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Item Number: 144294
Title: Idols and Museum Pieces : The Nature of Sculpture, its Historiography and Exhibition History 1640-1880
Author: van Eck, Caroline (ed)
Price: $57.99
ISBN: 9783110406917
Record created on 01/12/17
Description: Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017. 24cm., hardcover, 292pp., 79 illus.

Contents: Sculptures in Print, The 'Galleria Giustiniana' as Exemplar and Agent of Taste, Erin Downey ; The Amsterdam Ivories of Francis van Bossuit - Reception and Transformation in the Eighteenth Century, Frits Scholten ; La sculpture comme source historique - Les dessins de la collection de François-Roger de Gaignières (1642-1715), Anne Ritz-Guilbert ; Sculpture in Pieces - Peter Paul Rubens's 'Miracles of Francis Xavier' and the Visual Tradition of Broken Idols, Anna C. Knaap ; Medusa's Terror in the Amsterdam Town Hall - How to Look at Sculptures in the Dutch Golden Age, Stijn Bussels ; 'Admirari vel deridere' - Calvinistic Approaches to Classical Sculpture in the Netherlands, Ruurd Halbertsma ; Allegory, Ornament, and Prehistory's 'Secret Influence' - D'Hancarville versus Winckelmann, Hans Christian Hönes ; Baron D'Hancarville's 'Recherches' on the Evolution of Sculpture - Submerged Emblems and the Collective Self, Tomas Macsotay ; 'Ut Sculptura Theatrum' - On the relation between theatre and sculpture in the late eighteenth century, Bram van Oostveldt ; Plaster versus Marble - Wilhelm and Caroline von Humboldt and the Agency of Antique Sculpture, Pascal Griener ; How Does an Idol enter a Museum? Immersion and Aesthetic Autonomy at the Musée Charles X in the Louvre, Caroline van Eck ; La présentation du 'paragone' dans les dispositifs muséaux au XIXe siècle, Cecilia Hurley ; Idoles de l'Île de Nias - Origines d'un Entichement Musèal, Thomas Beaufils. (Studien aus dem Warburg-Haus, 17)

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