (eds)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9780199230600
Description: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. 25cm., hardcover, 642pp. illus. Contents: 1. Making sense of art, making art of sense , Francesca Bacci 2. The Science and Art of the Sixth Sense , Nicholas J. Wade 3. The Art of Touch in Early Modern Italy , Geraldine A. Johnson 4. The multisensory perception of touch , Charles Spence 5. Aesthetic Touch , Rosalyn Driscoll 6. Art, aesthetics and the senses , Elio Franzini 7. Sculpture and touch? , Francesca Bacci 8. Touch and the Cinematic Experience , Jennifer M. Barker 9. Hearing Scents, Tasting Sights: Toward a Cross-Cultural Multi-Modal Theory of Aesthetics , David Howes 10. The science of taste and smell , Tim Jacob 11. The Influence of hearing on eating, drinking and perception , Charles Spence, Maya U. Shankar, and Heston Blumenthal 12. Thinking Multisensory Culture , Laura U. Marks 13. Sighting Sound: Listening with Eyes Open , Simon Shaw-Miller 14. The sight and sound of music: audio-visual interactions in science and the arts , David Melcher and Massimiliano Zampini 15. Improvisation in time: The art of jazz- An interview with Greg Osby and Skip Hadden , David Melcher 16. Musical Tension , Carol L. Krumhansl and Fred Lerdahl 17. Cause and affect. A functional perspective on music and emotion , Guy Madison 18. The Mystery of Representation: a Conversation with Vic Muniz , Vic Muniz and David Melcher 19. Pictorial cues in art and in visual perception , David Melcher and Patrick Cavanagh 20. The many dimensions of the third one , Ruggero Pierantoni 21. Film, Narrative, and Cognitive Neuroscience , Jeffrey M. Zacks & Joseph P. Magliano 22. Mirror neurons and art , Vittorio Gallese 23. Pictorial art beyond sight: revealing the mind of a blind painter , Amir Amedi, Lotfi B. Merabet, Noa Tal, Alvaro Pascual-Leone 24. Visual Music in Arts and Minds: Explorations with Synaesthesia , Dr Jamie Ward 25. Visual Music and Musical Paintings: The quest for synaesthesia in the arts , Cretien van Campen 26. Dance, Choreography and the Brain , Ivar Hagendoorn 27. Neuroaesthetic of performing arts , Beatriz Calvo-Merino & Patrick Haggard 28. Multi-Sensory Aesthetics in Product Design , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein & Paul Hekkert 29. Architecture and the Body , Alberto Perez-Gomez 30. Architecture and the existensial sense , Juhani Pallasmaa 31. Multimodal, interactive media and the illusion of realit , Elena Pasquinelli.

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