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Item Number: 144617
Title: Early Professional Women in Northern Europe, c. 1650–1850
Author: Ilmakunnas, Johanna (et al)
Price: $149.95
ISBN: 9781472471345
Record created on 02/16/17
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 278pp. illus.

Contents: 1. Women and Professional Ambitions in Northern Europe, c. 1650-1850, Johanna Ilmakunnas, Marjatta Rahikainen and Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen. 2. Midwives - Birthing Care Professionals in Eighteenth-Century Sweden and Finland, Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen. 3. Serving the Prince as the First Step of Female Careers - The Electoral Court of Munich, c. 1660-1840, Britta Kägler. 4. From Mother to Daughter - Noblewomen in Service at the Swedish Royal Court, c. 1740-1840, Johanna Ilmakunnas. 5. Remarkable Women Artists - Flower Painting and Professional Changes in Copenhagen, c. 1690-1790, Anna Lena Lindberg. 6. Performing Women - The Life and Work of Actresses in Stockholm, c. 1780-1850, Marie Steinrud. 7. "Sister to the Tailor" - Guilds, Gender and the Needle Trades in Eighteenth-Century Europe, Deborah Simonton. 8. Independent Managers - Female Factory Owners in the Northern Provinces of the Russian Empire, c. 1760-1810, Galina Ulianova. 9. Urban Opportunities - Women in the Restaurant Business in Swedish and Finnish Cities, c. 1800-1850, Marjatta Rahikainen. 10. Desirable Qualifications and Undesirable Behaviour - Teachers in Swedish Schools for Poor Children, c. 1780-1820, Åsa Karlsson Sjögren. 11. Cross-Cultural Closeness - Foreign Governesses in the Russian Empire, c. 1700-1850, Olga Solodyankina. 12. Shaping Middle-Class and Upper-Class Girls - Women as Teachers of Daughters of Good Families in the Baltic Sea World, c. 1780-1850, Marjatta Rahikainen. (Routledge Research in Early Modern History)

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