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Item Number: 139734
Title: Personification : Embodying Meaning and Emotion
Author: Melion, Walter S. ; Bart Ramakers
Price: $293.00
ISBN: 9789004310421
Record created on 01/21/2016
Description: Leiden: Brill, 2016. 25cm., hardcover, illus.

Contents: Allegorical Personification and Embodied Cognition, Jean Bocharova ; Dante and St. Francis: Shaping Lives, Reshaping Allegory, Jeremy Tambling ; Personification, Power, and the Body in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Poetry, William Rhodes ; The Personification of the Human Subject in Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Brenda Machosky ; Framework, Personification, and Pisanello's Poetics, C. Jean Campbell ; The Triumph of Truth in an Age of Confessional Conflict, James Clifton ; The Mystical Experience-Between Personification and Incarnation: The Idea Vitae Teresianae Iconibus Symbolicis Expressa (Antwerp, Jacob Mesens: 1680s), Ralph Dekoninck ; From the Parade to the Stage: Evolution and Significance of Personifications in Lyon's Sotties (1566-1610), Katell Lavéant ; Personification in Sir David Lyndsay's A Satire of the Three Estates, Greg Walker ; Both One and the Other: The Educational Value of Personification in the Female Humanist Theatre of Peeter Heyns (1537-1598), Alisa van de Haar ; Dirty from Behind, Pearly in Front: Lady World in Rhetoricians' Drama, Bart Ramakers ; Mute Poem, Speaking Picture: The Personification of the Paragone in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, Jennifer A. Royston ; The Politics of Personification in the Jacobean Lord Mayors' Shows, Susan L. Anderson ; Figured Personification and Parabolic Embodiment in Jan David's Occasio Arrepta, Neglecta, Walter S. Melion ; Double Meaning of Personification in Early Modern Thesis Prints of the Southern Low Countries: Between Noetic and Encomiastic Representation, Gwendoline De Mûelenaere ; Vermeer, the Art of Meditation, and the Allegory of Faith, Aneta Georgievska-Shine ; Personifications of Caritas as Reflexive Figures, Caecilie Weissert ; Maarten van Heemskerck's Caritas: Personifiying Virtue, Animating Stone With Paint, Imaging the Image Debate, Arthur J. Difuria ; Abraham Bloemaert and Caritas: A Lesson in Perception, Caroline O. Fowler ; The Duchess and the Cadaver: Doubling and Microarchitecture in Late Medieval Art (with Alice Chaucer and John Lydgate), Elizabeth Fowler ; But You Are Blind, and Know Not What Is in You': 'A.L', the Fraudulent Judge, and the Coerced Conscience, June Waudby ; Precarious Personification: Fortuna in the Artist's Cabinet, Lisa Rosenthal ; Producing the Legible Body: Personification, the Beholder, and Tiepolo's Würzburg Frescos, Max Weintraub ; The Personification of Africa with an Elephant-Head Crest in Cesare Ripa's Iconologia (1603), Joaneath Spicer ; The Four Continents in Seventeenth-Century Embroidery and the Making of English Femininity, Heather A. Hughes. (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture, 41)

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