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Item Number: 144608
Title: The Early Christian World. 2nd Edition
Author: Esler, Philip F. (ed)
Price: $225.00
ISBN: 9781138200074
Record created on 02/16/2017
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Available July 2017
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 25acm., hardcover, 1348pp.

Contents: 1. The Mediterranean Context of Early Christianity, Philip F. Esler. 2. Emperors, Armies and Bureaucrats 68-430 CE, Jill Harries. 3. Greek and Roman Philosophy and Religion, Luther Martin. 4.Jewish Tradition and Culture, James Aitken. 5. Jesus in His World, Douglas Oakman. 6.Early Jewish Christianity, Edwin Broadhead. 7.Paul and the Development of Gentile Christianity, Todd Klutz. 8.The Jesus Tradition - The Gospel Writers' Strategies of Persuasion, Richard Rohrbaugh. 9.The Second and Third Centuries, Jeffrey S. Siker. 10.From Constantine to Theodosius and Beyond, Bill Leadbetter. 11.Jewish and Christian Interaction from the First to the Fifth Centuries, Anders Runesson. 12.Mission and Expansion, Thomas Finn. 13.The Development of Office in the Early Church, Mark Edwards. 14.Christian Regional Diversity, David Taylor. 15.Monasticism, Columba Stewart OSB. 16.Reading the New Testament in Roman Britain, Richard Cleaves. 17.Sex and Sexual Renunciation I, Teresa Shaw. 18.Sex and Sexual Renunciation II - Developments in Research since 2000, Elizabeth Castelli. 19.Women, Children and House Churches, Mona LaFosse. 20.Worship, Practice and Belief, Max Johnson. 21.Ritual and the Rise of the Early Christian Movement, Risto Uro. 22.Communication and Travel, Blake Leyerle. 23.Christian Realia - Books, Papyri and Artefacts, Giovanni Bazzana. 24.Scriptures in Early Christianity, Hanne von Weissenberg and Outi Lehtipuu. 25.Saints and Hagiography, Mark Humphries. 26.Translation and Communication across Languages, Malcolm Choat. 27.The Apostolic Fathers, Carolyn Osiek. 28.The Apologists, Anders-Christian Jacobsen. 29.Early Theologians, Gerald Bray. 30.Later Theologians of the Greek East, Andrew Louth. 31.Later Theologians of the West, Ivor Davidson. 32.Creeds, Councils and Doctrinal Development, Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski. 33. Biblical Interpretation, Oskar Skarsaune. 34.Early Christian Architecture - The First Five Centures, L. Michael White. 35. Art, Robin Jensen. 36.Music, John Arthur Smith. 37.Imaginative Literature, Richard Bauckham. 38.Political Oppression and Martyrdom, Candida R. Moss. 39. Graeco-Roman Philosophical Opposition, Michael Simmons. 40. Popular Graeco-Roman Responses to Christianity, Craig de Vos. 41. Internal Renewal and Dissent in the Early Christian World, Sheila McGinn. 42. Gnosticism, Alistair Logan. 43. Montanism, Christine Trevett. 44. Donatism, Jakob Engberg. 45. Arianism, David Rankin. 46. Manichaeism, Jason BeDuhn. 47. Origen, Thomas Scheck. 48. Tertullian, Geoffrey D. Dunn. 49. Perpetua and Felicitas, Shira L. Lander and Ross S. Kraemer. 50. Constantine, Bill Leadbetter. 51. Antony the Great, Columba Stewart OSB. 52. Pachomius the Great, James E. Goehring. 53. Athanasius, David Gwynn. 54. John Chrysostom, Wendy Mayer and Pauline Allen. 55. Gregory of Nyssa, Elena Ene D-Vasilescu. 56. Jerome, Dennis Brown. 57. Ambrose, Ivor Davidson. 58. Augustine, Carol Harrison. 59. Ephrem the Syrian, Kathleen McVey. 60. Julian the Apostate.

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Available July 2017

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