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Item Number: 144596
Title: VAN EYCK Studies : Papers presented at the Eighteenth Symposium for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Panting, Brussels, 19-21 September 2012
Author: Currie, Christina (et al)
Price: $188.00
ISBN: 9789042934153
Record created on 02/15/2017
Description: Leuven: Peeters, 2017. 28cm., hardcover, 598pp. illus.

Contents: The Ghent Altarpiece Revisited - 2012-2017, Anne van Grevenstein-Kruse and Hélène Dubois ; Gems in the Water of Paradise. The Iconography and Reception of Heavenly Stones in the Ghent Altarpiece, Marjolijn Bol ; The Adoration of the Lamb. Philip the Good and Van Eyck's Just Judges, Luc Dequeker ; 'Revenons à notre Mouton'. Paul Coremans, Erwin Panofsky, Martin Davies and the Mystic Lamb, Hélène Dubois, Jana Sanyova and Dominique Vanwijnsberghe ; Results of Three Campaigns of Dendrochronological Analysis on the Ghent Altarpiece ; (1986-2013), Pascale Fraiture ; Research into the Structural Condition and Insights as to the Original Appearance of the Panels and Frames of the Ghent Altarpiece, Aline Genbrugge and Jessica Roeders ; Small Hairs. Meaning and Material of a Multiple Detail in the Ghent Altarpiece's Adam and Eve Panels, Ann-Sophie Lehmann ; Le rôle du dessin sous-jacent et de l'ébauche préparatoire au lavis dans la genèse des peintures de l'Agneau Mystique, Catheline Périer-D'Ieteren ; Art and Compensation. Joos Vijd and the Programme of the Ghent Altarpiece, Bernhard Ridderbos ; John the Baptist and the Book of Isaiah in the Ghent Altarpiece, Patricia Stirnemann, Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel and Henry Dwarswaard ; La présentation de l'Agneau Mystique dans la chapelle Vijd. Le rapprochement progressif de deux retables, Hélène Verougstraete ; The Frames by Schinkel for the Wings of the Ghent Altarpiece and the Copies in Berlin, Bettina von Roenne ; Van Eyck's Technique and Materials - Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Context, Marika Spring and Rachel Morrison ; Revelations Regarding the Crucifixion and Last Judgment by Jan van Eyck and Workshop, Maryan W. Ainsworth ; Remarks on Character and Functions in Jan van Eyck's Underdrawing of Portraits - the Case of Margaret van Eyck, Part 1, Rachel Billinge ; Jan van Eyck's Underdrawing of Portraits Part 2, Till-Holger Borchert ; The Speed of Illusion, Lorne Campbell ; Les autoportraits présumés de Jan Van Eyck et la date approximative de sa naissance, Pierre Colman ; Pigments, Media and Varnish Layers on the Portrait of Margaret van Eyck, Jill Dunkerton, Rachel Morrison and Ashok Roy ; New Findings on the Painting Medium of the Washington Annunciation, Melanie gifford (et al) ; Jan van Eyck's Greek, Hebrew and Trilingual Inscriptions, Susan Frances Jones ; Early Texts on Some Portraits by Jan van Eyck, Stephan Kemperdick ; Jan van Eyck and his 'Stereoscopic' Approach to Painting, Renzo Leonardi ; The Development Process of the Dresden Triptych. News and Questions, Uta Neidhardt ; Voyager dans les tableaux de Van Eyck, Jacques Paviot ; Replications of Exemplary Form. New Evidence on Jan van Eyck's St Francis Receiving the Stigmata, Jamie l. Smith ; Questioning the Technical Paradigm of the Ghent Altarpiece, Noëlle l.w. Streeton ; Gold-brocaded Velvets in Paintings by Jan van Eyck. Observations on Painting Technique, Esther E. van Duijn ; Surface Effects in Paintings by Jan van Eyck, Abbie Vandivere ; Mural Paintings before Jan van Eyck. A Remarkable Discovery from around 1400 in St John's Church in Mechelen, Marjan Buyle and Anna Bergmans ; The Fishing Party by Jan van Eyck (?). A Technical Analysis, Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel (et al) ; Van Eyck in Valencia, Bart Fransen ; Jan van Eyck's Genoese Commissions. The Lost Triptych of Battista Lomellini, Maria Clelia Galassi ; Jan van Eyck, Polychromer (and Designer?) of Statues, Ingrid Geelen ; Les copies de la Vierge à l'Enfant dans une église de Jan van Eyck et le rôle de la version dessinée du Grand Curtius, Valentine Henderiks ; Jan Van Eyck as Illuminator? Hand G of the Turin-Milan Hours, Catherine Reynolds ; The Tomb-Slab of Hubert Van Eyck and Gerard Horenbout. A Tribute to the Great Ghent Master, Ronald Van Belle ; A Note on Gold and Silver in a Metalpoint Drawing by Jan van Eyck, Arie wallert. (Underdrawing and Technology in Painting, Symposia, 18)

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