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Item Number: 109014
Title: Looking Beyond : Visions, Dreams and Insights in Medieval Art and History
Author: Hourihane, Colum (ed)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9780976820284
Description: New Haven, University Park: Princeton University Press in association with Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010. 28cm., pbk., 314pp. illus. Contents: H. Belting "Saint Francis and the Body as Image: An Anthropological Approach," E. Palazzo "Visions and Liturgical Experience in the Early Middle Ages," L. Bitel "Looking Like Christians: The Material Environment of Religious Visions in Early Modern Europe," A. Yasin "Making Use of Paradise: Church Benefactors, Heavenly Visions, and the Late Antique Commemorative Imagination," G. Frank "Death in the Flesh: Picturing Death's Body and Abode in Late Antiquity," A. Beach "The Vision of Bernhard of Petershausen: An Image in a Reformed Landscape," G. Peers "Finding Faith Underground: Visions of the Forty Martyrs Oratory at Syracuse," N. Zchomelidse "Deus-Homo-Imago: Representing the Divine int he 12th Century," P. Jeffery "A Faithful Witness in Heaven: Keeping Vigil with Saint Apollinaris," R. Emmerson "Visualizing the Visionary: John in his Apocalypse," P. Klein "Visionary Experience and Corporeal Seeing in 13th-Century English Apocalypses: John as External Witness and the Rise of Gothic Marginal Images," J. Jung "The Tactile and the Visionary: Notes on the Place of Sculpture in the Medieval Religious Imagination," M. Garceau "I saw him! Visions of the Saints in Miracle Stories in Cataluna," L. Corteguera "Visions and the Soul's Ascent to God in Spanish Mysticism," D. Morgan "Image, Art, and Inspiration in Modern Apparitions," L. Bitel / M. Gainer "Scenes fom a Cult in the Making: Lady of the Rock, 2008". (Index of Christian Art Occasional Papers, XI)

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