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Title: Building Regulations and Urban Form 1100-1900
Author: Slater, Terry R. ; Sandra M.G. Pinto
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ISBN: 9781472485373
Record created on 02/16/2017
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Available May 2017
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 277pp.

Summary: Contributing to our understanding of medieval and early-modern urban form, this collection of essays focuses on an important yet relatively unexplored historical subject: building regulations. Unlike contemporary planning laws and building codes, building regulations in pre-industrial times did not form a consistent planning code, since most of them were based on customs and social values that guided specific individual and community behaviour in relation to the built environment. Nevertheless, in periods of great urban growth there was also an increase in the rules established by local or central governments in order to control urban development. Identifying the building regulations devised in different cultural, geographical and temporal spaces, this volume analyzes their physical impact on urban form. Geographically, the chapters extend from west European countries, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal, to eastern Europe represented by Estonia and Croatia, and the Mediterranean region represented by Turkey, Greece and Tunisia. Chapters based on Canadian and Latin American case studies link the old-world and colonial American territories. The authors represent different academic backgrounds: the majority are historians and architects, but there are also geographers, conservation experts and lawyers/jurists. This volume will be useful for the academic community working in the history of architecture, history of urbanism, history of town planning and history of law and to urban professionals, not only as a source for historical urban landscape preservation processes, but also for insights into the historical background to contemporaneous urban planning.

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Available May 2017

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