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Item Number: 103197
Title: Album Alcubierre : dibujos: de la Sevilla ilustrada del Conde de Águila a la colección Juan Abelló
Author: Navarrete Prieto, Benito ; Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez
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ISBN: 9788493726003
Description: Madrid: Fundacion de Apoyo a la Historia del Arte Hispanico, 2009. 30cm., hardcover, 341pp. illus., 108 plates, most in color. Spanish-English text. Publisher's summary: In 1927 the Count of Polentinos, following a visit to the palace of the Countess of Alcubierre, recorded the existence of a series of albums containing drawings at the Alcubierre residence, including an album known as the Alcubierre Album, which consisted of 24 prints and 108 drawings, some of which have attracted the interest of scholars such as Diego Angulo, Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez, Jonathan Brown and Benito Navarrete since 1974. The fact that the Alcubierre Album is now preserved as part of the Juan Abelló Collection has enabled Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez and Benito Navarrete to carry out an exhaustive analysis of all the drawings that make up the album, the majority produced by Andalusian artists and artists based in Anadalusia (Pedro de Campaña, Luis de Vargas, Mateo Pérez de Alesio, Francisco Pacheco, Angelino de Medoro, Alonso Cano, Antonio del Castillo, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Cornelio Schut, Juan de Valdés Leal...), although the album also brings together a number of artists who were active in Madrid (Eugenio Cajés, Vicente Carducho, Antonio Lanchares, Juan Carreño de Miranda, Francisco Rizi, Antonio Acisclo Palomino y Velasco), in the Region of Aragon (Pietro Morone, Pedro Sánchez de Ezpeleta), a few Italian artists (Francesco Salviati, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Cavaliere dArpino, Anton Domenico Gabbiani) and even one Portuguese artist (Francisco Vieira de Mattos). The results of this research are presented in this work, which commences with a text by Benito Navarrete, who places the Album within the context in which it was created in the eighteenth century, a period in which enlightened members of the nobility began to collect works by artists as testimony to their virtuoso tastes, a habit imitated by English travellers, who also acquired large bundles of drawings, most of which are preserved today in public and private collections abroad. A study of the drawings and the watermarks that appear on the types of paper employed for the works that make up the Alcubierre Album, as well as an analysis of documents preserved in the historical archives of Seville and various literary sources of the period, have enabled Benito Navarrete to reconstruct the circumstances in which Don Miguel de Espinosa Maldonado Saavedra Tello de Guzmán, the Second Count of Águila (1715-1784) created the album collection, tracing its progress over time. Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez and Benito Navarrete then catalogue the drawings that make up the Album, offering us a chronological perspective that enables us to appreciate the development of Spanish drawing between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as the influence exerted by Flemish and Italian artists. In this respect, a considerable number of Italian works are included in the Alcubierre Album. Detailed summaries of the works are accompanied by studies that place each drawing within the context of the respective creators artistic output. The lives of the creators themselves are outlined in the final section devoted to the biographies of all the artists that appear in the Album. This publication is completed with an appendix featuring reproductions of each and every page of the Album, thus reflecting the order in which the owner originally organised the works. In this respect, we can observe that he tended to mix artists and origins and, on occasion, even included various different drawings on the same page.

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