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Item Number: 118365
Title: The Italian Renaissance State
Author: Gamberini, Andrea ; Isabella Lazzarini (eds)
Price: Not Available
ISBN: 9781107010123
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 24cm., hardcover, 634pp. American edition. Contents: 1. The Kingdom of Sicily Fabrizio Titone ; 2. The Kingdom of Naples Francesco Senatore ; 3. The Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica Olivetta Schena ; 4. The papal state Sandro Carocci ; 5. Tuscan states: Florence and Siena Lorenzo Tanzini ; 6. Ferrara and Mantua Trevor Dean ; 7. Venice and the Terraferma Michael Knapton ; 8. Lombardy under the Visconti and the Sforza Federico Del Tredici ; 9. The feudal principalities: the west (Monferrato, Saluzzo, Savoy, Savoy-Acaia) Alessandro Barbero ; 10. The feudal principalities: the east (Trent, Bressanone/Brixen, Aquileia, Tyrol and Gorizia) Marco Bellabarba ; 11. Genoa, Christine Shaw ; 12. The collapse of city-states and the role of urban centres in the new political geography of Renaissance Italy Francesco Somaini ; 13. The rural communities Massimo Della Misericordia ; 14. Lordships, fiefs 'small states' Federica Cengarle ; 15. Factions and parties: problems and perspectives Marco Gentile ; 16. State, orders and social distinction E. Igor Mineo ; 17. Women and the state Serena Ferente ; 18. Offices and officials Guido Castelnuovo ; 19. Public written records Gian Maria Varanini ; 20. The language of politics and the process of statebuilding: approaches and interpretations Andrea Gamberini ; 21. Renaissance diplomacy Isabella Lazzarini ; 22. Regional states and economic development Franco Franceschi and Luca Molà ; 23. The papacy and the Italian states Giorgio Chittolini ; 24. Justice Andrea Zorzi.

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