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Item Number: 144433
Title: Princes of the Church : Bishops and their Palaces
Author: Rollason, David (ed)
Price: $149.95
ISBN: 9781138714946
Record created on 01/23/2017
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 441pp. illus.

Summary: Introduction - Researching the Palaces of Princes of the Church , David Rollason ; Thomas Wolsey as the Ideal Cardinal and his Palace of Hampton Court, Margaret Harvey ; Late Antique Episcopal Complexes - Bishop Eufrasius and his Residence at Pore? (Croatia), Jaqueline P. Sturm ; The Political and Cultural Significance of the Bishop's Palace in Medieval Italy, Maureen C. Miller ; 'A Mere Domestic Life' - Catherine Talbot in the Georgian Episcopal Home, Michael Ashby ; Auckland Castle in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries - the Palace and Princely Power, Ria Snowdon ; Bishops' Residences, Saints' Cults, and the Legacy of Sacred Authority in the Medieval Dioceses of St Andrews and Glasgow, Penelope Dransart ; Pre-Conquest Regalian Roots of Episcopal Forests and Chases, Graham Jones ; English bishops' Hunting Rights, Hunts, and Hunting Grounds, John Langton ; Deer Parks and Masculine Egos - Knights, Priors, and Bishops in the Medieval North of England, Andrew G. Miller ; The Bishop of Durham's Park at Auckland Castle in the Middle Ages, J. Linda Drury ; English Bishops' Itineraries, c. 700-c. 1200, Julia Barrow ; How to Travel with a Bishop - Thirteenth-Century Episcopal Itineraries, Philippa M. Hoskin ; Bishops' houses in medieval London, John Schofield ; Why so Many Houses? The Varied Functions of the Episcopal Residences of the See of Winchester, c.1130-c.1680 439, John Hare ; Evidence Regarding Bishops' Use of Hall and Chamber in Later Thirteenth-Century England, with Observations Regarding Notarial Influence, Michael Burger ; The Gatehouse and Precincts of the Bishop's Palace at Exeter, Richard Parker ; Ubi papa ibi Roma - the Bishop of Rome's Residence in the Fourteenth Century - Avignon, Gottfried Kerscher ; Exeter Bishop's Palace, Stuart Blaylock ; Chapter 20 En Route and in Residence - Integrating Documentary and Archaeological Evidence for the Itineraries and Residences of the Medieval Bishops of Durham, Caroline Smith and C. Pamela Graves, with Matt Claydon, and Mark Randerson ; Auckland and Durham Castles in the Eighteenth Century, Richard Pears ; Bishop Hurd's Library at Hartlebury Castle, Christine Penney ; Auckland and Durham Castles in John Cosin's Time, Adrian Green ; Bishop Hugh of Le Puiset's Great Hall at Auckland Castle - Its Place in English Twelfth-Century Architecture, Malcolm Thurlby ; St Davids Bishop's Palace and its Remarkable Roofscape, Rick Turner. (Society for Medieval Archaeology Monographs, 39)

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