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Item Number: 144580
Title: A Companion to Sardinian History, 5001500
Author: Hobart, Michelle (ed)
Price: $287.00
ISBN: 9789004341234
Record created on 02/10/17
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, ca. 624pp. illus.

Contents: 1. Archives and Documents Pertaining to the History of Medieval Sardinia, Olivetta Schena. 2. Sardinia in Geographical Descriptions and Maps from the Middle Ages, Nathalie Bouloux. 3. Overview of Sardinian History (500-1500), Laura Galoppini. 4. A Revision of Sardinian History between the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, Corrado Zedda. 5. Medieval and Modern Sicily and the Kingdoms of Sardinia and Corsica, Henri Bresc. 6. Jews in Sardinia: From Antiquity to the Edict of Expulsion of 1492, Ceclia Tasca. 7. The Sardinian Church, Raimondo Turtas. 8. The Struggle for Sardinia in the Twelfth Century: Textual and Architectural Evidence from Genoa and Pisa, Henrike Haug. 9. Establishing Power and Law in Medieval and Modern Sardinia, Gian Giacomo Ortu. 10. Spanish Sardinia: Conflicts and Alliances, Giovanni Murgia. 11. Contribution of Archaeology to Medieval and Modern Sardinia, Marco Milanese. 12. Cagliari, Rossana Martorelli. 13. Sassari, Daniela Rovina. 14. Catalan Alghero: Historical Perspectives from the Vantage Point of Medieval Archaeology, Marco Milanese. 15. Medieval and Early Modern Pottery, Laura Biccone. 16. Fashion and Jewelry, Daniela Rovina. 17. A Historical Overview of Musical Worship and Culture in Medieval Sardinia, Giampaolo Mele. 18. Architecture in Sardinia from the Fifth to the Sixteenth Centuries, Roberto Coroneo. 19. Urban Planning and New Towns in Medieval Sardinia, Marco Cadinu. (Brill's Companions to European History, 11)

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