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Item Number: 144396
Title: Greek Art in Context : Archaeological and Art Historical Perspectives
Author: Perez, Diane Rodriguez (ed)
Price: $140.00
ISBN: 9781472457455
Record created on 01/20/2017
Description: London-New York: Routledge, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 304pp., 67 b&w illus.

Summary: This volume gathers together selected contributions which were originally presented at the conference ‘Greek Art in Context’ at the University of Edinburgh in 2014. Its aim is to introduce the reader to the broad and multifaceted notion of context in relation to Greek art and, more specifically, to its relevance for the study of Greek sculpture and pottery from the Archaic to the Late Classical periods. What do we mean by ‘context’? In which ways and under what circumstances does context become relevant for the interpretation of Greek material culture? Which contexts should we look at —viewing context, political, social and religious discourse, artistic tradition…? What happens when there is no context? These are some of the questions that this volume aims to answer.

Contents: Statues as Artifacts - Towards an Archaeology of Greek Sculpture, Sheila Dillon and Tim Shea ; Itinerant Statues? The Portrait Landscape of the Athenian Agora, Elizabeth Baltes ; New Perspectives in the Study of Pottery Assemblages from Settlements and their Cemeteries in Central Macedonia during the Archaic Period, Eleni Manakidou ; Seeing the Parthenon Frieze - Notes from Nashville, Rebecca Levitan and Bonna Wescoat ; Lost in Translation? Theoretical Implications of Considering Iconography in Context, Winfred van de Put ; Volitional Reconsumption - Repetitive Vase Scenes in a Psychophysiological Context, Katerina Volioti ; Reviewing Space, Context and Meaning - The Eurymedon Vase Again, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones ; Context of Contest - Athena, Poseidon and the Martyria in the West Pediment of the Parthenon, Marion Meyer ; The Stoa of the Herms in Context - (Re)shaping Paradigms, Matteo Zaccarini ; Not quite Pheidias. Status and Labour Specialisation in Athenian Sculpture, Helle Hochscheid ; (Un)identifying Helen and Paris in Late Fifth Century BCA Athenian Vase Painting - How Context is Crucia, Samantha Masters and Alexander Andrason ; Is there a Context Behind the Context? A Group of Apulian Red-Figure Vases in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Frank Hildebrandt ; Contexts of Use of Fourth Century Attic Pottery in the Iberian Peninsula, Carmen Sánchez Fernández ; The Reception of an Attic Prize Vessel. On the Import and Local Production of Amphorae of Panathenaic Shape in Southern Italy, Stine Schierup ; Greek Images and Local Identities in Lycia - The Case of the Heroon from Trysa, Alice Landskron ; Ancient Art in a Museum Context - The Kent Collection of Greek and Cypriot Pottery in Harrogate, Sally Waite.

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