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Item Number: 140088
Title: A Companion to the Medieval Papacy : Growth of an Ideology and Institution
Author: Sisson, Keith ; Atria A. Larson (eds)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9789004299856
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2016. 25cm., hardcover, 420pp. illus.

Contents: 1. Narratives of Papal History, Thomas F.X. Noble. 2. Pro-Papacy Polemic and the Purity of the Church - The Gregorian Reform, Jehangir Malegam. 3. Popes as Princes? The Papal States (1000-1300), Sandro Carocci. 4. Papal Imagery and Propaganda - Art, Architecture, and Liturgy, Francesca Pomarici. 5. Popes over Princes - Hierocratic Theory, Keith Sisson. 6. Popes and Canon Law, Atria A. Larson. 7. Papal Decretals, Atria A. Larson and Keith Sisson. 8. Papal Councils in the High Middle Ages, Danica Summerlin. 9. The Omnipresent Pope - Legates and Judges Delegate, Harald Müller. 10. The Curia - Camera, Stefan Weiss. 11. The Curia - Chancery, Andreas Meyer. 12. The Curia - The Apostolic Penitentiary, Kirsi Salonen. 13. The Curia - The Sacra Romana Rota, Kirsi Salonen. 14. Relations with Constantinople, Andrew Louth. 15. The Medieval Papacy, Crusading, and Heresy, 1095-1291, Rebecca Rist. 16. Missionary Activity, Felicitas Schmieder. Appendix - Chronology of Key Pontificates, Keith Sisson. (Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 70)

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