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Item Number: 144545
Title: Virgin Sacrifice in Classical Art : Women, Agency, and the Trojan War
Author: Mangieri, Anthony F
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9780415301350
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 222pp., 8 color, 50 b&w illus.

Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction: Virgin Sacrifice in Classical Art and Society - Just a Man's World? The Patriarchal, Monolithic Male Gaze - The Public and Private 'Lives' of Iphigeneia and Polyxena - Organization of the Study ; Chapter 2: What Makes a Virgin Sacrifice? - Towards a Definition of Virgin Sacrifice - Killing a Woman: Terminology and Relation to Animal Sacrifice - Traditions of Human Sacrifice in the Near East - Jephthah's Daughter: Virgin Sacrifice in the Bible ; Chapter 3: The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia - Iphigeneia in Greek Art - Iphigeneia in Etruscan Art - Iphigeneia in Roman Art ; Chapter 4: The Sacrifice of Polyxena - Polyxena in Greek Art - Polyxena in Etruscan Art - Polyxena in Roman Art ; Chapter 5: War and Womanhood: Virgin Sacrifice and the Trojan War - The Sacrificial Virgins and Helen of Troy - The Brygos Painter's Louvre Iliupersis Cup - Iconographic Ambiguity: Who is Represented? - Between Sisters: Kassandra and Polyxena - The Sacrificial Virgin in Iliupersis Tableaux - Polyxena and Troilos - The Heroines Pyxis in London: The Art of Pairing Women - The Trojan War on Italian Soil - Resonances in the Roman World - Virgin Bodies: Framing The Trojan War - Beyond the Trojan War: The Defiant Antigone - Mythological Women, Representation, and Womanhood ; Chapter 6: The Sacrificial Virgins and Female Agency - Consent, Resistance, and the Measure of a Maiden - Agency and Context in Etruscan and Roman Art - Polyxena the Aristocrat: Agency, War, and Tripods - Victims and Rebels: Recovering Ancient Women's Resistance ; Chapter 7: Conclusion: The Princess and the Knife - The "Afterlives" of Iphigeneia and Polyxena: Their Legacy - After the Sacrifice and Further Questions ; Catalogue of Representations of Iphigeneia and Polyxena in Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art. (Routledge Research in Gender and Art )

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