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Item Number: 141626
Title: The Oxford Handbook of the Protestant Reformations
Author: Rublack, Ulinka (ed)
Price: $150.00
ISBN: 9780199646920
Record created on 06/06/2016
Description: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. 25cm., hardcover, 672pp. illus.

Contents: 1. Introduction, Ulinka Rublack. 2. Explaining Evil and Grace, Christopher Ocker. 3. The Nature of Spiritual Experience, Alec Ryrie. 4. Reforming Time, Robin Barnes. 5. Political Obedience, Glenn Burgess. 6. Geographies of the Protestant Reformation, Graeme Murdoch. 7. The Bohemian Reformations, Howard Louthan. 8. Luther and Lutheranism, Thomas Kaufmann. 9. The Swiss Reformations- Movements, Settlements, and Re-Imagination, 1520-1720,Randolph Head. 10. The Radicals, C. Scott Dixon. 11. Calvin and Reformed Protestantism, Mack P. Holt. 12. The English, Scottish and Irish Reformations, Felicity Heal. 13. Protestantism in the Age of Catholic Renewal, Philip Soergel. 14. Protestantism and non-Christian Religions, Andrew Gow & Jeremy Fradkin. 15. Outsiders, Dissenters and Competing Visions of Reform, Howard Hotson. 16. Pietism, Ulrike Gleixner. 17. Protestantism Outside Europe, Mark Haberlein. 18. Print Workshops and Markets, Andrew Pettegree. 19. The Word, Helmut Puff. 20. The Reformation of Liturgy, Susan Karant Nunn. 21. An Mark Greengrass. 22. University Scholars of the Reformation, Michael Heyd. 23. Education and Understandings of Social Hierarchy, Charlotte Methuen. 24. Legal Courts, Joel Harrington. 25. Rural Society, Beat Kumin. 26. Civic Religions, Guido Marnef. 27. The European Nobilities and the Reformation, Ronald Asch. 28. Explaining Change, Craig Koslofsky. 29. Visual and Material Culture, Bridget Heal. 30. Music, Christopher Boyd-Brown. 31. The Body in the Reformations, Herman Roodenburg. 32. Sexual Difference, Kathleen M. Crowther. 33. The Natural and Supernatural, Ute Lotz-Heumann. 34. Commerce and Consumption, Christine R. Johnson. 35. Natural Philosophy, Alisha Rankin. 36. Comparisons and Consequences in Global Perspective, 1500-1750, Merry Wiesner-Hanks. 37. History and Memory, Bruce Gordon.

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