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Title: Excavating Pilgrimage : Archaeological Approaches to Sacred Travel and Movement in the Ancient World
Author: Kristensen, Troels Myrup ; Wiebke Friese (eds)
Price: $140.00
ISBN: 9781472453907
Record created on 02/16/2017
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Available March 2017
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 292pp., 73 b&w illus.

Contents: 1. Introduction - Archaeologies of pilgrimage, Wiebke Friese and Troels Myrup Kristensen. 2. Inter-cultural pilgrimage, identity, and the Axial Age in the ancient Near East, Joy McCorriston. 3. Collective mysteries and Greek pilgrimage - The cases of Eleusis, Thebes and Andania, Inge Nielsen. 4. Of piety, gender and ritual space - An archaeological approach to women's sacred travel in Greece, Wiebke Friese. 5. The pilgrim's passage into the sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace, Bonna Wescoat. 6. Pilgrimage and procession in the Panhellenic festivals - Some observations on the Hellenistic Leukophryena in Magnesia-on-the-Meander, Kristoph Jürgens. 7. Palimpsest and virtual presence - A reading of space and dedications at the Amphiareion at Oropos in the Hellenistic period, Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis. 8. Roman healing pilgrimage north of the Alps, Martin Grünewald. 9. Visiting the ancestors - Ritual movement in Rome's urban borderland, Saskia Stevens. 10. The pilgrim and the arch - Paths and passageways at Qal'at Sem'an, Sinai, Abu Mina, and Tebessa, Ann Marie Yasin. 11. Movement as sacred mimesis at Abu Mena and Qal'at Sem'an, Heather Hunter-Crawley. 12. The allure of the saint - Late antique pilgrimage to the monastery of St Shenoute, Louise Blanke. 13. Excavating Meriamlik - Sacred space and economy in late antique pilgrimage, Troels Myrup Kristensen. 14. Pilgrimage and multi-religious worship - Palestinian Mamre in Late Antiquity, Vlastimil Drbal. 15. Excavating pilgrimage, Jas' Elsner. 16. Pilgrimage progress?, Jan N. Bremmer.

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Available March 2017

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