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Item Number: 131286
Title: Knowledge and Wisdom : Archaeological and Historical Essays in Honour of Leah Di Segni
Author: Chrupcala, L.D. (et al)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9788862402743
Description: Milano: Terra Santa, 2014. 26cm., pbk., 418pp. illus.

Contents: The Mosaic of the Thermal Bath Complex of Magdala Reconsidered - Stefano De Luca and Anna Lena ; The Temple Mount of Jerusalem and the Capitolium of Aelia Capitolina - Hillel I. Newman ; Two Aspects of the Transformation of Jerusalem into the Roman Colony of Aelia Capitolina - Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah and Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom ; The Architectural Evolution of the Late Antique Revenue Office at Caesarea Maritima - Joseph Patrich ; Two Neglected Late Greek Inscriptions and the Harbour Church at Caesarea Palaestinae - Kenneth G. Holum ; Further Notes on the Date of the Earthquake of the Year 749 - Yoram Tsafrir ; Geography of Devotion in Byzantine Arabia and Palaestina: The Epigraphic Evidence - Basema Hamarneh ; Flying Eagles on Church Floors in the Provinces of Palaestina and Arabia - Lihi Habas ; Small Monasteries in Galilee in Late Antiquity: The Test Case of Karmiel - Jacob Ashkenazi and Mordechai Aviam ; The Excavation at ?orvat ?ani-Final Report and a Survey on Nuns and Nunneries in Israel - Uzi Dahari and Yehiel Zelinger ; Prophet? - Eitan Klein ; Monaci siro-orientali in Palestina: echi della riforma di Abramo di Kashkar - Sabino Chialà ; Jews, Christians and 'Minim': Who Really Built and Used the Synagogue at Capernaum - Benjamin Y. Arubas and Rina Talgam ; Samaritan Origins according to the Paralipomena Jeremiae - Pieter W. van der Horst ; Samaritan Communities on Mt. Carmel and Ramot Menashe - Shimon Dar ; The Tomb of Ephraim Bar-Shimon from Kefar 'Othnay - Yotam Tepper ; Iohane, bishop of Purtavi, and Caucasian Albanians in the Holy Land - Yana Tchekhanovets ; Origene a sua immagine: frammenti di autobiographia delle lettere - Lorenzo Perrone ; The Palestinian Monastic Matrix of Orthodox and Radical Miaphysitism - Aryeh Kofsky ; The Life of Saint Stephen Sabaite, Thaumaturgus (725-794): Notes on its Recovery and Importance - Giovanni C. Bottini ' Quelques lampes à huile décorées de Jérusalem - Frédéric Manns ; Due polycandela dal museo archeologico dello Studium Biblicum Franciscanum - Davide Bianchi ; Gli stampi per il pane esposti nel Museo dello Studium Biblicum Franciscanum di Gerusalemme - G. Loche. (Collectio Maior, 54)

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