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New titles week of 02/18/2019: Found 6 titles

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Item Number: 149772
Title: The Roman Courtesan : Archaeological Reflections of a Literary Topos
Author: Berg, Ria ; Richard Neudecker (eds)
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 9788871409276
Record created on 01/21/2019
Description: Roma: Quasar, 2018. 30cm., pbk., 248pp. illus.

Contents: Ria Berg, Introduction- Unveiling Roman courtesans || Thomas A.J. McGinn, Courtesans in the Roman legal sources || Alison Keith, Historical Roman courtesans || Antonio Varone, Pupa, puella, domina. Tracce di cortigiane nella documentazione pompeiana? || Sharon L. James, The life course of the Roman courtesan || Marja-Leena Hänninen, The image of a well-born lady as a prostitute. The cases of Clodia, Julia and Messalina || Pia Mustonen, Influential mistresses in the imperial dynasties of first-century Rome- Claudia Acte and Antonia Caenis || Irene Bragantini, Quadretti con coppie su klinai dalla Villa della Farnesina || Richard Neudecker, Beauties from a distant world. On portrait galleries of Hellenistic hetairai in several houses of Pompeii || Luciana Jacobelli, Pitture di banchetto con presenze femminili nelle case di Pompei- alcune considerazioni || Ville Hakanen, A perfect scenary for male courtesans? Ganymede in two Pompeian wall paintings || Anna Fidele - Donato Labate, Instrumentum con scene erotiche da tombe femminili di età romana || Ria Berg, Furnishing the courtesan's house. Material culture and elite prostitution in Pompeii || Siri Sande, Prostitutes and entertainers at Rome. Did they leave memories of themeselves?. (Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, 46)

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Item Number: 144070
Title: Saints, Miracles and the Image : Healing Saints and Miraculous Images in the Renaissance
Author: Cardarelli, Sandra ; Laura Fenelli (eds)
Price: $150.00
ISBN: 9782503568188
Record created on 12/20/2016
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. 28cm., hardcover, 318pp., 87 color, 30 b&w illus.

Summary: Compelling new research on healing saints and miraculous images in the Renaissance. In recent years the study of miraculous images has experienced a substantial re-evaluation of their importance as powerful agents of divine intercession and assistance in Renaissance society. Nonetheless, aspects related to the genesis, devotional use and preferences of these images remain only broadly outlined and geographically constrained. In parallel with the great veneration for miracle-performing Marian and Christological imagery, other saintly figures became the objects of widespread devotion on account of their protective and curative powers, and the images of these saints became cult objects themselves. This volume fills a void in current art historical research and examines how miraculous images and the imagery of healing saints were crucial to the creation of individual, corporate and collective identities in Florence, Siena, Rome, Naples and other lesser researched Italian centres. The essays in this collection address aspects related to the development of hagiographies, iconographies, cult of relics, and devotion of healing saints. Moreover, it considers imagery related to miraculous events also in terms of material culture in the private and public domains. The images will therefore be studied both as aesthetic objects and as cult objects, in order to interrogate the often tense relationship between mechanical “vision” and cultural “visuality”. While dealing with specific curative, protective, and miraculous episodes related to the exposition of sacred images, this book unravels questions of patronage, authorship, agency, and tradition.

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Item Number: 148267
Title: CIMABUE and the Franciscans
Author: Flora, Holly
Price: $180.00
ISBN: 9781912554010
Record created on 03/06/2018
Description: Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2019. 28cm., hardcover, 287pp., 192 color illus.

Summary: Cimabue and the Franciscans sheds new light on the legendary artist Cimabue, revealing his sophisticated engagement with complicated intellectual and theological ideas about materials, memory, beauty, and experience. This book offers a fresh look at the broader question of artistic change in the late thirteenth century by examining the intersection of two histories: that of the artist Cimabue (ca. 1240-1302), and that of the Franciscan Order. While focused on the work of a single artist, this study sheds new light on the religious motives and artistic means that fueled the period’s visual and spiritual transformations. Flora’s study reveals that Cimabue was not just a crucial figure in processes of stylistic change. He and his Franciscan patrons engaged with complicated intellectual and theological ideas about materials, memory, beauty, and experience, creating innovative works of art that celebrated the Order and enabled new modes of Christian devotion. Cimabue’s contributions to the history of art thus can finally be recognized for their wide-ranging scope and impact within the rapidly-evolving religious culture of the late thirteenth century.

Contents: Part I: Transformations at Assisi. Chapter 1:New Light on Cimabue's White. Chapter 2: Sensory Engagement and Contemplative Transformation: The Assisi Transepts. Chapter 3: The Virgin Made Church: The Marian Apse and Evangelists' Vault at Assisi. Part II: Art, Memory and Experience. Chapter 4: Place and Memory: The Franciscan Maestà. Chapter 5: Word and Paint Made Flesh: Cimabue's Santa Croce Crucifix. Chapter 6: Pictures, Words, and the Imagination in Cimabue's Vita Christi. Epilogue: Last Transformations in Pisa. (Renovatio Artium, 4)

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Item Number: 149790
Title: Arte dal Naturale
Author: Ebert-Schifferer, Sybille ; Annick Lemoine (et al)
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 9788885795136
Record created on 02/12/2019
Description: Roma: Campisano, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 320pp., 100 color illus.

Contents: L'Hélène de Zeuxis : un portrait d'après nature?, Emmanuelle Hénin - Models and natures in the Carracci Academy, Gail Feigenbaum - "Dal vivo trahendo": academies and life drawing in early modern italian art, Donatella Livia Sparti, Nature et dévotion : la Madone à la guirlandede Jan Brueghel pour Federico Borromeo, Elinor Myara Kelif - Dipingere dal modello nella natura morta romana di primo Seicento. Da Caravaggio agli inizi di Mario dei Fiori, Patrizia Cavazzini - L'imitazione scientifica della natura e la tecnica di Caravaggio, Filippo Camerota - Theory and practice revisited: Francesco Scannelli between Giovanni Battista Agucchi and Carlo Cesare Malvasia, Elizabeth Cropper - La nature laide : du plaisir paradoxal de l'imitation à la barbarie du " d'après nature ", Magali Théron - L'artiste en berger d'arcadie : le paysage " d'après nature " de Dürer à Poussin, Denis Ribouillault- Poussin d'après nature : le fragment comme référence et réminiscence, Alain Mérot - Du réalisme social à la Realpolitik. Claude Gellée le Lorrain, Scène de port de 1639, Frédéric Cousinié - Natura svelata. La "svolta comunicativa" nei ritratti a busto di Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini e la rivoluzione scientifica del Seicento, Damian Dombrowski - " Goût nature ". L'Éloge de l'art de peinture de Philips Angel (Leyde, 1642), Léonard Pouy - Le naturel, oui, mais quelle nature ? Pittoresque, peinture et jardin dans l'Angleterre du XVIIIe siècle, Jan Blanc. (Quaderni della Bibliotheca Hertziana, 2)

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Item Number: 149799
Title: Una città ideale : Dürer, Altdorfer e i maestri nordici dalla Collezione Spannocchi di Siena
Author: Gnoni Mavarelli, Cristina (et al)
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 9788833400655
Record created on 02/20/2019
Description: Livorno: Sillabe, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 64pp., 50 color illus. Exhibition held at Santa Maria della Scala, Siena

Summary: Con la presentazione in mostra delle opere dei maestri nordici della Collezione Piccolomini-Spannocchi si compie un affascinante viaggio che, a partire dalla fine del XVI secolo, attraversa oltre un secolo di pittura fiamminga, tedesca e olandese. Si tratta di opere di artisti noti (tra essi Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Altdorfer, Paul Vredeman de Vries) e meno noti, attraenti temi iconografici (ritratti, nature morte, paesaggi, scene d’interni) e copie di soggetti di successo. Come è noto, la Collezione Spannocchi rappresenta un unicum nell’ambiente artistico senese per la significativa compresenza di scuole pittoriche diverse, da quella d’Oltralpe, a quelle veneta e lombarda, con una più limitata presenza di opere senesi. A questi vanno ad aggiungersi, grazie alla disponibilità delle Gallerie degli Uffizi, i due straordinari pannelli di Albrecht Altdorfer raffiguranti Storie di san Floriano, già facenti parte della Collezione Spannocchi e confluiti sin dal 1913 agli Uffizi a seguito di uno scambio di opere con l’Istituto di Belle Arti di Siena.

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Item Number: 149780
Title: Pro bono urbis : Un progetto di riforma urbana per la Roma di Innocenzo X
Author: Tabarrini, Marisa
Price: $52.50
ISBN: 9788875753139
Record created on 01/25/2019
Description: Roma: Artemide, 2018. 24cm., pbk., 264pp. illus.

Summary: Il codice Varia consilia pro bono urbis Romae della Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma, di cui si propone la prima edizione integrale, e` una straordinaria fonte inedita per la storia di Roma in eta` barocca. Databile allo scadere del pontificato di Innocenzo X Pamphilj (1644-1655), il manoscritto presenta un piano di riforma urbana volto ad abbellire la citta` di Roma, un piano finanziario per rimediare all’indebitamento dello Stato Pontificio, e un regesto degli eventi piu` significativi tra il 1648 e il 1655. Di eccezionale interesse sono le molte proposte che anticipano i principali piani attuati dalla politica urbana di Alessandro VII (1655-1667) e dai papi di fine Seicento. Sorprendente la collocazione ideologico-religiosa dell’estensore del manoscritto – il cui volto rimane ancora ignoto – apertamente schierato a favore del giansenismo e di istanze politico-sociali che matureranno solo molti decenni piu` tardi nell’entourage di Clemente XII Corsini (1730-1740).

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New titles week of 02/18/2019: Found 6 titles

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